Pfister F042JDKK Jaida Review with features pros and cons 2022!

For your washroom, you can find a lot of waterfall faucets out there in the market. But the biggest mistake every manufacturer does is they make their faucet too much stylish when they’re giving a little function.

They look great but they are hard to control and operate. Besides, the water flow is not mind-blowing. The Pfister F042JDKK jaida is one of the best waterfall faucets available on the market right now. It comes up with a great versatility and style.

The flow rate is awesome too! You can have 1.5 gallons of water flown per minute with this faucet. The design and finishes are great too! In this budget, the Pfister Jaida Waterfall faucet is the best deal.

In this article, we’re going to review the Pfister jaida waterfall faucet. We’ll discuss its features along with its pros and cons. The Pfister F042JDKK jaida review will be your guide if you’re willing to buy a waterfall faucet within budget.

Features of the Jaida

  • Stylish

    The Pfister jaida waterfall faucet is pretty stylish. It comes up with different finishes to suit your decoration. The sleek lines of this faucet give a retro feel but it fits almost everywhere. The faucet is too much versatile that goes with any kind of bathroom and sink. You just need to choose the finish according to your decoration.

  • Great Spout

    This faucet contains a trough spout. This spout is great and stylish too! It gives you a relaxing and steady stream of water. The water flow is a bit different than other traditional waterfall faucets. There’s a little difference between a regular faucet and a waterfall faucet. To like the jaida, you need to like the waterfall faucets first.
    The flow rate for this jaida faucet is 1.5 gallons per minute. This amount of water is pretty much for household tasks. You’ll have enough while you’re washing off or shaving or brushing your teeth or simply giving your face a splash. The stream of this spout is smooth. It gives a relaxing sound when the water is falling.
    The spout size is 4 inches. This is pretty distant from the counter surface. You can pour a glass if you want. But many of the users complained that it flows backward when you use the lever and set the water flow to the minimum.

  • Operating lever

    The Pfister f042jdkk jaida bathroom faucet comes up with a lever. With this lever, you can control the temperature of your water. You just need to move it to the right from left. You can control water flow and water pressure with this lever too!
    They made this lever super fast and responsive yet simple. You don’t have to make adjustments. Besides, changing the temperature with this lever is pretty easy. You don’t have to spend time to adjust the temperature.

  • Ceramic valves

    The Pfister jaida comes up with 100% leak-free ceramic valves. These valves give you the guarantee of no leaking. Besides, these valves ensure the reliability and best performance over a long time of use. These valves also save your water and prevent wasting. This helps to reduce your bill too!

  • Push and seal drain

    The sink drain of this faucet remains sealed. It features a push and seal drain. This sink drain also releases easily when you push it down. It makes a significant difference though it’s a simple feature.

  • Watersense approved

    The Jaida waterfall faucet contains a certification for WaterSense. They say it’s WaterSense approved and this means it won’t wastewater. This helps to keep the environment good. The faucet materials are also certified as a low lead.

  • Common deck mount

    Mounting this faucet is pretty easy. It comes up with a deck mount feature. You can easily run on both 3 holes and 1 hole installation. It’s not a complicated installation process like the touch sense faucets.

Specialties of Pfister Jaida Faucet

  • It comes up in the market with four different kinds of finishes. Those are
  • Polished white and chrome
  • Brushed nickel
  • Tuscan bronze
  • Polished chrome
  • This faucet features an extra deck plate to make your installation more convenient. With this deck plate, your faucet remains level with the counter.
  • It comes up with a pop-up drain. It also has a drain piece. For overflow issues, it gives you an inlet.
  • The mighty brand Pfister provides a lifetime warranty. This warranty ensures that any kind of manufacturing defect will be solved. Besides, they’ll repair the faucet if it stops working during regular use.

Faucet specs


  • Stylish and standard finished faucet fits almost every bathroom.
  • The great water flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute. This rate is pretty perfect for household works.
  • Made with durable metal that lasts longer and gives the best performance.
  • Comes up with ceramic valves to give you leak-free usage.
  • Contains certification for WaterSense. Means, no waste of water, and no leak.
  • The push seal is pretty great.
  • Backed up with a limited lifetime warranty available for any manufacturing defect.


  • The water sometimes flows backward when the pressure is at a minimum.
  • The drain takes a little effort to install.

Price discussion

The Pfister Jaida waterfall faucet is a bit expensive than any other traditional faucets. But the point is the waterfall and its style. If you want a standard faucet for your regular tasks, the jaida won’t be a smart choice for you.

But in this budget, this is the best waterfall faucet to make your bathroom more stylish and good looking.

Final Verdict

In this Pfister Jaida waterfall faucet review, we’ve shown how a waterfall faucet can be so much stylish yet practical. It’s giving you an elegant sophisticated outlook. Besides, it’s doing its job properly and in a good manner. It’s versatile enough too as it comes up with various kinds of finishes.

The water flow rate is pretty high and the valves are great for leaking issues. The high-quality metal makes it really good and durable.

According to our opinion, the Pfister F042JDKK Jaida will be the best waterfall faucet for you if you’re looking for a stylish faucet at a reasonable price tag.