What Are Low-Arc Kitchen Faucets?

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Low arc kitchen faucets are those kitchen faucets whose spout is low and close to the top of the kitchen sink. If that definition was not enough for you, you can delve into this article for a full understanding of these faucets.

The first thing we talk about when choosing kitchen faucet is whether we want a high-arc or low-arc kitchen faucet design. Even though the choices would not stop there as there are other decisions which your will affect your choice such as the type of spray hose you want.

Professional chefs and home cooks who spend a lot of time in the kitchen both tend to prefer high-arc kitchen faucets rather than low-arc kitchen faucets.

The primary reason for this is that high-arc offers more workspace in the sink. This extra space makes it easier to fill large pots and to wash large pots and pans by hand.

Low-arc faucets also tend to be more utilitarian and blend into the background better than high-arc faucets which are often hard to miss.

Types of low-arc kitchen faucets

Low-arc kitchen faucets can be classified base on various types but let us classify it base on handle type

  • One handle faucets
  • Two handle faucets
  • Hands free faucets

One handle faucets are those types of low-arc kitchen faucets that have only one handle for switching on the tap

Two handle faucets are those types of low-arc kitchen faucets that have two handle for switching on hot water or cold water

Hands free faucets are your regular touchless faucets. They are useful in the sense that they allow the faucet to remain neat for a long period of time. They might be electrically powered or battery powered.

Low Arc Kitchen sink faucet

Examples of low-arc kitchen faucets

Here are some example of low-arc kitchen faucets

  • Moen S72608SRS
  • Kohler K-596-CP
  • Delta Faucet 9159-AR-DST
  • Hansgrohe 04286000
  • Grohe 3266500 e.t.c


Low-arc kitchen faucets are very important as they also add beauty to the kitchen. They also prove their importance in one way or other for example if your sink sits below kitchen cabinets or shelves, a low -arc faucet may prove to be a much better fit for your space.

low-arc faucets also tend to be more utilitarian and blend into the background better than high-arc faucets which are often hard to miss. A low-arc kitchen faucet also would not interrupt the view if you happen to have a great one from the window above your kitchen sink. They also prove useful in that they don’t produce splashing effect.


Although low-arc kitchen faucets have various benefits, they might be of disadvantage because they do not offer enough space for large pots to be filled and other large utensils.

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How are they installed?

Usually your kitchen sink has holes on it for attaching the kitchen faucets but the number of holes is what matters before installing your kitchen faucets.

For example if you have bought kitchen faucet that requires 3 holes and the holes on your kitchen sink are 2, then you need to make another hole but what if the faucets you bought require 2 holes and the number of holes on the kitchen sink are 2 in number then we do not need to bother .

Another case is when you buy a new low-arc kitchen faucet due to it numerous advantages, how can you install it?

Do not panic I am here to guide you, I will give some list of tools required during the installation process and also I will enumerate the steps involved during the installation process, do not worry, it is easy,

here we go:

  • Place the rubber or plastic gasket, or trim ring over the faucet holes in the sink and set the plate,
  • Feed faucet lines into the hole(s),
  • Install washers and nuts underneath the sink,
  • For pull-down faucets , attach the quick connect hose to the supply pipe,
  • Connect water supply lines,

Tadaaa you are done. Enjoy!

And this is the same procedure you will follow when you want to repair or reinstall of a low-arc kitchen faucet.

Kitchen Faucet


If you have made it so far, you have been in a big trouble. Otherwise who wants to read a full article on plumbing?

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope it was helpful for you.

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