My List of The 6 Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucets and Reviews

Here’s our picks for the Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucets.

1. OWOFAN Low Lead Commercial Single Handle – Best Rated Pull Out Kitchen Faucets


  • 22” Height
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • 2 Spray Modes
  • Easy installation


  • Prone to leaks

The OWOFAN is a robust faucet that is commonly seen for commercial use. It offers two spray patterns which allows you to do your kitchen activities more efficiently. It also has a 17.7” stretchable hose so you can reach pots beside your sink easily. It can rotate in a full 360 degree so you can maximize the use of your sink bowls.

This faucet is easy to install and it comes with all your mounting needs. OWOFAN also offers you a 100% money back guarantee and 2 year replacement warranty.

2. Delta Faucet Collins – Best Pull Out  Faucet Commercial Style


  • 10.38” Height
  • 120 Degree Rotation
  • 2 Stream Modes
  • TouchClean Technology
  • Easy installation


  • Difficult to turn off

If you’re looking for a more traditional looking faucet that carries modern technologies, you would love to have Delta’s Collins. At first glance, it looks like a classic short faucet. However, once you pull it out, you can take advantage of its modern features.

It has a 20” flexible hose so you don’t get limited to using the faucet just for the sink. Plus, it has a toggle so you can switch the spray mode from spray to stream. Not to mention, coming from Delta, this faucet also comes with TouchClean Technology so you can prevent mineral and limescale buildup.

3. Brushed Nickel High Arc- Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Under $100


  • 26” Height
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • 2 Spray Modes
  • Easy installation


  • Difficult to adjust temperature

If you’re after a commercial grade kitchen, you may want to equip it with a Vesla faucet to complete the look. It has a flexible spout that allows you full control over the direction and angle of water.

It also has 3 spray patterns which can help make you more efficient and faster around the kitchen. It comes with a pause button on the spray head too so you don’t need to completely turn off the faucet when you just need to pause for a while.

This faucet has a high arc and can be rotated to a full 360 degree. This will make your kitchen movements more seamless. With regards to installation, the hose and water line are pre-installed so you can save much more time in installing the faucet.

4. KRAUS Oren Spot Free – Best Pull Out Faucet Near $50


  • 6” Height
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • 2 Stream Modes
  • Spot-Free Finish
  • Easy installation


  • Prone to leaks

If you want to go for a more sophisticated looking faucet, you would want to go with Kraus’ Oren. It’s shorter compared to other pull out faucets but its body is thick and sturdy while the spout is thick and durable.

This model has a spot free finish so you don’t have to worry about having to clean for fingerprints again. It also allows for 360 degree rotation and pull out feature which gives you full control over water direction and angle anywhere in and around the sink.

Additionally, the spray head has a rocker switch that allows you to switch the spray mode to either spray or stream.

5. Pfister LG534-LPMC Arkitek – Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet on a budget


  • 12” Height
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • 2 Stream Modes
  • Spray head retracts automatically


  • Difficult to balance water temperature

If you’re after a minimal yet sleek and bold design, you should consider looking at Pfister Arkitek. It has modern aesthetics and almost has the height of a pull down faucet. With that, it gives you the benefit of a pull down while remaining to be a pull out. If you have a preference over pull outs, with Pfister Arkitek, you don’t need to worry about cleaning or filling up large pans.

The spout can be rotated in full 360 degrees while the spray head can be switched between 2 different spray modes so you don’t have to worry about efficiency. With the lever, you can turn the faucet on normally as you would. However, to change the temperature, you will have to adjust it forward.

6. Moen 87039SRS Medina – Best Moen Pull Out Faucets


  • 9.2” Height
  • Spot Resist
  • Power Clean


  • Difficult to balance water temperature

If you’re one of the people who would prefer a traditional looking faucet, you would want to go with Moen Medina. You get to have the classic faucet look while not missing out on the features of modern technology. The Medina has a stainless steel finish with Spot Resist which means that this faucet requires less cleaning from fingerprints and mineral residues.

