Best Bathtub Faucet with Handheld Shower

You will achieve a modern appearance in your bathroom by adding elegance, style, and sophistication. Therefore, it will make you feel more excited and more gravity. But, the fact is that finding your suitable fit is completely challenging. So, what to do? Well, we are here to help you out of this complexity. Check out our list of the best bathtub faucet with handheld showers. These shower faucets are the latest featured faucets on the present market.

We have selected them to ensure safety, durability, and quality performance for you. Also, these shower faucets will make sure tremendous water flow and provide ease of operation. As a result, buying any one of these shower faucets will be your success. So, let’s check out our top picks to stumble on the best fit for your bathroom.

10 Top Showerhead and Faucet Sets 

According to the user’s review, here is the list of bathtub faucets for you that are the best faucets. Read the reviews carefully to know the detail about these products. And find out your perfect fit.

1. YESIMI Bathtub Shower Faucet

If you are concerned about having a modish and well-designed look in your bathroom, buy the YESIMI bathroom shower faucet. This faucet has a modern design with a wall-mounted style that makes it stylish and generous for your bathroom.

Key Features

  • One Rotary Knob
  • Big Size Tub Spout
  • Air-In Technology
  • 3-Functional Shower Valve

This shower faucet has a robust metal material construction that makes the faucet highly durable. Thus, you shouldn’t miss this conscious, luxurious, and beautiful shower faucet. Accordingly, it will help you be safe from the burning boiling water in the pressure balance valve.

The Pressurization technology will get you beautiful rainfall and save you water. Also, the large faucet tub will allow filling the bathtub quickly.

2. Delta Arvo-14 Shower Faucet

You will feel amazing when you get a consistent soft water flow. And, the Delta Avro-14 can give you that amazement. The pressure-balanced valve cartridge prevents the sudden temperature changing mode to maintain the consistency of your running appliance.

Key Features

  • Touch-Clean Spray Holes
  • Wall-Mounting Style
  • 4-Spray Settings
  • Tri-Universal Tub Spout
  • Stainless Steel Hose

The Delta Avro-14 has a unique design of a universal shower valve that makes this faucet compatible. Therefore, you can upgrade the fixture without altering the plumbing. It will save you money and stress of calling an expert.

Also, the dual shower is usable separately through its hand shower. Hence, you can enjoy the versatile showering experience.

3. ESNBIA Shower Tub

When you pass a stressful long day, you need a fresh shower to get your energy back and be free of stress. ESNBIA shower promises to provide you with an enjoyable shower that removes your stress and saves your day.

Key Features

You can rotate the shower holder easily at a 360° angle. And, its user-friendly functions will be more accessible for all-age people. While it is time to control the water temperature (hot & cold), it is entirely trouble-free. Enjoy your showering with ESNBIA!

4. Brushed Nickel Ultra Faucet

This faucet’s deck mount technology ensures multi-featured functionality for the users. The main waterway of this faucet has a specific design of ceramic valves. So, you will get high quality from this faucet.

Key Features

  • 3 Holes Installation
  • Single-Handle Layout
  • Elegant Roman Bath Tub
  • Multi-Featured Accessories

The spout height is 7.2″, reaching up to 8.9″ to make you more reachable. And this bathtub spout with hand shower has got all the multi-functional accessories like- a hand shower holder, faucet spout, shower hose, lever handle, and waterlines.

Therefore, you will get what you need at any time. Besides, it will offer you lifetime warranty support and tool-free service. Pretty Amazing!

5. Black 3 Functions System Shower Faucet

To get the easy way to water out, the Black Shower Faucet will help you 100 on 100. You can choose whether to use the tub spout or handheld shower. Also, the functional switch between the 3 modes will allow you to gratify your shower time.

Key Features

  • Powerful Hot/Cold Water Connector
  • Durable Lift Time Brass Body
  • Ceramic Cartridge for Leak-Free Performance
  • Easy Gradienter
  • Hand-Held Shower Connector
  • One-Finger Touch-Clean Technology

The premium quality of this bathtub tap with a hand shower will guarantee you to last for a long time. The combination of brass and stainless steel is completely non-corrosive. And, the Matte Black made it stylish to adjust the bathroom decor. So, you will feel amazing while entering for showering.

However, the Touch-Clean trait is available with this faucet to clean the shower faucet with ease. Besides, this shower faucet will offer you a 5-years 100% manufacturer’s warranty. So, don’t miss it!

6. KOJOX Rainfall Shower Faucet

If you dream of experiencing a natural water contact of your bathtub faucet with hand spray, the KOJOX Rainfall Shower Faucet will be your right choice. The air-injection technology is capable of enhancing a100% water pressure that will ensure natural water contact.

Key Features

  • Brass Water Separator
  • Premium Quality Water Control Valve
  • Innovative Air-Pressurization
  • 1.5M Shower Hose
  • Matte Black Stylish Appearance

Having such a shower faucet like KOJOX is ultimately an excellent experience. It will provide you with various facilities that are not available with the ordinary faucet on the market.

You will get a money-back guarantee if you find any defect in the product. Also, the manufacturers will provide a free replacement facility if you don’t want to refund your money. Pretty Flexible!

7. Wowkk Waterfall Roman Tub Faucets

Showering babies or children is a bit tough unless you have a comfortable waterfall faucet. Well, the Wowkk Waterfall faucet will relieve you from that tension. It is perfect for baby showering and also to get your full body shower.

