5 Best Commercial Pre Rinse Kitchen Faucets in 2022

While most modern-day kitchen faucets have significantly smoothed out our dish-cleaning experience, they often fall short when you have too many items to work with.

For instance, they can barely reduce your hurdles when serving at restaurants or during frequent party arrangements at your home.

If that’s the case with you, investing in a pre-rise faucet can be your best bet.

These faucets have designs similar to those found in commercial kitchens, and they use a high amount of pressure to make your dish-cleaning quick and easy.

In this article, we’ve reviewed five of the best commercial pre rinse kitchen faucets to make your search easier. We’ve also compiled the basics of choosing the right pick, which will hopefully come in handy.

What Is a Pre-Rinse Kitchen and What Is It Good for?

The term pre-rinse refers to rinsing something beforehand to perform a thorough cleaning later on. With a pre-rinse faucet, you get to rinse your plates and kitchen utensils and scrape off the dirt using a powerful water blast. Restaurants and commercial kitchens use these faucets most often.

Some benefits of using such a faucet are:

  • Using intense water pressure, they always deliver quick, accurate, and satisfying wash regardless of how many items you clean.
  • For filling big pots and pans, pre-rinse faucets are more practical because of their height.
  • Since they use water pressure to rake out the dirt, they reduce hot water use, hence your electricity bill.
  • Their construction is usually more durable than ordinary faucets, so they typically last longer.
  • They improve your kitchen’s outlook by giving it a professional ‘home chef’ appearance.

Best Commercial Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Take a close look at each of the following products to find out which one is best suited to your individual needs.

1. Shaco Antique Single Handle Commercial Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet

Key Features

  • Material: Solid Brass (Oil-rubbed Bronze finish)
  • Overall height: 22.8-inch
  • Spout height: 9.4-inch
  • Spout reach: 5.11-inch
  • Sprayer reach: 8.26-inch
  • Maximum flow rate: 1.3 GPM
  • Water flow modes: 2
  • Single-handle temperature control

The first faucet on our list is this elegant, classy-looking one from Shaco, which captures your eye with an elegantly vintage feel. However, it isn’t just about looks; this durable solid brass faucet is made to last beyond five hundred thousand cycles of heavy use.

While its height makes the faucet ideal for any kitchen setup, its high-quality threaded pull-down sprayer provides added flexibility without the fear of breakage. And the guiding spring creates just enough resistance for a proper grip without limiting the full range of your motion.

It can also swivel 360 degrees so that you can eliminate every crumb in your large sink almost robotically. This high-speed sprayer also features a lock design, so you can pause in the middle of cleaning without being caught off guard awkwardly. 

A pot filler comes attached to his faucet separately from the sprayer for providing you with a convenient stream mode. Since it also has its own operating lever, you can work with more comfort while reducing water wastage.


  • Elegant, vintage look
  • Heavy-duty non-dipping performance
  • Rust, scratch, and corrosion-resistant
  • Convenient use and maintenance


  • Unclear instruction manual

2. CWM Commercial Pre-Rinse Sink Faucet

Key Features

  • Material: Solid Brass (Polished Chrome finish)
  • Overall height: 36-inch
  • Spout height: 7-inch
  • Spout reach: 12-inch
  • Sprayer reach: 16-inch
  • Maximum flow rate: 1.42 GPM
  • Water flow modes: 2
  • Double-handle temperature control

Whether you are seeking the best commercial pre rinse faucet for your home or your busy restaurant, this one from CWM can be a great fit. Especially when you’re considering a wall-mounting option for a multi-sink counter.

The extra-long neck is undoubtedly the faucet’s most unique feature distinguishing it from its competitors. Using the length and its 360-degree swivelling flexibility, you’ll be able to reach every corner with ease, no matter how large or how many sinks you have.

Besides its versatile long-neck sprayer, the faucet also features a conjoined pull-out pot filler to make your cleaning tasks significantly quicker. Moreover, it prevents unwanted splashes because of the clever spout setting, regardless of how deep or shallow your sinks are.