Unlike most of the faucets, this one has 3 stream modes similar to some of the faucets that we’ve discussed in this article. This ensures efficiency around the kitchen and you’re sure that no water is wasted.

Installing (Moen) Pull-out Kitchen Faucet

Pull Down vs Pull Out

To choose the best pull out kitchen faucet, you definitely need to know about the pull down vs pull out faucets. If you’re somehow just starting to get the hang of the different faucets, you would notice that the newer faucets allow you to remove the spray heads.
For some, telling the difference between a pull down and a pull out is a little more obvious. If you need to pull the spray head down, then it should be a pull down and a pull out if you can pull it out.
That may be as easy as it sounds. However, each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. Plus, you might find yourself needing the other more because it would best go with the condition and environment you have in your kitchen. Here’s a more in-depth comparison of each type.

Pull Down

This one is easy to identify because it usually has high arcs. This is usually the wow-ing factor of a pull down. This also means that if you have enough kitchen clearance between the cupboards and your countertop, that’s the only time you can go with a Pull Down type of faucet. Plus, this type of faucet usually offers between 190 and 360 swivel support. This is the best option if you have at least a 2 sink system in your kitchen.

You might be thinking, “What’s the main point?”  Well, you must have experienced filling a large pot and you find it to be a little too cramped. Commonly, for large pots, the spout is already in the pot itself. What a pull-down faucet does is it gives you a good clearance so you don’t have to squeeze everything under the sink.

Pull Out

Unlike the Pull Down, this type of faucet doesn’t require you to have much kitchen clearance. In fact, this one is made specifically with not much space in mind. It has a shorter spout so you can be sure that the water flows in the middle of the sink. With a Pull Down, you need to sort of estimate where the spout is pointed at.

With a Pull Out faucet, whether you have a small or large sink, filling a pot of water will not be too much of a problem. In fact, a pull out is actually a sweet spot. You will also notice, and it sometimes a deal-breaker, that this type of faucet only comes with a few design and style choices. However, if you have a preference for a two-lever system in your kitchen faucet, you have this type to accommodate you better.

Additionally, if you have a generally low water pressure in your area, a pull out faucets is a good choice mainly because it has a shorter arc. An advantage of a pull out is you can manage the hose better. Since you have a smaller sink, your stove is just somewhere near, right? Imagine being able to fill a pot without having to actually carry the pot to and from the faucet. That’s convenient, right?

One-Handle vs Two-Handle

Commonly, this goes by preference. Some don’t even pay enough attention to it. It’s usually an aesthetic feature; however, faucet handles have their own pros and cons too. When you’re looking up on faucets online, you may notice that sellers point out whether it’s a single or dual handle. You might be thinking, “What difference does it make?”
Well, let’s break it down:

One Handle

This is the more commonly available and chosen option especially by homeowners. Main factor is that single handle faucets are much more affordable. Plus, it has the benefits of any two handles too.

If you’re very nitpicky on the number of holes your countertop has, whether that ‘s for aesthetics or whatnot, you can see that single handle faucets only need you to cut 1 hole on your countertop. Plus, more modern faucets manufacturers already allow you to control temperature and water flow even with the single handle.

The thing is, with single handles, you will have to master the exact calculation in balancing temperature with flow rate. That’s tricky. Another problem with single handle faucets is when it starts to leak, you will need to turn off all  the valves until it’s replaced. You don’t have to do this with the dual handle faucet.

If your concern is about the design and style, don’t underestimate single handle faucets. You’d be surprised with this type of faucet’s versatility and how it can touch up your kitchen.

Two Handle

If you want to have better control over your faucet, you would rather have the dual handle faucet instead. It allows you to adjust the temperature and water flow more optimally compared to the single handle faucets. With this type of faucet, you don’t have to be too worried about accidentally triggering the hot water. That usually happens with a single handle faucet but for this type, both handles are well marked and easily identifiable.