Key Features

  • WANHAI Ceramic Cartridge
  • Anti-Noise Shower Design
  • Smooth Water Flow Technology
  • 360° Swivel Spout
  • 70 Inches Stainless Steel Shower Hose 

The cold and hot water hose is ½ inches, allowing you to customize the water temperature as necessary. The perfect angled shower is ready to water the tub to avoid getting the floor wet.

8. Wall-Mounted Waterfall Faucet

To get a consistent and smooth water flow in terms of low pressure, the Wall-Mounted Waterfall Faucet will give you 100% assurance. Besides, its sleek look and stylish finish will fit any of your bathroom decors.

Key Features

  • 8Inches Shower Head
  • 3 Settings Hand-Held Shower Head
  • Single Functional Rain Shower Head
  • Premium Brushed-Nickel
  • Anti-Scaled Pressure Valves

Using this unique Wall-Mounted Waterfall Faucet will allow you to transform light rainfall in terms of its retro-style showerhead. However, this luxurious shower faucet has an outer coating with robust ABC material. Therefore, it is a guarantee for durability and reliability.

And the entire fitting connection of this faucet has got the metal construction to prevent leakage. So, buy this high-quality workmanship.

9. Kingston KS268C Brass Faucet

This is a deck-mounted brass shower faucet complete set that will refine the bathroom decorum through its glistening chrome finish. Also, the telephone-style hand shower made it trendy and pleasing to the eye. And the heavy brass construction will make sure durability.

Key Features

  • 3 Different Styled Handles Are Available
  • Premium Quality Material
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Elegant Design

Due to all the quality features, the Kingston KS268C shower faucet will provide you the high performance. Also, its timeless design will give you a solution for home décor. And, it will also give you a lifetime warranty.

10. JinYuZe Roman Waterfall Faucet

This JinYuZe shower faucet is right for you; if you want, your faucet will ensure a long-lasting service with a guarantee. It is because the JinYuZe faucet will provide you the high performance with an explicit 5-year guarantee.

Key Features

  • Durable Chrome Finish
  • Space-Saving Spout
  • Chick-Head Shower
  • Single Handle for Temperature Control

It is a 2-hole faucet that is entirely trouble-free for installation and use. It will not take much time to fill the water tub. As a result, you can save time. Its unique knob will allow you to choose whether to fill the tub with water or the hand shower. So, Enjoy Your Shower Time with JinYuZe!

Buying Guide

The essential part of the bathtub is the bathtub faucet. Thus, choosing the right bathtub faucet is essential. However, this section will guide you to buying the best bathtub faucet with a hand shower. This guide will make your way easier.  


According to your bathroom design, you should choose the bathtub faucet. Indeed, there are five main types of bathtub faucets. Let’sLet’s see what they are-

Freestanding Bathtub Faucet- This type of faucet has the design to stand straight and free that hasn’t pre-drilled holes.

Wall-Mounted Bathtub Faucet- These bathtub faucets are the most traditional and fit for wall mounting.

Rim-Mounted Bathtub Faucet- It is also known as the deck-mounted faucet. These types of faucets are suitable for flat-surface mounting.

Roman Tub Faucet– These types of faucets are like deck faucets. But, the Roman tub faucet comes with three holes.

Tub Wall Mount Faucet- The Tub Wall-mounted faucets are designed to install in the inside wall.


When finished selecting the suitable types of faucets based on your bathroom interior, you need to choose the features. Features are necessary to determine your bathtub faucet quality. Some features extremely important to consider the best shower faucets, for instance-


To get an easy grip, your faucet handles will work for you. In this case, you can choose the metal cross handles. But, if you have a hard time with your hands holding the faucet handles, you can select the metal lever handles. It will provide you with the highest comfort.


Choose different spout types to get the different facilities, for instance, the downspout. The downspout will allow you to fill the tub faster. So, filling a large bathtub will never kill your valuable time. But, if you have smaller types of the bathtub, choose the low spout.

Shower Enclosure

Pick the shower enclosure as long as you want to add a shower to your freestanding bathtub. But, you have to pick it up carefully.

Temperature Control

You have to think of thermostatic heat control to control the water temperature. If your bathtub faucet has this modern feature, you can easily balance hot and cold water temperatures.


Readout our FAQ sections if you wonder about some common quarry in your mind to buy the best shower faucet. You will be free of uncertainty. Also, it will help you make the right decision.

How can I clean my bathtub faucet properly?

Well, we recommend you use dishwashing powder or detergent for your bathtub faucet. It will keep the bathtub faucet clean for a long time. Also, you can use white vinegar if you need to remove lime from the faucet.

Is there any specific water rate that I should consider for my bathtub faucet?

Yes, there is! The bathtub faucet generally runs at 4 to 7 gallons per minute. But, you can run the flow rate as per your requirements.

How high should my bathtub faucet be?

Generally, the tub spout is located 4 inches top of the tub’s rim. But, while you focus on your shower faucet, it can be up to 48″ off the floor.

What does bathtub diverter mean?

Well, a bathtub diverter diverts the water flow in the tub spout. You will find this bathtub in a showerhead.

What is the required size for a faucet supply line?

We cannot specify the standard size of the faucet supply line. But, it can be ½ inches to 3/8 inches.

To Wrap Up

Nobody wants to take a beating investment for any essential accessory. So, before investing in something like a shower faucet, you must research well to make it unbeaten. We hope the list of our best bathtub faucet with handheld showers will help you get the right one.

You can choose these shower faucets for both residential and non-residential purposes. Besides, our list will help you save money. Within a minimum budget, you can afford them. But, reading all the reviews will not give you all in perfection to decide the right one. You must try the shower faucet that seems perfect for you. All the Best!


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