And lastly, with the solid brass construction and double-layer leak prevention system, you won’t have to worry about this faucet requiring repairs anytime soon. The model can undoubtedly be a great addition to your heavy-use kitchen if you’re considering getting the best pre rinse faucet under $200.


  • Perfect for any low-budget commercial kitchen
  • Highly durable under heavy use
  • Enhanced leak-tightness
  • Soft yet powerful, splash-preventing sprayer
  • Extended hose reach for use across multiple sinks


  • The tight sprayer lever takes some time to get used to

3. IMLEZON Commercial Pre-Rinse Sink Faucet

Key Features

  • Material: Stainless Steel and Brass (Polished Chrome finish)
  • Overall height: 26-inch
  • Spout height: 9.06-inch
  • Spout reach: 10.24-inch
  • Sprayer reach: 16-inch
  • Maximum flow rate: 1.42 GPM
  • Water flow modes: 2
  • Double-handle temperature control

If the CWM’s extra-long neck seems too high for the wall cabinets over your sink, or you rather prefer a deck-mount faucet, you can take a good look at this model from IMLEZON. Even though both models have similar designs and nearly similar features, this one’s shorter hose makes the difference.

While a shorter hose means lesser wobbles yet shorter reach, you can easily use it in any double-sink setting. Moreover, with an equally fast water flow rate, you can surely get your job done efficiently.

You can also save time using a pretty similar pull-out pot filler that gives you a satisfying experience with a gentle, foaming stream.


  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for double-sink counters
  • Limescale proof nozzle
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Great value for money


  • No deck plate included

4. Moen 5923SRS Pre-Rinse Spring Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Key Features

  • Material: Stainless Steel (Chrome finish)
  • Overall height: 21.75-inch
  • Spout height: 5.08-inch
  • Spout reach: 10-inch
  • Maximum flow rate: 1.5 GPM
  • Water flow modes: 2
  • Single-handle temperature control

One of the world’s leading faucet, shower head, and garbage disposal manufacturers, Moen is a glamorous name of reliability, luxury, and trust. And the 5923SRS from their pre-rinse line is one decent model with the fastest water jet on our list.

It has a super-flexible hose that provides comfort and convenience when rinsing by simply extending your reach. You can install its single-hole mount on most standard kitchen sinks securely using its Duralock quick connection feature.

You’ll find the faucet’s two spray modes highly appreciable, for they enhance your cleaning activity’s versatility. Thanks to its power clean technology, the spray mode can deliver up to 1.5 GPM water pressure to combat hard-to-clean dirt. And it guarantees further user control through its pause feature.

The 5923SRS has a 21.75-inch long neck with a spout reach of 10-inch, making a great combination of any kitchen context. Besides, you can use its pull-down feature to refine your cleaning comfort further.


  • Luxurious, rust-proof, fingerprint-proof design
  • Easy-to-clean and maintain
  • Super-flexible threaded hose
  • Fastest water jet on this list


  • It comes without a base plate
  • Pricier than the rest

5. EKRTE Commercial Style Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet

Key Features

  • Material: Solid Brass (Brushed Nickel finish)
  • Overall height: 22.83-inch
  • Spout height: 8.27-inch
  • Spout reach: 6.10-inch
  • Sprayer reach: 9.45-inch
  • Maximum flow rate: 1.28 GPM
  • Water flow modes: 2
  • Single-handle temperature control

A pre-rinse faucet like this model from EKRTE can be an excellent choice if you need a high-quality, all-covering faucet for your kitchen within a tight budget. You can count on its industrial-strength brass build to last, no matter how heavy your use is.

Besides the pull-down sprayer, the faucet features a pot filler so that you can complete your tasks on time. It’s one of the traits of the best rated pre rinse faucets that you can rarely expect at this price point.

Moreover, there’s an impressive feature regarding the spray head and spout that allows easy 360° rotation, allowing you to access any areas of the sink without hassles.

A single handle on the faucet controls both the water flow rate and temperature, while a sprayer lock allows you to operate with one hand when you’re washing. Besides, you can expect to enjoy drip-free rinses, even after over 500,000 cycles, using its built-in high-grade ceramic cartridge.


