Touch on vs touchless kitchen faucets

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Are you upgrading your kitchen?

You must be looking for a faucet that is not only convenient to use but also satisfies the modern standards.

Well, if that’s the case, then you have two options.

  1. Touch on faucet ( detects contact)
  2. Touchless faucet ( detects movement)

Why? Because they will save you time as well as your energy.

How? Let’s check out.

  1. You don’t have to turn them on and off manually, and you can continue doing your work while setting them on and off.
  2. You don’t have to clean the faucet again and again, what exactly happens in case of traditional faucets with handles. (Yes, you have to save your energy, especially if you are a mommy, you understand what I’m saying, right?)

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Touch on vs Touchless kitchen Faucets

Touch on faucets

Here re the primary pros and cons of the touch faucet.


1. Cleanliness

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, then you must know that traditional faucets can quickly turn greasy and dirty with food remnants. To turn on touch on faucet, you can brush your arm against the sensor without actually using your hand.

2. Easy to use

Even the kids who have difficulty turning handles can easily use these faucets.

3. Battery or A/C

They come with an option of either using a battery (AA alkaline) or A/C for working.

4. Temperature sensors

The temperature sensors in touch faucets can help prevent accidental burns due to boiling water, and temperature can be regulated.

5. Can differentiate between different touches

The sensors can differentiate between a touch and a grab and can detect a touch of even milliseconds.


1. Pricey

Yes, they are pricey, which is expected because they come with so many perks.

2. Installation is not easy

Okay, you are going to need a professional plumber to get it installed because it is a complicated process.

3. Water can leak

To prevent water leakage and other such problems, make your decision wisely when buying a touch faucet.  It would be best if you bought it from a reputed brand to avoid such issues.

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Touchless faucets

Here are the primary pros and cons of touchless faucets.


1. Water conservation

While washing dishes or vegetables, we often leave the water flowing to save us the trouble of turning on and off the faucet.  A touchless faucet conserves water in such cases.

2. Finish remains new

Mostly these faucets come in a stainless steel finishing. Because you do not touch them and there are negligible chances of them getting dirty with grease etc. the finish remains new. And it can be cleaned with a wet cloth and some regular soap.

3. Very convenient to use

Kids and older people usually forget to turn the tap off, and touchless faucets are especially convenient in such cases.

4. Can control the flow and temperature of the water

touchless faucets have different controls for water temperature and water flow.

5. Good designs

Touchless faucets are an outcome of innovation and give a modern touch to your kitchen.


1. Accidental turning on and off

Since they respond to movements, sometimes they turn on when not needed.

2. People do not get used to controls

Some people complain that they do not understand the controls and can’t adjust water flow and temperature.

3. Problems if you compromise on quality

As discussed earlier, if you are compromising on quality, then the products from most of the local brands are gong top disappoint you in a very short time.

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Although there are not many differences between these two but touchless faucet has a upper hand in every function from cleanliness (touchless-prevention of diseases) to better temperature and flow controls. But, of course, you can decide otherwise if it suits you the best.

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