Best Kitchen Faucets for Large Sink Review & Buying Guide 2024!

When you’re stumbling on the market and searching for the best kitchen faucet for large sink, we may help you with that. Finding the best kitchen faucet isn’t easy when you’re searching for it especially for larger sinks.

Larger sinks are found in industrial or commercial areas like restaurants or hotels. Multitasking is necessary there and for this particular reason, you need a faucet that comes up with pot filler and other accessories.

In this article, we’re going to review the best kitchen faucets for a large sink. To make your purchase more specific, we’ll try to share a buying guide in the end as well. The best large sink kitchen faucets are:

Let’s jump into the review section to learn more about these industrial kitchen faucets!

OWOFAN Single Handle Single Lever Pull Down Sprayer Spring Kitchen Sink Faucet

When you’re on the market and you’re running after the best kitchen faucet for a large sink, the most suitable one for you will be the OWOFAN Single Handle Single Lever Pull Down Sprayer Spring Kitchen Sink Faucet. It’s specially made for large sinks and commercial uses. It’s capable of handling any restaurant sink or dormitory sink.

The OWOFAN kitchen faucet comes up with a durable brass construction that’s lead-free. The spring design of this faucet ensures that you’re getting a durable and long-lasting performance. This faucet is suitable for both home-based personal uses and commercial uses, granite countertops. It uses a ceramic valve system that ensures leak-free water flow without any hesitation.

The single lever handle is pretty smooth and easy to operate as well. The overall height of this faucet is 16”. You can get a spout reach of 9.2” approximately. It’s a surface-mounted faucet and the faucet package comes up with all kinds of mounting hardware including the H & C hose pipes. You can install it all by yourself without any help from a plumber.

The OWOFAN commercial sink faucet comes up with a 360-degree spout. This spout is movable in all directions and you can wash anything with it as the spout reach is pretty high. The sprayer has two different modes. You can easily switch to a powerful rinse from an aerated stream. Controlling the water temperature is simple as it operates with one handle.

The material for this faucet is basically mixed and a blend of solid brass and stainless steel. Hence, it ensures durability and premium lifespan. You can get enough out of this faucet. It comes up with a lifetime free replacement as well. So, you always got your back up.


  • High-quality brass material
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • 9.2” spout reach
  • Easy installation method
  • Comes up with hardware and hose pipes
  • 360-degree spout
  • 2 different spray modes
  • Great guarantee feature


  • The spout head is a bit tricky

FaSprayerpully Commercial Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet with Button

The second one on this list is the Fapully Commercial Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet with Sprayer. This one also comes up with a brushed nickel finish. It has some mind-blowing features to offer you including the pot filler spout on the faucet body. It has a long spout reach and good quality brass as a building material. If you’re looking for the best all-around budget-friendly large sink faucet that gives you multiple options and versatility, you can choose this one.

The Fapully Commercial Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet with Sprayer is made with a heavy-duty design. It comes up with brass as the main building material and it has an all-metal body. The brushed nickel finish of this faucet is corrosion resistant and features wipe and clean. It uses a ceramic cartridge under the handle. The cartridge is high quality and makes sure that you’re experiencing no leak issues.

This faucet offers you a great versatility as well. There’s a filler spout in the faucet body that allows you to multitask at the same time. The spout is a 360-degree one and it can simply reach anywhere you want it to be. Sprayer modes are awesome and operate pretty faster. The single handle faucet is easy to operate.

This faucet is specially made for large sinks and industrial uses. The single handle is pretty enough for controlling the temperature and water flow. It’s pretty smooth and works faster than other traditional lever handles. However, measuring the long spout reach of 24 cm, we can say that it’s best for any commercial tasks. You can rely on this faucet undoubtedly.


  • Great pot filler spout
  • Durable solid brass construction
  • Ceramic cartridge under the handle
  • Single lever handle easy operation
  • 360-degree sprayer spout
  • Different sprayer modes
  • Easy installation feature
  • Brushed nickel finish and great design


  • Doesn’t ship to some specific regions

Delta Addison Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

This one comes from the Mighty brand Delta. It’s more of a home kitchen faucet that’s made in the style of a commercial faucet, holding every updated feature. It’s one of the best large sink faucets because of its high water flow rate and touch2O feature. The touch 2O is one of the most advanced technologies evolved by this brand.

