Best Touchless Commercial Kitchen Faucets

It’s a serious concern of maintaining the kitchen faucet quality if you have more than 1 house. You need something different for all your house kitchen faucets for a commercial purpose. In that case, we recommend you to choose the touchless kitchen faucets to get many facilities.

These water faucets will require no hand-touch to start on and off the water. As a result, your kitchen faucet will look new for years. Besides, the touchless faucet will be convenient for many reasons over your traditional kitchen faucet.

But, if you aren’t sure how to find out the best touchless commercial kitchen faucet, this post is right for you. We will give you a shortlist of the best commercial kitchen faucets. Therefore, you can choose the right one considering their features, warranty period, quality, etc., with ease. 

5 Best Touchless Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Here are all our top selections for your commercial kitchen purpose. Let’s check out that list:

Kraus KPF-2631SFS Oletto Professional Kitchen Faucet


  • Forward Rotating Smart Handle
  • High Arch Exclusive Spout
  • Flexible Pull-Down Spray-Head
  • Echo-Friendly

The Kraus KPF-2631SFS kitchen faucet will play the best to modernize your kitchen with an instant attempt. It has come with unique and smart features to facilitate both professionals and non-professionals. Its stainless steel and spot-free finish will not require regular cleaning. 

And the faucet will shine longer in terms of its spot, fingerprint, and water resistance feature once you clean it. It doesn’t require a wipe-off to get a new look each time after using it. This faucet will be your best kitchen partner.

Besides, the high arch open-coil spout made it look desirable for an industrial purpose. You can install this faucet fast due to its Quick-Dock mounting expertise. However, if you’re conscious about the water waste, the Kraus KPF-2631SFS has a high-quality aerator and a drip-free ceramic cartridge to reduce water waste.


This faucet will provide an excellent water flow with no water restriction. Besides, you can unscrew the spray head of this faucet for your future replacement while needed. And, you’ll love it its easy installing procedure. It will not require any hazy process to maintain.


A stabilization issue can arise with some sink that is not fit for this faucet. So, check out the sink and faucet model before you buy it.

WaterSong Touchless Kitchen Faucets


  • Adjustable Temperature for Water Control
  • 4 Function Pull-Down Spray Head
  • Waterproof Sensor Control Valve
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Anti-Oxidation

The Watersong kitchen faucet is right here for you to get several multi-functional facilities. This modern kitchen faucet can control the water flow direction with 360° rotation. And, that 360° rotation will not come with any dead angle. Therefore, you can enjoy a convenient and smooth kitchen faucet experience.

The Watersong touchless faucet has an ultra-durable design that is 100% lead-free. Its brush nickel surface is ready to remove all kinds of fingerprints to get a shiny look all the time. Besides, the eco-friendly material of this faucet will keep you and your family safe to use regularly.

Again it has a smart and modern sensor detection mode to start on and off right after waving your hands around in 5cm distance. And, it will not make any delay starting water on and off after you wave your hand. 


We all need clean and pure water for everyday cooking and drinking purpose. In this sense, the Watersong faucet has 4 high-quality layers for filtering water. As a result, it will offer pure water to take proper care of your family.


A connection leakage can occur unless you install this faucet properly.

Cobbe Touchless Kitchen Faucet 

Key Features

  • The Dual Sensor Mode
  • Touchless            
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Lead-Free Kitchen Faucet
  • Three spray mode

Its long-lasting performance is outstanding, which go up to 10 years. And, its ceramic valve core is tough enough to prove it by millions of experiments. It’s a great kitchen gadget for big families because of its extra-long hose that can cover double sinks. You will also love its power washer button.

Conveniently, it has three awesome water flow modes, which are water-saving. You can clean the dishes with sweep mode rinse the sink with spray mode. Fill the bottle efficiently with stream one. As a result, you can clean your kitchen appliances in any comfortable way. 

This spot Resistant stainless touchless kitchen faucet helps resist any water spots or fingerprints. Additionally, it appears more stylish and clean. And it comes with high-quality ceramics, NSF standard zinc alloy, covered with multi-layer brushed nickel, and a PEX hose.  

Since it has directions, it is easy to install without any suggestions. It needs only about 20 minutes to fix. After using it, you will be delighted with it. Another helpful feature is its Low Battery Reminder. Nothing to be worried about if the battery is low. Flashing the sensor light reminds you that the battery needs to be replaced.


You will get its excellent wave hand close to the motion sensor, making it flexible and powerful. You can easily pull down the sprayer and activate it because of its sensing distance of 2.36 inches.


It does not include 4 AA batteries, but you need it. 

Delta Trinsic Pro Commercial Kitchen Faucet 

Key Features

  • Touch Kitchen Faucets
  • Pull Down Sprayer
  • Delta Touch2O Technology
  • Arctic Stainless 9659T-AR-DST
  • Magnetic docking 

Busy with professional life or kids? Get convenient with the efficient Delta Faucet Trinsic Pro Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet. You will be happy and have no tension about your safety or health. You can even touch your elbow anywhere on the faucet to turn it off. 

The exclusive feature is that you don’t need to apply any chemical cleaner to clean. Its touch-clean spray holes help you remove calcium within a short time but are manageable. It is common to get your hands dirty while doing kitchen work. So, touch on when you need to clean or touch off to stop the water flow.

Most surprisingly, the color changes according to the water temperature. If you doubt the water temperature, check with the TempSense LED indicator light because it changes the color. Again its InnoFlex PEX one-piece supply lines resist any leakage.


