Types of Utility and Laundry Room Sink Faucet

Please don’t skip the intro.

Because this topic is not something you research on. Utility faucets are like any other faucets with some differences that make it fit for heavy-duty cleaning and laundry.

So, we are just gonna differentiate these faucets based on some basic faucets that will make it easy for you to choose a particular one for your utility room. Not getting the correct faucet type might get you in a lot of trouble.

Here are the types of utility and laundry room faucets based on different features

Types of Utility and Laundry Room Sink Faucet

Based on Mounting Positions

Based on mounting positions utility faucets can be divided into two categories-

  • Wall-mounted utility faucets
  • Deck mounted utility faucets

Here are some details about these faucets

Wall-mounted utility faucets

Some faucets are mounted on walls. These require you to have a wall installation setup. They are also fixed in their position, and removing them will require a lot of work.

Deck mounted utility faucets

These are the standard faucets that we see most. They are mounted on decks. These faucets could have deck plates, or they could be mounted directly on the sink deck. You will also need to match the deck holes with the faucet hole requirement.

There could be four kinds of hole configuration-

  • Single-hole
  • Double hole
  • Three-hole
  • Four hole

Generally, widespread or spread-fit faucets need more than two holes.

Based on Handle Variation

There are three kinds of handles you will find in utility faucets-

  • Lever handle utility faucet
  • Cross handle utility faucet
  • Knob utility faucet
  • Four hole

Now, here are some small details on this faucet-

Lever handle

These are the classiest looking handle. Let me clear a misconception that you will be able to control both the water pressure and temperature with a single lever handle.

Cross handle utility faucets

Generally, you will have two cross handles in a utility faucet. Most of the time, there are two to control different water temperatures. But they are losing their appeal day by day.

Knob handle kitchen faucet

There are many styles of the knob like the lever handle. You will also have a pair of them like the cross handle for the same reasons.

Based on Valve Type

There are three kinds of valves. They are-

  • Cartridge valve faucet
  • Compression valve faucet
  • Ball valve faucet

Here are some details about these types

Cartridge valve faucets

These are also referred to as washerless faucet as they don’t have any washer to control the flow. They use O-rings to prevent leaking. They are very popular and one of the best systems. However, they are expensive too. You will be able to replace them whenever you need them.

Compression valve faucet

This is an old model. They use plastic or rubber washers to prevent leaking. However, they are very inexpensive and easy to mass-produce.

Ball valve faucet

These are the most stylish and innovative forms. You will rotate the ball to close and open different slots that control cool and hot water. Moreover, they also don’t have any washer.

For details to know about the more valves faucet visit this page.

Based on location

This section is going to be self-explanatory, so I am not going to spend many words on it. Faucets for different locations are-

  • Basement utility faucet
  • Bathroom utility faucet
  • Outdoor utility faucet
  • Laundry room utility faucet
  • Publicly used utility faucet

Now, you see why I said you would not need details.

Some Special Classification

Here are some types of utility faucets that didn’t belong to any larger class.

Laundry faucet

General utility faucets and a dedicated laundry room utility faucets will have a large feature gap. First of all, they will have a lot better appearance then general utility faucets. Secondly, you might see different functions in laundry faucets. They might also be taller and have a lower water pressure than other utility faucets.

Deep sink utility faucet

Some utility sink will have considerably deep sinks. These sinks will need higher water pressure faucets. They will be able to accommodate lower posture faucets.


When shopping for utility faucets, keep these types of utility and laundry room faucets in your mind. Also, keep in mind your requirements and the sink you want to fit the faucet in.

Hopefully, you will successfully find your best utility sink faucet.

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