However, if you’re buying this faucet you don’t have to worry about operating it with the handle when you have messy hands or you’re holding something with your hand. You can simply touch anywhere to activate the faucet fully. It’s a smart digital faucet and it comes up with a Temperature sensor. The LED is named TEMP SENSE that shows you the temperature of the water whether it’s hot or cold.

The spout gets back to its place when you’re done with your job. This feature is called magnetic docking. They used powerful and durable magnets on this faucet to ensure secure docking. The spout reach is pretty decent and it can reach approximately 10.34 inches. As it has touch operation, it runs with 6 double (AA) batteries. There’s an optional AC adapter option as well. You can purchase that separately if you don’t want to use batteries.

It uses patented diamond seal technology that ensures leak-free operations and it’s claimed that it lasts 2X longer than other traditional sealing technologies. The powerful spray mode helps a lot while you’re cleaning tough stains or debris. It has an easy installation method overall as it’s designed to fit both 3 hole installation system and a single-hole operation. This Delta faucet comes up with a limited 5-year warranty as well.


  • Touch operating system, pretty fast
  • Touch2O updated technology
  • Patented diamond sealing technology
  • Secure and fast magnetic docking
  • Easy and quick installation feature
  • Powerful spray modes
  • TempSense LED feature
  • Optional adapter supported
  • Limited warranty feature


  • The Venetian Bronze finish isn’t preferred by all

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Kraus KPF-1603BGMB Artec Pro 2-Function Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet



The 4th one is from the brand Kraus. This brand is a bit underrated when you’re searching for regular faucets but they sure make high-quality commercial faucets suitable for large sinks, restaurants, hostel kitchens, etc. The water flow rate of this faucet is pretty awesome and it can deliver 2 gallons of water every minute.

However, just like every other faucet on this list, this one also has a brass metal building construction. It comes up with a brushed bronze finish that can boost up the decoration and aesthetics of your kitchen simply. The handle material is different. It comes up with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel handle to provide you with a long-lasting durable performance.

It also has a pot filler spout that comes up with an aerated stream. With the help of this, you can easily fill large pitchers and pots. The spray head docks automatically as it has magnetic docking. This magnet is pretty powerful. The installation method of this faucet is easy and you can set it up all by yourself. With the brushed bronze finish, it’s pretty easy to clean. Just wipe and clean the faucet. It comes up with a limited lifetime warranty that gives you a backup.


  • A great water flow rate of 2 GPM
  • Full metal construction
  • Single handle faucet with stainless steel construction
  • Pot filler included
  • Magnetic docking system
  • 360-degree spout
  • Different water flow modes
  • Brushed bronze finish, easy to clean, beautiful
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • The nozzle sprayer is a bit hard to handle

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet

If you have scrolled down the whole article and you didn’t find any of the commercial faucets interesting enough, hold on. Take a look at this one. Maybe this can meet your requirements. This WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet comes up with a brushed nickel finish. This one got placed on this list for its low cost and high-quality features.

It comes up with an all-metal construction and it gives you the access to constant water flow without any hesitation with a single handle. The handle is enough as it controls everything including water flow and temperature. It comes up with a 3-way spray setting. This setting is pretty perfect as you’re getting spray, steam, and pause at the same time.

The finish of this faucet is rust-resistant. It also has a wipe and clean feature. The cleaning system of this faucet is easy. You just need to wipe it with a piece of wet cloth. The installation procedure is simple and it comes up with accessories so you don’t’ have to worry about getting help from a plumber. Sealing technologies are just fine and it does come up with a conditional warranty feature.


  • Sleek tulip design for great decoration
  • 3-way settings in the sprayer
  • All metal construction for durability
  • Single handle operation
  • Easy installation feature
  • Corrosion-resistant brushed nickel finish
  • Long-lasting sealing technology


  • The handle gets loosened after a couple of years

Best Kitchen Faucet for Large Sink Buying Guide 2021: Things you should know

When you’re sure that you need a faucet for your large sink, there are few things you need to know before getting too much confused seeing all the products in the market. Larger sinks are more for commercial or industrial uses.

