How Good Are Kraus Faucets

When asked which brand of plumbing supplies her plumber preferred, many people would likely answer “Krauss”. The brand has gained worldwide popularity thanks to the major online exposure of its listings on Amazon. However, if you’re wondering how good are kraus faucets and services, there are many factors to answer the questions.  

As you might have known, most Kraus products come with competitive prices, making these high-quality products and services all the more surprising. The customer service of the company is highly regarded by the vast majority of its customers. In the unlikely event that they are unable to resolve your issue, they will replace your entire device at no cost to you.

Generally speaking, Kraus faucets are good products for the price. It means that they would be a great deal if you choose particular products that suit your requirements and preferences. Let’s see how Kraus products could be what you’re looking for.

Different Styles and Finishes

Kraus has a finish or style to fit practically any need. All in all, the sinks come in chrome, stainless steel, satin nickel, oil-brushed bronze, satin nickel, and of course, the popular black matter. Spot-free All-Brite finish is applied on some models. A transitional look with a modern build characterizes these Kraus faucets, which range from classic to modern in terms of design.

Compatible Sizes

The height of the faucet over the counter is the most important factor to consider when it comes to choosing the correct fixtures. In order to accommodate the majority of kitchen sinks, Kraus faucets are available. Spout reach and height are also important considerations.

The distance between the counter and the spray head and the distance between the faucet body and the spray head, are the two most important factors to consider. You can use these measurements to see if a vessel sink can be used to connect to a faucet and how much space you have there. 

Faucet Operation

Almost all Kraus faucets are single-handle models. Single control levers are intuitive and simple for most people. Because Kraus’s control levers bend 90 degrees forward rather than backward, there is no need to worry about a mismatch between the faucet’s back wall and its backsplash ever again. Kraus, on the other hand, does offer a few two-handle faucets. In terms of touchless versions, Kraus isn’t offering any just yet.

Water Flow Rate

Water flow rates might range from 1.2 GPM to 2.2 GPM with most products at 1.8 GPM, but they’re generally well-directed and the water stream is considerably low-flow. Low-flowing but the well-directed stream is created by them. The majority of these faucets are WaterSense certified, meaning they have better water efficiency because they use less water than normal faucets for around 20%.

Durable Faucets

Lead is not present in any Kraus faucets, yes, they’re all lead-free products. All of them are constructed of solid brass and have been treated to prevent corrosion and rust. The coatings on some are so tough that fingerprints and watermarks can’t get through. Some products have plastic spray heads, which are both light and extremely rust-resistant. All Kraus spray heads have rubber aerators that are long-lasting and easy to clean in the event of hard water buildup.

Easy Installation

Installing Kraus faucets is generally a lot simpler than it used to be. Sinks and walls behind the sink do not have to be removed when installing most Kraus faucets because they’re top/deck-mount With a drop-in design, some Kraus faucets can be installed with minimal under-the-sink work and are ideal for those who want to do their own plumbing. Kraus faucets come with appropriate hardware/tools and instructions for DIYers, which is a nice perk.

Fixture Configurations

Even though most Kraus faucets need a single hole to be installed, a lot of counters already have a 3-hole aperture configuration. A deck plate (also known as an escutcheon plate) is included with some Kraus models, which conceals these superfluous holes. There are usually escutcheon plates available for purchase if a model doesn’t come with one included.

Product Warranties

Kraus faucets come with a limited lifetime warranty on their construction and finish. Kraus provides a five-year warranty on the cartridge and a one-year warranty on the spray head. All of these guarantees have a time limit and damages caused by misuse or leaks aren’t covered. As a result of this, Kraus provides excellent customer service, and if they cannot fix your issue, they will ship you a replacement item at no charge.

Kraus Has More Features

Another reason why Kraus Faucets are good is that they have special features that you barely find in other products from competitors. These include but aren’t limited to features we’ve summarized below.

Evergreen Finish

Kraus faucets all appear to be resistant to rust and so are their sinks and related components. Even the worst Kraus faucet critiques make no mention of the possibility of corrosive rust.

Single-Lever Temp and Flow Control

Most Kraus faucets have a temperature and flow control system in which the temperature and flow intensity are controlled with one handle. Most users find this system intuitive, stylish, and space-saving.

High-Quality Ceramic Cartridge

Kerox or CeramTech cartridges are used in most Kraus faucets since they are well-known for their reliability and long-term use. As you might have known, this cartridge would control the flow of hot and cold water which plays the core role of the faucet. 

Neoperl Aerator

Neoperl®PERLATOR® Honeycomb Aerator with Silicone Nozzles is standard on all Kraus kitchen pull-out and pull-down faucets. Low-flowing streams with appropriate force and few rogue water sprays can be generated by this device despite its small size. As a flow restrictor for Kraus faucets, Neoperl aerators are used in all of the company’s faucets.

DIY Deck Mounting Installation

Installing a Kraus faucet is made easier with the QuickDock® drop-in base feature. This particular feature is designed to eliminate the need for any under-sink labor. This makes a do-it-yourself project possible with Kraus faucets.

Easy Single-Lever Flow Control

As previously mentioned, most Kraus faucets have a single-lever design that is easy to use. In order to use these faucets, you don’t have to exert any effort at all. The practical operation is certainly a plus value for today’s buyers. 


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