The thing is, if you go for a dual handle faucet, be ready to shell out much more money. Plus, installing this type can get complicated. Not to mention, since this has a higher chance of leaking. If you’re getting a two handle faucet, make sure to have your own trusted plumber so you could avoid unnecessary issues that may arise.

Side Spray

If you want to touch up your kitchen or go a little extra, you can opt to install a side spray. These sprays are fixed adjacent to your faucet. You might be thinking, “What is this for?” Well, a side spray is usually installed if you have a more traditional faucet. It’s usually used for washing larger dishes and other touch to reach places.

There are usually two benefits when getting a side sprayer. The first one is that it gives you more control over the direction and angle of your spray. The second is that it provides a more direct spray. If you need to get that stubborn grease out, you can do it easily with a side spray.

However, you need to consider that you might need to cut a new hole on your countertop or sink depending on the number of holes you already have. This can look messy if your sink is a little cramped. Remember: the side spray is separate from the main faucet. This can actually have lesser pressure too if you’re comparing it with the pull down and pull out features.

Lastly, you would need to hold the trigger down to continuously spray water. Unlike the pull down and pull out feature, a side spray doesn’t have a lock mode.

Styles & Finishes

Different faucets come with different styles and finishes. This is sometimes dependent on your preference and kitchen theme but each of them carries their own advantages over the others. Let’s discuss a few of the common styles and finishes you might come across with when buying a new faucet:


Nickel faucets can be either polished or brushed. A polished nickel offers a smooth and shiny finish. It’s highly durable too and looks great on a lot of design aesthetics. It’s super easy to clean too! However, a polished nickel is a little pricier compared to others and a little difficult to match with accessories that come from other brands.

On the other hand, you can get the brushed nickel which has a metallic finish and a warmer tone. This is much more affordable compared to the polished nickel. It’s easy to clean and it matches with other brand’s accessories. The thing is, brushed nickel doesn’t make your faucet stand out when it needs to.


This is one of the most popular choices for a finish especially if you want a shiny faucet that stands out. This is also the most affordable option too. It’s easy to clean and match with other brand’s accessories. However, if you don’t like fingerprints or smudges on your faucet, you should do away with this option.

Matte Black

This is proving to be a classic statement and people are increasingly buying faucets with this type of finish. This is also one of the most versatile finishes and it matches well with other metals and the theme of your kitchen. This gives off a more modern look too.


This type of finish offers a clean fresh look to your kitchen. It can also be referred to as porcelain. Modern kitchens usually go for this type of finish because of its boldness. However, the thing with this type of finish is that they’re prone to chipping and breaking.


The Satin Bronze has a smooth finish that looks like a cross between copper and oil-rubbed bronze. Faucets with this type of finish are usually more durable and easy to maintain. It has a unique look too. However, satin bronze is generally more expensive and difficult to match.

On the other hand, oil-rubberized bronze is easy to clean. If you have a traditional looking kitchen, you might fancy this type of finish. However, this type of finish is usually more expensive.


If you have a marble countertop, your faucet should  have a rich and bold finish which coppers give. It makes your faucet stand out and in cases wherein it gets scratched, the scratch easily blends in with the surface. It’s because this metal has antibacterial properties. This gives your kitchen a unique look too.


This finish can either be Satin or Polished. The satin brass is a gold finish that looks bold without it being overly flashy. It has a matte finish that hides fingerprints well. It’s durable too. However, it’s a little difficult to match this with other accessories.

On the other hand, the Polished brass is best if you want to go for a vintage style finish. It’s much easier to match with other accessories and is easy to find. However, this is more expensive compared to other finishes

Which One is For You?

If you’re on the fence between buying a pull down and a pull out, it’s a lot easier to choose from if you base it on the type of sink you have and the clearance you have between your countertop and cupboard.

If you have a shallow sink or a small kitchen, you should go with a pull out because pull down faucets usually have a high arc which will cause too much splashes against your sink. If you have a lot of clearance and a deep sink, you would benefit from a pull down sink more.

