Rubber feet for kitchen sink grid ROHL sink

Since almost 30 years, ROHL remains to discover beautifully crafted kitchen faucets, fittings and other accessories to provide practical peace in the kitchen known as the home’s busiest room.

In 1983, with the innovation of the original Pull-Out Faucet, ROHL initiated its seek to find unique, particularly made faucets, fittings and fixtures for the kitchen. ROHL Kitchen Collections was manufactured in Great Britain, North America, Western Europe and New Zealand that bring authentic luxury to the best American Kitchens.

ROHL Sinks:

Rubber feet for kitchen sink grid ROHL sink

You must be tired of looking at that same old kitchen sinks. Are you? And you want your kitchen sinks to be unique yet elegant ones? ROHL has a wide range of unique, elegant and luxury accessories. And if you need something really royal then you should go for ROHL Apron Front Farmhouse Sinks which designed to provide luxury to your kitchen.

Going back a few years, there was no beauty and luxury in kitchen sinks and was only installed for the practical use. But, ROHL successfully introduced ultimate class and luxury breaking all the stereotypes and introduced sinks in various designs, shapes, and sizes to satisfy one customer. ROHL completely understands that sinks are not only kitchen equipment but a class as well. Also, your kitchen will get upgraded instantly after installing this kitchen sink.

Kitchen Sink Grids:

Kitchen Sink Grids

Sink grids are commonly known as basin racks or sink racks and is a must have accessory to use in your kitchen sink. They act like a shield to your luxury sink as they buffer sound of utensils hitting the bottom of the sink, and do protect dishes as well as sink from getting damaged.

Colors/ Finishes:

ROHL kitchen grid is available in various color range including these:

  • Stainless steel
  • White
  • Biscuit

 Rubber Feet for Kitchen Sink Grids:

Features of Rubber Feet and Grid:

Rubber Feet for Kitchen Sink Grids

  • These rubber feet are specially designed to fit ROHL kitchen sinks.
  • It has plastic feet as well to protect the sink base.
  • Its body construction is of stainless steel.
  • It has vinyl coating on stainless steel copper body.
  • Sink bowl must be exposed for grid to fit properly in it.

Sink grids are available in different designs for different models. So, rubber feet are also available in different sizes and colors accordingly.

Is rubber feet useful for kitchen sink grid?

A big yes! Install little rubber feet under the sink grids so that it will prevent both the sink and the grid from getting damaged any way and one should not face the major rust circle in the middle of the white sink. Also, ROHL sink grid protector came with rubber feet to protect your sinks or basins completely as the grids body is also made of stainless steel to avoid any kind of rusting issues.


ROHL products are all up with warranties against any sort of manufacturing defects. The factory outlets which produce these products set up all the terms of these warranties along with the products. But, each product has its own years of warranty varying the models and prices.

If you haven’t installed ROHL kitchen sink grids having rubber feet, then what are you waiting for? Do give it a try to maintain a class and become a living brand!

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