Its beautiful and stylish appearance makes your kitchen a model one. It provides a spray wand that has two functions. So, you can rapidly change the water flow from spray to stream for any reason. Moreover, this faucet will be worth every penny.


The stainless steel finish looks cheap and sometimes noisy.

Kraus KSF-1610SFS Bolden 

Key Features

  • Touchless Sensor 
  • A high-arc open coil spout
  • Spot-Free Stainless Steel Finish
  • 18-Inch Kitchen Faucet 
  • Lead-free brass water lines 

Usefully, you can fit it anywhere because of its 18-inch height. You can bend, flex, pivot, or reach all around your kitchen sink for its extended range of motion.  For being touchless, You don’t need to touch the faucet to run it, and it gets germ-free while doing any messy kitchen work. Again its spot-free stainless steel finish resists your faucet against water spots, fingerprints, and corrosion to keep the spout clean.

For its Bolden Sensor, wave your hands without touching its handle if you want to turn it on or off. Since the Sensor is on the side of the faucet, it prevents any false activations, not only that the reach technology of the pull-down spray head allows you to switch from stream to powerful spray for rinsing.


The nozzle comes with a shower feature that has excellent pressure. It includes pre-attached waterlines and all mounting hardware to install it yourself easily. Moreover, it is water-saving because its built-in timer stops the flow automatically after 3 minutes.


The ‘arm’ of the faucet does not swing enough off to the side. The arm is in the way while using the head. The head hangs low enough. 

Best Touchless Commercial Kitchen Faucet: Buying Guide

Before deciding on a touchless kitchen faucet, there are many things to consider right before you decide. But, considering all of them isn’t possible all the time. Therefore, we’ve picked all the essential matters you cannot skip to get a quality touchless kitchen faucet. Here these are:

Sensor Accuracy

The first thing you should consider for a touchless kitchen faucet is its sensor accuracy. Unless the faucet has an accurate sensor, it won’t work properly and take time to start on and off. So, check whether the sensor innovation is pretty right for you.

Battery Requirement

The second important matter to consider is the battery. The battery of a touchless faucet determines its durability and performance. These days, the manufacturers use the AAA battery in the touchless faucet to lessen your electric bill. This AAA battery is the most popular option for running the motion sensor.

The AAA battery will offer you more design with AC power. So, we recommend you choose the AAA battery to get the utmost facilities.

Installation Procedure

Check out the installation procedure properly. Many faucets on the market come with a hazy installation procedure. Choose the faucet with an easier installation process if it is your first time for a touchless faucet.

Water Flow Mode

The stainless steel commercial kitchen faucet has several water flow modes to make a convenient environment in your kitchen. The touchless faucet water flow mode is like a stream, spray, splash, etc. So, choose the number of water flow modes. The more the water flow modes, the more the convenience of using the faucet

Hose Style

Many touchless faucets will offer you a flexible faucet hose to improve efficiency. As a result, they can easily clean the sink all around. Also, washing vegetables and getting the cooking things ready becomes much easier in a long hose than in a shorter one. So, we recommend you choose the faucet hose long.


A faucet features are essential to get a quality faucet. Now you need to know about some must-have features. Let’s see what they are:

Finish Type

Check the finish type of your selected faucet. The finish of a faucet will work high for its durability. You can choose the chrome finish for reliable durability. Brass nickel finish can also be a nice one for the highest longevity.

Spot Resistance

Check out whether the faucet is spot/ fingerprint-resistant. If you get the spot-resistant faucet, it will give you a shiny look all the time and make your kitchen look clean.

Power System

Touchless faucets come in sensor activation that requires power. But it will stop working if there’s a power cut. Therefore, we recommend you choose the touchless faucet with manual override. It will help you avoid the sudden power failure situation.

Sensor Controlling System

Chose a quick sensor controlling system that will not slow down to start on and off the water. It will make your daily activities quick.

Voice Activation

Voice activation is the most popular and innovative technology of a touchless faucet. You can choose this feature to enjoy it more.


Let’s explore some common questions users often ask about the touchless kitchen faucet. These questions will broaden your knowledge before you buy your one.

What if my touchless kitchen faucet stops working?

As it is a sensor-activated faucet, you should look after the battery compartment. So, if anytime your faucet stops working, check out the battery compartment and replace it if necessary. Remember to reset your faucet if you replace the faucet battery.

How long can I use a battery for my touchless faucet?

A battery lasts for two years on average because the touchless faucets get the power from lithium batteries. And the battery-changing matters will vary from the level of your use.

Can my touchless faucet also work manually?

Yes, most touchless faucets have manual override mode besides the sensor mode. It is because of preventing the uncertainty of power cut. To get both the using criteria with and without power, check out whether your faucet has that manual feature before buying it.

Do the touchless sinks require a power supply?

Not directly, a touchless sink requires a power supply, but you must have a power socket around the sink to get your power connection for the faucet. Check whether you have a good power connection facility around the sink before buying your touchless kitchen faucet.  

Do the touchless faucets save water?

Yes, they do! Since the touchless faucet starts on and off automatically, it saves around 20% more water than the traditional faucets. It’s a great convenience of using a touchless faucet.

To Wrap Up

To imagine how convenient it is to use a touchless kitchen faucet is way out unless you’ve prior experience. Imagine your first step where you will touch the faucet right after entering the kitchen. But what if it’s touchless? Well, we hope you’ve got all the answers already.  

The touchless faucets we have selected for you are the best touchless commercial kitchen faucet. These faucets will keep your house kitchen looking gorgeous due to your smart faucet selection.