Best Gold Bathroom Faucets You Can Buy in 2022

Gone are the days when we have everything made of stainless steel, including the fixtures and fittings. Champagne bronze and exquisite gold are taking their place for a more luxurious appearance. If you’re remodelling your kitchen or bathroom, consider installing a gold-colored faucet for a more opulent appearance. Brushed gold fixtures are an eye-catching modern-day nod. To complete the look, paint the walls a royal blue or a gentle white color. To bring out the best in each other, these colors complement each other. 

When planning a bathroom renovation, there are a plethora of best gold bathroom faucets to consider. Overwhelming is a good word to describe it. If you’ve been looking for inspiration, you may have come across a number of interesting gold faucet products. Check our selections below. 

Review section

These products below refer to gold-finished faucets, not solid gold products. They’re all currently listed and/or available on Amazon. Please check our review on the product selections you may consider.

Delta Faucet Lahara

Delta Faucet Lahara is a two handle deck-mounted faucet set. While the construction of the gold delta bathroom faucet is made from bronze material, it has a decent gold finish. Furthermore, it also offers technology and other advantages for your sink.

Installation: It’s pretty easy to install the set since it has widespread configurations with coordinating metal pop-up drain assembly included in the box.

Water Supply System:  The manufacturer adopts the smart water delivery solution that keeps the comfort ahead without reducing any possible water savings.

Special Features: Lahara gold faucet set isn’t beautiful but also high-tech. It has integrated water-efficient aerators, diamond seal technology, and InnoFlex PEX supply lines. This allows you to have more efficient water consumption and low maintenance.  

Delta Faucet 559LF-CZMPU

Delta Faucet 559LF-CZMPU is a single-hole, deck-mount gold brass bathroom faucet with a stunning gold finish. With everything included in the package, Delta faucets are beautiful products with the best deals for every sink. It offers both appearance and performance.

Installation: Delta Faucet 559LF-CZMPU can be installed on the deck with a maximum thickness of 2.25. It can be used for either single-hole or 3-hole configuration as long as it’s four-inch.

Water Supply System. The faucet has a Delta WaterSense label which improves water efficiency up to 20 per cent. The gold-finished faucet isn’t only beautiful but also saves you money.

Special Features: Despite the water-saving technology, the faucet comes with a lifetime limited warranty which makes it the best deal in the competition.


TRUSTMI ‎BF1256BG is a two handle, 3-hole widespread faucet set for the bathroom. The construction is made from brass material but it has exclusive brushed gold finishing. It offers easy water control, practical installation, and convenience.

Installation: TRUSTMI ‎BF1256BG faucet set is very easy to install even for DIYers. It’s because of the standard hole size of 29-35 compatibility, precision, and all perks already included in the package.

Water Supply System: It comes with cUPC water supply hoses and overflow pop-up drain to ensure edible water supply for hot and cold water.

Special Features: TRUSTMI ‎BF1256BG has a specially designed valve and two metal handle levers with a ceramic cartridge for optimum, drip-free water flow performance.

Moen 6190BG

Moen 6190BG is a one-handled gold deck mount bathroom faucet with luxurious brushed gold finishing. Coming with flexible configuration and universal design, the faucet is a great investment for single-use or mix and match. It provides both performance and an exclusive appearance.

Installation: With all included in the package, there’s no installation issue with Moen 6190BG. In fact, this particular faucet offers more flexibility to be installed in line with other configurations. H

Water Supply System: Moen 6190BG allows aerated water flow for both hot and cold water settings.  It has WaterSense certifications that allow you to conserve water significantly throughout time.

Special Features: Moen 6190BG comes with drain assembly and an optional deck plate that provide more flexibility in installations, especially in the bathroom.

VESLA HOME Centerset

VESLA HOME offers a two-handle gold centerset bathroom faucet for vanity sink made from a stainless steel material with brushed gold finishing. It not only looks very good but the centerset offers reliable performance and convenience, especially for your bathroom vanity sink.

Installation: With faucet and water supply lines, and the pop-up drain included in the package, you can expect a smooth installation. Since it’s a centerset, there are no hassles to keep the configuration in line.

Water Supply System: It allows mixing hot and cold water easily with the two lever handles. Unfortunately, this particular product isn’t labelled with WaterSense yet so you can only expect ordinary performance.

Special Features: VESLA HOME Centerset has 360 degrees instead of a 180-degree swivel spout which is quite special for vanity sink applications. It also provides more flexibility in installations or where you’d put the centerset in your bathroom.

MR.FAUCET Luxury Bathroom Vanity Sink Faucet

This particular product from MR. FAUCET is an aerator spout style faucet that’s made from brass material but with luxurious brushed champagne gold finished. The deck-mount faucet set is perfect for a lavatory room or even a bathtub. With a simple modern style, this MR FAUCET suits most modern bathroom designs.

Installation: With a three-hole connection pipe and the complete set included in the package, you can follow the installation instructions with no hassles. They have universal compatibility and are precise so installation would be no problem.

