Best 4 Hole Kitchen Faucets In The Market

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That face the plumber makes after seeing a premium quality faucet is priceless. I don’t know about you, but that expression is priceless for me. And the story is similar for the faucets reviewed here.

They are one of the best 4 hole kitchen faucets. But these faucets don’t take up all four holes with a single unit. Because the ones that do, don’t look that good. So, I look for faucets that use those holes most efficiently.

You could have a soap dispenser, sprayer, or other faucets. You might also get a deck plate. Whatever the reason, they will be worth your dollars.

Top Six Kitchen Faucets With Four Holes

I love the six following faucets for their looks, convenience, and durability. All of that with the primary features are described below.

1. KOHLER K-560-VS Bellera Kitchen Faucet

Top features

  • Three functions pull down sprayer
  • DockNetik: Magnetic docking
  • GPM flow rate
  • 16″ height and nearly 8″ reach
  • Deckplate length is a little over 8″

Single hole gooseneck faucets are trending, and they seem to be getting stylish by the day.  For those of you who are stuck with four holes, this Kohler faucet has a cost-free solution.

They deliver an Escutcheon plate that covers three of your holes. And you can add a soap dispenser to the fourth one. This is for them who want to have the best single hole experience in their four hole sink.

After a few months with this faucet, I can surely say that this adds a premium feel to your kitchen. You will get quite comfortable with the convenient spray and steam. The pulldown hose is also long and flexible.


  • Premium finish and looks
  • One of the best Kohler 4 hole kitchen faucets
  • Metal construction with ceramic disc valves
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Hard to get the zip tie tight enough to suspend the weight on the hose

2. Pfister Wheaton 1-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Soap Dispenser

Top features

  • 1.8 GPM flow rate
  • 2 function pull out sprayer
  • AccuDock Spray Head Docking
  • 9″ reach and 16″ height
  • Deckplate length is 10.625″

No, the style is not like the one before. With this one, you will get a free soap dispenser and decorative deck plate that completes the four hole quota.

Now, I also got a  lot of things in the package, including all the necessary hardware, tools, and nylon flex-line supply lines. I also read that this has the Pforver Cartridge. Although I am not sure what they meant by that, but it sure is a ceramic disc valve.

All in all, the product surely worth the price.


  • Stylish design
  • High-quality materials
  • Complies with all the safety requirements of private, federal, and state laws
  • Pforever Warranty


  • Delays in customer service operation as it is a smaller company

3. Moen 87028SRS Edwyn Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Top features

  • Power Clean spray technology
  • Duralock quick connect system
  • Two function faucet
  • 15″ height and 7.5″ reach
  • Deck plate length is 10.25″

We all know the Moen 4 hole kitchen faucets. They are one of the, if not the most premium kitchen faucets in the market.

Like the previous one, it is primarily a single hole gooseneck faucet. But it is compatible with four holes with the free deck plate and soap dispenser.

Although the 1.5 GPM flow rate has been the standard for years, I feel it to be a bit slow. However, the faucet looks phenomenal. The Edwyn collection is actually famous for its stunning looks. And the finish is spot and fingerprint resistant.


  • Easy pulldown reflex system
  • Very convenient to use
  • Made in USA
  • Compliant with ADA, state, and federal regulation
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Low flow rate
  • Badly structured installation manual

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4. Peerless Tunbridge 2-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Side Sprayer

Top features

  • Washerless valve design
  • Interchangeable valve stem
  • 1.8 GPM flow rate
  • 12″ height and 9″ reach
  • 8″ configuration

You call these types of faucet Tunbridge two handle faucet. It comes with a free sprayer, which is a classic for four hole sinks.

This is a budget solution for your four hole trouble. There is no need for a deck plate. The faucet covers three holes with the main spout and two handles controlling hot and cold water. That reminds me that supply lines need to be bought separately, which is absolutely not cool.

Although there are some plastic components, most of the structure is metal. The finish is also the classic silver with a warranty.


