Best Polished Nickel Bathroom Faucets

Did you know that choosing the best polished nickel bathroom faucets can help you revamp your bathroom’s interior décor? Polished nickel is one of the best faucet finishes, infusing durability and a sense of elegance into your space. Unlike other finishes, it doesn’t tarnish and retains its shine for longer.

But should you choose just any faucet just because it has a polished nickel finish? It is essential to pay attention to other factors before settling on one faucet. Consider the ease of installation, compatibility with your sink, and special features like WaterSense.

This article features five reviews of the best bathroom sink faucets with polished nickel finish and a detailed buying guide. Keep reading to know how to choose a well-polished nickel bathroom faucet.

Best Polished Nickel Bathroom Faucets Reviews

Bathroom sink faucets come from different manufacturers and various makes and models. Knowing the one to buy can be a problem, especially if you have never done it before. Here are the reviews of five top polished nickel bathroom faucets.

KOHLER Purist K-14406-4-SN Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet

The Kohler polished nickel bathroom faucet comes in a widespread configuration for three-hole installation over a center distance of 8 to 16 inches. Therefore, the left and right handle pieces and the spout sit differently on the sink.

It comes with pre-installed likes, making installation easier and faster. Besides, this polished nickel faucet requires installation on the countertop. Even though it can present some difficulty installing this faucet, you can easily pull it off with help from a friend.

If you are looking for long-lasting bathroom sink faucets, this is one of the best. First, the nickel finish doesn’t tarnish and lasts longer than any other. Second, the faucet’s internal mechanism has ceramic dish valves that provide a leak-free operation lifetime.

It comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty as a testament to its durability. Apart from the pre-installed supply lines, the package includes the drain line. Therefore, you don’t have to purchase these essential components separately.

Moen 6903NL Voss One-Handle Single-Hole Bathroom Sink Faucet

The Moen 6903NL is a polished, single-hole bathroom faucet with a 4.63-inch spout and deck-mounted. Instead of the usual double-handle affair, this particular faucet has only one handle. It complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

It is WaterSense certified to conserve water around the bathroom without a drastic effect on your bathroom. Therefore, using this faucet can save you water in incremental bits, which can save more than $10 annually in water bill savings.

The best thing about Moen polished nickel bathroom faucets is their warm, inviting look. Picture how the mirror-like metallic look can revamp your bathroom. It lasts for a lifetime, giving your bathroom an elegant look for longer.

Even though a single-hole faucet is flexible enough for a three-hole sink, the package includes a deck plate to block out the other holes during installation. With only one supply line, it can be difficult for this faucet to supply both cold and warm water.

Pfister LF049JDGS Jaida Widespread Faucet

Pfister bathroom sink faucets are great because they meet ADA/ANSI A117.1 requirements, making them accessible to all people living with physical disabilities. This particular faucet is also 100% compliant and wholly inclusive.

The three-home, two-handle, polished nickel faucet requires deck mounting during installation. It is easy to install and comes with all the needed materials.

If you’re looking for a durable, leak-free bathroom faucet, this particular product is the best for you. It features the Pforever Seal, which is an advanced ceramic disc valve. Therefore, the faucet is likely never to leak for its entire lifetime.

It is certified leak-free in compliance with NSF/ANSI 372, U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act, Maryland, Vermont, and California Louisiana State Laws. Therefore, the faucet is unlikely to contaminate your drinking water.

Besides, having this faucet in your bathroom is a sure way of saving on your water bills. It can reduce your water consumption by up to 3%. Every year that results in $2 savings on your water bill.

Delta Faucet 3551-PNMPU-DST Dryden Bathroom Widespread Faucet

The Delta Faucet 3551-PNMPU-DST is a widespread, deck-mounted faucet. It is one of the best polished nickel bathroom faucets for ease of installation. The faucet features the Diamond Seal Technology for easy installation and consistent performance for a lifetime.

It can last for much longer than standard faucets with diminished leak points. It has a laminar flow finish that gives it a beautiful, refined look, complimenting your home’s interior décor.

Installing this faucet requires a three-hole sink at a center-to-center distance of 4 to 16 inches. The package includes supply lines so that you do not have to worry about buying new ones to install it. There’s also a metal push pop-up drain assembly, which is durable and easy to use.

It is one of the few bathroom-sink faucets with the WaterSense label, enabling you to use less water by at least 20%. Even as it saves water, it performs as great as its rivals. The ADA-compliant faucet is excellent for individuals living with a physical disability.

Gotonovo Brushed Nickel Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet

The Gotonovo wall-mount bathroom faucet is made from solid brass and has a beautiful brushed nickel finish. The perfect combination of materials ensures the faucet serves you for longer without cracking, rusting, or corroding.

It is a single-hole faucet with a 360-degree swivel spout that conveniently reaches around the sink. You can use it when brushing teeth, washing your face, or filling a pot with water.

Compared to other vessel sink faucets, this particular product has a more considerable height at 12.6 inches. The water spout is 9 inches and can reach up to a 6-inch radius around the sink.

It requires one hole to install. The package includes mounting hardware with a 30mm to 45mm mounting hole diameter. With the included instructions, it’s straightforward to install this particular water faucet.

