How to Fix a Gurgling Kitchen Sink: A few basic steps and techniques

A kitchen sink is a common household item that we notice in everyone’s home. When you’re dealing with water and you’re using a kitchen faucet, you must use a sink to make your water coming from the faucet drain properly and avoid the mess. It’s an essential tool overall.

Now, the question is, whenever you are using your basin, is there a gurgling sound coming from your sink? Are you getting bothered by it? This sound is pretty horrible and embarrassing and there are several ways of fixing this issue.

Before fixing this gurgling sound you need to know that this gurgling sound can be raised for several reasons like your vent pipe is blocked or it’s clogged or it has got totally damaged!

Well, it’s easy for most of the time to repair it by yourself. You need to go through a few steps to fix the issue. But for a few times, you may need to call the plumber man to make it alright.

Let’s discuss how to fix a gurgling sink step by step!

1. Flush the Vent

May the main vent is blocked by some trash or junk. By clearing that garbage with a considerable force of water shoot you can get rid of this gurgling sound. There might be some other issues with the vent as well.

There are chances of vent obstruction or vacuum inside the vent or the vent is not properly installed with the P trap. The vent must be fitted 3.5 feet from the p trap lower part if the drainage pipe is 1.5 inches. This will help you get rid of the vacuum.

2. Fix the Siphon

The siphon is basically known as P-Trap. It works as a barrier to the sewer gasses. It should be maintained at the proper distance from your main drain pipeline. If the P-Trap is not set up properly then it’s causing the gurgling sound.

The proper distance between P-Trap and the drain line is around 24 inches. Check out the distance by meter, if it’s not then reset the P-Trap with the proper distance from your main drain line.

3. Replace the Air Admittance Valve

In some cases, an air admittance valve is used instead of a vent pipe. This valve is usually set up after the P-Trap to pass air into the main pipe. If it gets damaged or clogged then by replacing it you can fix the gurgling issue! It requires no instrument at all. A child’s hand is even capable to replace it, so you can do it without any help from your plumber man.

A trapped air admittance valve also can cause a gurgling sound. When an air admittance valve is trapped and immovable it causes gurgling. Being clogged is a rare issue for an air admittance valve, but it can happen if it’s not set up properly and in a manner.

Typically an air admittance valve is designed to perform at least 20 years. If your air admittance valve is worn out so quickly and within a few years, there’s must be some issues with the plumbing. Make sure you fix those as well.

4. Flush the Sink

Flushing the sink is pretty easy, you just need access to a higher force of water. Whether your sink is gurgling or not you must flush the sink a few times per year.

If your P-Trap and Air Admittance valve are alright then you just need to run water into the sink with considerable force for a couple of minutes. Cause sometimes food junk makes narrower the pipe to run water properly. The excessive water pressure removes the food debris from your drainage pipe totally.

5. Wash the Drain

Even after flushing the sink for a long while the gurgling sound is still there! Then you have another option in your hand if you are efficient enough with the toolbox. First, take a bowl and put it below the P-Trap before removing the P-Trap. Cause there will be a certain amount of water and food trashes remaining there.

Remove the P trap and your draining pipe. You must remove them carefully because they are set not to remove or detach often. Now, Clean the P-Trap properly. You can use a rotten brush to clean it or high-pressure water flow might help in such cases. After cleaning the drain, replace it and check still the gurgling sound is there or not.

Still hearing noise from the Sink?

If you feel like your sink is still gurgling while you applied all these methods of fixing the issue, there might be some bigger issues hiding inside. Maybe there’s a huge blockage inside the main pipe that passes water and it’s stopping water to pass properly. Or there can be some installing issues you didn’t notice while installing.

Whatever it is, if the gurgling remains, it’s not in your hand anymore. You need a plumber with his tool so he can access deeper to fix everything clearly. This will cost you a little money and time as well. 


So, this is how to fix a gurgling kitchen sink. The main reason for gurgling in most cases is air in the draining pipe or vent. When the air pulls or pushes, you may hear gurgling sounds often. It sure is that you don’t want your sink to talk to you all the time. Whenever you feel like your sink is gurgling, you must fix it. Otherwise, big major issues may occur which is pretty unwanted and embarrassing.

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