Water Supply System:  MR.FAUCET gold faucet is an aerator spout for deck-mounted installation. It’s a two-lever faucet that allows you to adjust hot and cold water flows from each side.

Special Features: While this product isn’t WaterSense-labeled yet, we can adore the solid construction of the frame and the whole faucet. You can expect long durability backed with a 5-year warranty.

Hideno Black Stainless Bathroom Faucet

The widespread 3-hole bathroom faucet from Hideno comes with a gold finish and solid brass construction. It matches perfectly with the classic bathroom decoration style whether it’s a house, apartment, or even travel trailer.

Installation: Even though this Hideno product is a widespread configuration, it’s not difficult to install the set. Despite all the standard measurements, the manufacturer has included the 3-hole fast connect construction device in the package that makes hiring a plumber isn’t necessary for installation.

Water Supply System: Like other widespread faucet sets, you can adjust the hot and cold water flow with the two levers. Unfortunately, this particular product hasn’t been certified with WaterSense yet so you may not expect water-saving capability.

Special Features:  Hideno uses a ceramic cartridge that can stand high temp and pressure with non-corrosive properties. This way, you can expect longer durability and keep peace of mind with hot pressure water flow throughout time.

Buying Guide

Because many people see their bathroom vanity as the focal point of their entire bathroom, choosing the right faucets for it is essential. Before making a purchase, you should keep a few things in mind and consider the factors below.

Gold Finish

We’ve agreed about the gold finish for the faucets but they’re actually not equal the same. The gold finishing can be either matte, brushed, or polished that certainly appear differently. Choose the one that you prefer the most but you also need to comprehend how to actually maintain the finishing you’ve chosen.

Faucet Valve Construction

An inner valve regulates the water flow through the spout on every style of bathroom sink faucet. The faucet’s dependability and longevity are determined by the valve’s quality and the presence or absence of a washer. Non-corrosive components like brass or stainless steel are the finest options for faucets in the kitchen and bathroom, respectively.

Washer vs Washerless Faucet

Washer or compression-valve faucets are a typical form of faucets that open and close water passageways by means of rising and falling stems.  Washerless faucets include those ball faucets, cartridge faucets, and ceramic disc faucets that work differently.

Mount Type

When shopping for a gold bathroom sink faucet, it’s critical to verify that it’ll fit your sink before you buy it. Faucet holes might be single, centerset, or widespread which affect the installations and product options you can choose from. That also depends on the existing sink/deck or the ones you want to buy to fit with the gold faucets.

Faucet Style

There’s no doubt that style does really matter. If you’re looking for a faucet that will match the rest of your modern decor, look for something simple and streamlined. An elegant, curved-lines design is a good bet for a more traditional-styled party.


Pre-drilled holes are common on many vanities, whether it’s a single hole or three holes with a 4 or 8-inch spacing. Some consideration should be given to individuals who already have an existing sink or deck to install faucets on.  If you still don’t have one, your gold faucet options are certainly wider. you can choose the suitable sink to fit the faucets you’ve chosen later. 


You might still have more thoughts about gold faucets for remodelling or new builds. Check some frequently asked questions below and get the answers you may need.

  1. Is gold in the bathroom fixtures outdated?

The latest luxury bathroom and kitchen design trend is the gold faucet, but with a contemporary twist. We’re no longer constrained by plain polished metal faucets. In fact, gold faucets are now widely installed in simple-modern bathrooms and kitchens. 

  1. What type of bathroom faucets are popular?

The most common types of bathroom faucets are single hole, vessel, centerset, widespread and wall mount. Regardless of the type, shiny fixtures are currently trending with gold or metallic finish options widely available in the market. 

  1. Do bathroom faucets have to match?

Lighting and doorknobs don’t have to match bathroom faucets and vice versa. Your bathroom decoration will be more interesting and layered if you use a variety of finishes on your fixtures, faucets, and doorknobs. Make certain, however, that the finishes are complementary. The cohesiveness of the decoration is the goal instead of forcing the single-theme collection.

  1. Are gold faucets hard to clean?

It’s quite unfortunate that these gold-finish faucets aren’t as long-lasting as polished stainless steel ones. Spraying common bathroom chemicals on gold-plated fixtures can eat away at the coating, causing deterioration and corrosion to begin. Use a less-abrasive cleaning/polishing solution to keep your gold faucets shiny but live longer. 

  1. How do you restore a gold faucet?

For gold bathroom fixtures, you can make a solution of water and vinegar in a ratio of 3:1  and set it in a spray bottle. If you’re not sure you can increase the water ratio to mild the solution. As for a safer solution, you may consider the commercially available gold-finish cleaning product. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best gold bathroom faucets are just like other fixture products but you may pay attention more to the type of finishing. You can choose either matter, brushed, or polished gold finishes which are the common types of gold finishing on faucets currently available in the market. Also, consider how you’d be able to maintain that finishing because it may require specific treatments to keep it at the best looks. Above all, they must fit in the sink or deck in your bathroom if you’re in the remodelling projects.