Benefits of Getting a New Pull Out Faucets

You might be thinking, “it’s just a faucet, no big deal.” However, owning a house is a lot of work. It’s better to do preventive measures than to try to deduce the cause of a serious issue. One of the most important rooms in your house is a kitchen. If you’ve just purchased a new house, you would want to update the faucet. It will not only improve your kitchen but it will enhance your kitchen routine too.

How to Install a Pull Out Faucet | This Old House


1. What is the brand of the best kitchen sink faucet?

This question is more of a personal preference matter. It actually depends on how you normally use a sink and the theme of your kitchen. A lot of manufacturers offer wide selections of models that differ in prices, styles, finishes, functionalities, and quality. However, for the sake of answering this question, there are four brands who have mastered the basics of  modern faucet technologies. Those are: Delta, Kraus, American Standard, and Moen.

2. What is the cost to replace a kitchen sink faucet?

The cost to replace an old faucet and install a new one depends on a few factors such as the value of the new faucet and plumbing costs. On average, new faucets may cost from $100-$500 and that is dependent on a lot of factors too. Plus, you need to consider how much your plumber usually charges. However, it normally ranges from $150 to $300 depending on the installation process and your area.

3. What is the standard size hole for a kitchen sink faucet?

The average size hole for kitchen faucets is generally 1-3/8” in diameter. However, manufacturers do list down  the size holes their faucet fits because  there can be some variations.

On the other hand, if your counter or sink ledge comes  pre-drilled with faucet holes, make sure to measure them and compare it with the faucet manufacturer’s manual to ensure a seamless installation. Otherwise, if you are installing a new sink or counter that needs holes drilled, drill holes in the size of the faucet you want in order to get a proper fit.

4. What is a good flow rate for a kitchen sink faucet?

On average, most kitchen  faucets that are currently on the market have a flow rate of 2.2 gpm (gallons per minute). If you live in an area with strict water conservation, you can try going for a faucet with a lower flow such as 1.5 gpm, 1.2 gpm, 1.0 gpm. You can go as low as 0.5 gpm. The lower the flow rate, the less water used, and the more you will save on your water bill.

Buying Guide To Choose the Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Buying guide for best pull-out kitchen faucet

If you’ve been wanting to purchase a new faucet for some time now, hold off until you’ve read this buying guide. This is to ensure that you are making the right decision. You’ll realize that there’s more to consider than just aesthetics and functions. Read on.

Wall Mount vs Deck Mount

If you don’t know yet, there are some modern households that have a wall mount setup for the faucet. It’s not as common as the deck mount but you may want to consider looking at those options too.

If you’re going for deck mount, be mindful of the number of holes you have on your current countertop. However, if you would rather have a wall mount, though it looks aesthetically good, you would want to be ready with a professional plumber. Installation can be more complex with a wall mount.

Activation Method

If you want to go for a more modern faucet, you would need to pay attention to its activation method. Traditional faucets have manual styles and some contemporary ones still have a manual option. However, if you haven’t seen one yet, there are some home kitchen faucets that can be activated through touch and some even touchless. You would want to look more into that too!

High Arc vs Low Arc

You may think this is more of an aesthetic question. However, if you think about it, both options have their own benefits and drawbacks. If you need extra space to wash large pots and pans, and if you actually have good clearance, you can opt for a High Arc faucet. Most families who love to cook go for this type of faucet too.

However, if you have cupboards and generally don’t have enough space, you should opt for a Low Arc faucet as it takes minimal space while still being functional. There are a lot of manufacturers who offer the same features of a High Arc to a Low Arc faucet. You don’t have to worry about missing out on some features.

Final Words

Purchasing and installing a new faucet is quite an investment and you would want to go for the best one. However, with so many manufacturers, keeping tabs on the features and drawbacks of all the faucets can be too time consuming and messy.

Plus, if you’re looking too hard, you might notice that they are almost similar to each other. Hence, you can always refer to our review so you can get an idea of what the best pull-out kitchen faucets are.


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