Pull Down VS Pull Out Kitchen Faucets : Easy to Picks

Pull Down Vs Pull Out kitchen faucet

It may seem indecisive when it comes to “choice” and perhaps more confusing when the choice is between two goods. So in this conflict, you need the right information so that you can easily choose the option which serves your kitchen the best.

Both the pull-down and the pull-out faucets are available in the market varying in shape, size, and design with respect to each other and also the way they function matters for the consumers having different preferences. So let’s discuss all the aspects of both pull-downs and pull out faucet in that way you can better decide for the glory of your kitchen.

Pull Down Faucets

A pull-down faucet is a high neck arc fixture and is named so because you can pull the spray head down closer to the sink whenever you are doing the dishes and so on.

Pull-down faucets generally occupy the major marketplace and are more in use than any other contemporary design. Their high neck arc may serve as a trendy top-notch for your kitchen if you are looking for a handsome design.

If you want to choose hurry  in pull down kitchen faucet, you may select from my 3 top picks below.

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Pull-down faucet takes the credit to be most befitting when filling up tall vases, pitchers, or pots for it may be quite inconvenient when using their pull out counterparts. Another noteworthy factor might be its user-friendly design as it’s oriented for the sink where the most frequent work has to be done, while not crimping the hose here and there.

Moreover, this type of faucets usually has more spraying options and a bigger catalog for variety as compared to the pull-downs.


The major drawback of this installation is that: it is prone to occupy more overhead space and this could be a conclusive statement for people with limited space above the sink. The short hose length of the pull-down faucet is made so to simply pull it down for performing your job under the cabinet, not outside the sink area. As well minor downsides might be the splashback when the pressure is high and a bit slow down of water pressure due to the heightened arc.

Pull Out Faucets

The pull-out faucet is a smartly compact and neat faucet fixture with a spray handle extension instead of a snout. As the name suggests, its handle is pulled out from the extension and could be managed to the desired place even to the countertop if needed.

You may find it a peculiar design for your kitchen as of its clever size and functionality. It is a top priority for those of you with a small sink and limited space around.

Let’s compare it with the previous mate to have some clear opinion.

If you want to choose hurry  in pull out kitchen faucet, you may select from my 3 top picks below.

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As mentioned before, the pull-out faucet has a neat design and can save a lot of space around your sink. The hose is quite long enough to perform various other tasks which are impossible when having a pull-down faucet such as filling pots on the countertop and so on. This feature also makes it possible to install the faucet between two sinks and use both with equal convenience. The hose of this faucet diminishes splashback and hence a plus.

Additionally, pull out faucets have 180 or 360-degree swivel support making it more manageable.


Besides the smart nature of the pull-down fixture, it has some downsides to consider.

Firstly, the low arc makes it difficult to fill up all the large stuff you might have to fill oftentimes. Then can also possibly get irritated by maneuvering here and there and for that, you find splashes on the counter as a by-product. Also, remember that the pull out faucets are usually considered to be less admirable and resultantly not trendy.

Sum Up

We’ve managed to give you a review of both types of faucets which may help you make your choice seamlessly. As both have their pluses and minuses which could only be settled by your choice and preference, so make your choice concerning your own situation and preference.


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