  • Convenient spray design
  • Removing the flow restrictor doesn’t increase the dripping that much
  • Complies with regulatory bodies
  • Limited lifetime warranty for both faucet and finish


  • The customer service is slow in some parts of the country

5. Kingston Brass KS1275AXBS Heritage 8″ Kitchen Faucet with Brass Sprayer

Top features

  • Made with an alloy of brass, zinc, copper, and aluminum
  • Ceramic disk cartridge
  • 1.8 GPM flow rate
  • 12.8″ height 8.75″ reach
  • 8″ center set design

Doesn’t this faucet remind you of the luxury hotel you stayed at your last vacation?

Yeah, it is a center-set bridge style kitchen faucet with a sprayer. This goes fine with luxury kitchens. But the thing is, it is not that expensive. Some might say that this is going out of style, but if you have the decor right, people like me will always have a second look.

On top of the versatile metal alloy, you have seven elite finish options. Moreover, you have a warranty for that. So, if you are into the vintage interior, then this is your thing.


  • Vintage look
  • Heavy-duty metal alloy
  • Spot and fingerprint resistant finish
  • California Energy Commission title 20 compliant
  • Limited warranty


  • The hot and cold markers were loose after a couple of months, but some glue fixed the problem for good

6. GOWIN Kitchen Faucet with Side Sprayer

Top features

  • Stainless steel main structure
  • Ceramic disk cartridge
  • 1.8 GPM flow rate
  • 12.8″ height 8.75″ reach
  • 8″ center set design

It is a stainless steel centerset faucet. Although the sprayer is made of plastic, it works very nicely. The best part was the installation. It only took 10 mins to install.

Surprisingly, even though the faucet was very inexpensive, it didn’t feel like it. Instantaneous on-off, smooth operations, dripless spout, and all the other features that we see in a high-quality faucet are present here.

Even customer service is responsive and quick. I can’t seem to find any fault with this faucet.


  • Best four hole kitchen faucet for the money
  • All hardware included
  • Long and fire-resistant pullout hose
  • Lead-Free, Non-toxic


  • Water hose is not included

How to pick the best four hole faucet for your kitchen

Other than the regular features that a kitchen faucet should have, there are some specific thing that you want to see in a four hole kitchen faucet. We are gonna talk only about those topics.


Now, faucet type preference can vary largely with different kitchen and their users. I would love to see a pull-down faucets with two handles and a dispenser for the fourth hole. But I can’t find any faucets that fall in that category and of high quality at the same time.

I don’t shame the use of deckplates because single hand high arch spouts are the best kind, and four hole sink owners shouldn’t be missing that. Bridge style faucets are also good. But make sure that they match your interior.


Don’t forget to match your hole distance with the faucet configuration. There are some faucets where the structure of the three holes are not a single unit. So, no need to measure for them. Otherwise, you have to do it.

And if you are going for deckplates, measure its total length and see if it covers three of your holes. If you are going for a centerset or bridge style, than measure your holes from its center and see if it matches the faucet configuration.

Don’t buy without measuring.

What’s in the fourth hole

Think what you want in the fourth hole and pick your faucet accordingly. Dispensers and sprays are common options. But there are many variations in the market.


Generally, four hole kitchen faucet installations are harder. If it involves cutting and drilling, I wouldn’t recommend a novice to DIY that. You might destroy the look of your counter. So, call a professional.

If you want to do it, see if it has a well-structured installation manual. The installation process itself shouldn’t be complex.

Matching with the interior

Don’t get excited and buy a fancy faucet. Closely check if it matches your interior. Faucets like centerset and vintage faucets might look very bad in some kitchens. The finish is also important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions on four hole kitchen faucets-

Q: How to measure my sinkholes?

A: Generally, manufacturers state their configuration from the center of the hole. So, you do the same. However, if you are measuring for a deckplate, use the far sides of the holes and see if the plate is larger than the length of three holes.

Q: Can I use the fourth hole for other accessories?

A: Make sure the finish matches before doing that.

Q: Can I attach a water filter to these faucets?

A: You can do it with most of the four hole faucets. But not all of them.

Final Words

Four hole faucets are a tricky area for a lot because not everyone has the privilege. I hope I was able to make that easier.

The recommendations we gave for the best 4 hole kitchen faucets will surely be a good buy for anyone. However, give good importance to the finish and budget.