When the question is a large sink, you need a few things must. Those are high water flow rate, long spout reach, and different pot filler options. Apart from these, there are some common things that you need to check. Let’s discuss those step by step in this section.

Building material

This is the most important thing you need to check while you’re buying a kitchen faucet. Especially when it’s being purchased for long-term commercial uses, you need to make sure that it comes up with a high-quality brass material or metal that’s corrosion-resistant.

Cartridge disc

For large sink commercial faucets, cartridge discs are a plus point. This valve system ensures you a long leak-free operation. They last longer and they make your water flow smooth. When you’re buying a faucet, make sure that it comes up with a ceramic cartridge disc valve.

Spout reach

Spout reach is pretty important for a commercial kitchen faucet. When you’re intending to use this faucet on a large sink, you need a long spout reach. In this situation, we will recommend you to buy a faucet that has at least 9” of spout reach. However, 10” is more preferable.

Water flow rate

The water flow rate is important. It varies from faucet to faucet. For commercial uses, you need a faucet that gives at least 1.5 GPM. Without a great water flow, you can’t work with perfection. Industrial sinks are always full of tasks. So, you need a faucet that comes up with a 1.5 GPM water flow rate or higher.

Handle and operation

Most of the faucets come up with a single handle feature. Single handle faucets are easy to operate. They control the water flow and the temperature at the same time. Single handle lever faucets are simple and pretty straightforward.

Pot filler option

When the term is a larger sink, multitasking is a must. You just won’t be working with the spout water alone. That’s why you need a faucet that comes up with a separate pot filler. It gives you options of filling a pot while someone is washing dishes with the faucet sprayer.

Finish, clean, installation

Most of the faucets come up with a deck mount option. You need to make sure that your faucet is easy to install and you can do everything all by yourself. In the terms of finish, this actually depends on you. Go with a finish that suits your kitchen and decoration.

Make sure that the finish of your faucet is corrosion and spot resistant. Besides, finishes that come up with wipe and clean feature is a plus point.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Who makes the highest quality kitchen faucets?

There are several brands for kitchen faucets. Delta, Moen, Owofan, Kraus, all are best for different criteria. There’s no specific ranking. While Moen makes the best touchless kitchen faucets, the brand Delta comes up with its great touch feature.

In terms of the commercial, large kitchen sink faucet, the brand OWOFAN is best. They have single-handle faucets that can give you great versatility and access to use water perfectly and multitasks as well.

2. Which is the better single or double handle faucet?

The answer is different for users. While a single handle gives you a single operating system, some people prefer double-handle faucets. Operating a single-handle faucet is easy and simpler than operating a double handle faucet. The mechanisms of these two types are a bit different as well.

So, if you’re stuck between single and double handle faucets, our recommendation is to go for a single handle. But you can buy the one you prefer according to your requirements.

3. How do I choose a good faucet?

There are different things you need to focus on when you’re intending to buy a good-quality faucet. The most common things are the building material, finish, faucet reach, height, valve system, handle, water flow rate, & installation method. When you’re buying a faucet, make sure you’re checking these and you need to go for some specific features.

Like, great water flow, ceramic disc valve, all-metal construction. These features vary according to your budget and cost.

4. Which is better pulldown or pull-out kitchen faucet?

This fact depends on your kitchen sink. If you’re using a shallow sink, then you need to go for a pull-out kitchen faucet. Pull out kitchen faucet gives low splashback. For other cases, a pull-down kitchen faucet is better than a pull-out kitchen faucet.


So, these are our best kitchen faucets for large sinks. If you own a commercial business like a restaurant or hotel and you want to buy a faucet that suits larger sinks, you can choose any of these faucets. The OWOFAN large sink kitchen faucet is pretty good in this sector and the Kraus one is a bit cheaper than the others.

You can go for the Delta faucet as well. All these faucets are tested and good enough. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or contact us.