How Do You Clean Polished Nickel Bathroom Faucets?

You can clean polished nickel bathroom faucets through two simple methods – with soap and water and agile polishing. Here is how to wash with soap and water:

Step 1

Add a few drops of dishwasher soap to a clean cloth and use it to wipe the faucet.

Step 2

Step 2: After moistening a clean microfiber cloth, add some dishwashing detergent and rub a stained area. That should remove stains from a polished nickel faucet.

Step 1

Mix water and vinegar in a 1-to-1 ratio for hard stains. After wetting a cloth with the diluted vinegar, wipe the stained area and wait for five minutes. Wipe it off afterward.

Step 4

Use a microfiber cloth to shine the area.

Alternatively, you can use agile polishing, which requires scrubbing with a clean cloth and no water or chemical. Focus on the stained areas and scrub until the surface is shiny. However, avoid using abrasive materials.

Best Polished Nickel Bathroom Faucets Buying Guide

Choosing polished nickel faucets is not a question of picking between different faucet finishes. Given how functional a bathroom faucet is, you should pay attention to ease of installation, the number of handles, and construction quality. When choosing a suitably polished nickel faucet, the following are the things you should consider:

Handle Types

The handles are the most important when it comes to operating your faucet. They can make it easier or harder to get the proper cold and hot water mix. The following are the types of handles you can get on a polished nickel faucet:

  • One Handle: By design, one-handle faucets provide optimal water volume and temperature. You can change the temperature of the water by turning the handle and the water pressure by lowering or lifting the handle.
  • Two Handles: Two-handle faucets come in various styles and sizes, with handles to the left and right of the spout. The handles can control the cold or hot water supply individually.
  •  Touchless Faucets: Touchless faucets may or may not have a handle. A touchless faucet has its temperature set to a given level at installation. You can trigger an electronic sensor by moving your hand closer to turn on the water.
  • Touch-Activated: Turning on a touch-activated faucet only requires a tap on a sensor. It may have a knob for changing the temperature. In some cases, the temperature is preset.

Apart from these handle types, bathroom sink faucets have various handle styles, including levers, cross-handles, knobs, or joystick handles.

Installation Types

How you install a faucet also matters. The one you choose depends on your sink’s arrangement. Before buying a faucet, take note of the number of holes in your sink. If you select an incompatible faucet, you may have to buy a completely new sink. The following are the types of sink installation types you can find:

  • Single-Hole Faucets: A polished nickel single hole bathroom faucet requires installation in a single hole. They are primarily available in a single handle or two handles and are great for smaller bathrooms.
  • Counters Faucets: Its handle and spout are on the same base. They are great for mixing water to a perfect temperature.
  • Widespread Faucets: It has individually installed handles that stand separate from the spout. Great for faucet centers between 6 and 16 inches.
  • Vessel Sink Faucets: Vessel sink faucets have taller spouts and are perfect for countertop vessel sinks. They usually have a single-hole configuration and have lever handles.
  • Wall-Mounted Vessels: Wall-mounted faucets are installed on the wall next to the sink, rather than the sink itself. It can have either one or two handles, creating a unique focal point.

Faucet Construction

When buying a polished nickel faucet, consider its base material, which should ideally be brass. It is the most durable and reliable material for bathroom faucets. Instead of rubber discs, choose a faucet with a ceramic disc for a leak-free and drip-free performance for a lifetime.

Other Features

Additional features enhance the experience you get from a bathroom faucet. They include WaterSense, which regulates the water flow, and lead-free material. A lead-free faucet protects you from unnecessary toxicity.


A typically polished nickel faucet has a unique look that makes it one of the most recognizable additions to a bathroom. Yet, many people have lots of questions concerning them. The following are the frequently asked questions about these faucets:

Which finish is best for bathroom faucets?

The best finish for bathroom faucets is the polished nickel. It has a warmer tone, is luxurious, and with a complete pedigree. Besides, it’s one of the most durable faucets finishes and can last for years without getting tarnished.

What is the difference between chrome and polished nickel?

The main difference between chrome and polished nickel is that the former has a colder bluish color while the latter has a slightly yellow hue. Between the two faucet finishes, polished nickel is the more durable one. Chrome tends to get tainted sooner and requires closer care.

Does vinegar damage polished nickel?

Yes, vinegar damages polished nickel, especially after soaking an item into it for 30 minutes or more. Polished nickel is sensitive to harsh chemicals like ammonia and vinegar and can easily be stripped off the faucet.

Is polished nickel a living finish?

Yes. Nickel is a non-living finish. It is not a living finish even though it tarnishes or develops a patina as you keep using it. Living faucet finishes include brass, bronze, copper, and nickel silver. These create a patina with time, giving the faucet a natural look.

How long do polished nickel bathroom faucets last?

Polished nickel bathroom faucets can last longer than most other finishes since they do not tarnish. That’s why many polished nickel manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their products.


The best polished nickel bathroom faucets can change the look of your bathroom and serve you for a long time. That’s why you should take the time to pick one of these. The mirror-like metallic surface makes it create an attractive focal point. Given that polished nickel hardly gets tarnished, the faucet can retain its ship for a long time. If it has a ceramic value, the faucet will be completely leak-free even longer.