  • 360-degree spout rotation
  • Highly durable under heavy-duty use
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Great value for money


  • Hot and cold hose installation can be a bit challenging

What to Consider when Buying a Commercial Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet?

Any kitchen faucet should have several features that you should know about. Here, we’ll discuss how you can find the best quality pre-rinse faucet.

Flow Rate

A faucet’s flow rate refers to the amount of water it drains every minute. Its standard measuring unit is GPM (gallons per minute). Kitchen faucets with a high flow rate are generally more efficient because they allow you to work more quickly.

And this feature is imperative when you’re considering a pre-rinse faucet since you’ll be mainly using the water blast to clean off the dirt. So the faster the flow rate, the better.

Make sure your faucet jets out water at no less than 1.3 GPM if you want quicker operations. Additionally, you’ll want to be able to adjust the pressure when necessary.

Overall Height

Pre-rinse faucets usually have more height than standard kitchen faucets. So you must weigh your options accordingly since it’s pretty much possible that the high-arc hose necks will create space issues, especially if you have wall cabinets over the sink.

Sprayer Height and Reach

Sprayer height is determined vertically by measuring from the sink surface to the highest point, while the reach is measured horizontally from the sprayer base to the stream.

For easier, splash-free cleaning, pre-rinse faucets usually feature a lower height and greater reach. You’ll be wise to go with a model having a sprayer height of no more than 5.5-inch, especially if you have a shallow sink.

Flow Modes

Having a stream mode in addition to the spray mode is undoubtedly more convenient, even if the spray mode does the actual pre-rinsing. And it’s even handier if your faucet comes with a separate stream-head.

Not only will a stream-head speed up your cleaning significantly, but it can promote a mess-free environment in your kitchen all around, especially if you always remain in a hurry.

Temperature and flow control

For busy kitchen counters, smooth flow and temperature control is crucial. You don’t want a pre-rinse that is not good with its control sensitivity. Remember that the control switches can be in multiple places, like the sprayer head and main handles.


To have that smooth control, you need the best valve control. High quality ceramic cartridges are your target. Although it could be a little expensive, not skimping on that will go a long way.

Spray functions

Generally, you will have two spray functions from your sprayer. And most probably, those are stream and spray. Pause and booth are some options of renowned brands.


I always say that the construction material of the facet is the fundamental part of a faucet. Brass and stainless steel are the top picks here. Don’t mind if there are some aluminium or nickel parts. However, try to avoid plastic components.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some answers to questions people often ask when buying a pre-rinse kitchen faucet.

Q. What is the difference between pre-rinse and pull-down faucets?

A.  Despite the similarities between the two faucets, the pre-rinse faucet has a tactile design that distinguishes it. Pre-rinse faucets are aimed at function, while pull-down faucets tend toward compactness.

Q. Can a pre-rinse faucet be touchless?

A. It’s unlikely. Since pre-rinse faucets are intended for quick and heavy-duty use, the touch feature can often lead to a sudden, unusual mess when used in a hurry.

Q. How do you install a pre-rinse faucet?

A.  These faucets don’t have any specific installation method. You can install them just as you would a regular model, depending on the mounting system.

Q. Can I add a sprayer to my existing kitchen faucet?

A.  Yes, you can. A hose inserted into an unused hole on your sink to the side of your faucet is the classic way to add a spray nozzle to your kitchen faucet.

Q. Why do all pre-rinse kitchen faucets have springs?

A.  The coil springs hold the hose in place and guide it throughout your operations to work without fuss.

Final Thoughts

Unless you find an efficient cleaning solution, dealing with large numbers of plates and dishes will only add to your headache in the long term. And there’s hardly a more efficient choice than the best commercial pre rinse kitchen faucet if you’re serious about it.

Hopefully, after reading this comprehensive review, you’re now in a better position to make the right pick among our top five.

So go ahead and choose wisely; add that professionally aesthetic appeal to your kitchen while improving your kitchen productivity.