Kohler Malleco Touchless Faucet Reviews for 2022

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Touchless faucets are all the rave these days. These convenient fixtures are staples in most modern homes and commercial establishments.

And when I think of touchless faucets, the first thing that comes into mind is the Kohler Malleco Touchless Faucet. Aside from its versatile aesthetics, it is also made durable materials that can withstand regular wear and tear. It also has a sensitive sensor that detects what needs to be washed within milliseconds.

Most of the Kohler Malleco Touchless Faucet reviews out there are very brief, and I think it makes you miss out on some of its most notable features. That is why I decided to write this article to give you a more comprehensive review of the Kohler Malleco.



The Kohler Malleco is known for being one of the brand’s best touchless faucets – and I agree with that. Not only because I think it looks great on any kitchen counter, but because it’s packed with so many features that I also believe it offers great value for money.


Since this is a touchless faucet, I’ll begin with reviewing its sensor.

The Kohler Malleco Touchless Faucet uses advanced response technology that easily and rapidly detects your hand within milliseconds. Because of this fast-acting sensor, you don’t have to wait for a long time just to have your hand cleaned.

Of course, this sensor is not limited to detecting our hands. It can also detect plates, silverware, and anything that you want to clean.

Because you won’t need handles to turn the faucet on, the Kohler Malleco makes it easier for children, older relatives, and handicapped persons to use. It also guarantees that there won’t be any dirt or germ residue left on the handle – and this makes Malleco the hygienic choice over traditional faucets.

Similarly, the fast-acting sensor also detects when your hand is already out of range. As a result, it turns off almost as soon as you pull away, so you’re assured that it also helps you save on water.


Another feature I love about the Kohler Malleco is it’s sturdy built. The brand prides itself on producing top-quality faucets, and its Malleco model certainly did not disappoint.

This touchless faucet is made with a premium metal material that’s bound to stay put despite frequent use and despite its prolonged exposure to water.

It also has a vibrant stainless finish that’s meant to resist scratches, spots, and other moisture-related residues. This guarantees that your faucet will remain to look clean despite minimal cleaning efforts from you.

The smooth texture on this faucet also allows you to simply wipe it clean – gone are the days of spending hours just to brush our faucets clean.

Spray Head and Spout

There’s no denying that the Kohler Malleco Touchless Faucet has a very simple appearance. At first glance, it looks like your unassuming kitchen faucet.

Well, you’d be glad to know that this faucet has a pull-down spray head that helps you thoroughly clean whatever needs cleaning. The hose used for the spray head is made of a kink-resistant material, and this makes it very flexible. The hose allows the spray head to spread even beyond the sink for your convenience.

The pull-down spray head also utilizes Kohler’s signature ProMotion technology which allows for smoother movement. This means that you don’t have to tug it with too much effort just to make it face certain directions.

For better coverage, you’d be pleased to know that the spout of this faucet can swivel. This allows you to reach tricky spots with ease.

Easy Installation

Despite its advanced features, I love that the Kohler Malleco Touchless Faucet remains easy to install.

For starters, it comes with pre-assembled supply lines so you don’t have to worry about piecing everything together. It also has color-coded fittings that connect easily to make it more convenient for you.

With an easy installation feature, do-it-yourself installation is made possible. This saves you the money that you need to spend to have professionals do it for you.

Other Features

The Kohler Malleco Touchless Faucet uses 6 AA batteries to function. And the batteries easy to replace, so you don’t have to worry about disassembling the whole thing just to get the new batteries in place.

The Kohler Malleco is also highly versatile since it can easily fit into 1, 2, 3, or 4-hole sinks.

And finally, this touchless faucet still has a single lever to help you adjust the water temperature if you so desire.


  • The Kohler Malleco uses state-of-the-art response technology that rapidly detects what needs to be cleaned.
  • It has a durable built that can withstand residue build-up.
  • The pull-down spray head makes cleaning more convenient.
  • It is easy to clean and has very low maintenance.


  • It is battery-operated, and regular battery replacement can be such a nuisance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of owning the Kohler Malleco?

There are so many benefits that you can derive from owning a Kohler Malleco Touchless Faucet.

First, it is very hygienic since you don’t have to touch the handle with your dirty hands just to turn it on. This greatly prevents the presence of germs that would usually stay on the handle.

Second, it is very easy to use. Since you don’t have to reach out to a handle, younger children can use it without asking for your assistance.

And finally, it can help you save money on your water bill.  The fast-acting sensor detects when you have pulled your hands away, and turns off almost at that instant.

Can I install the Kohler Malleco on my own?

Installing the Kohler Malleco is highly doable on your own. It has color-coded fittings that serve as a guide to where you will connect the pieces. It also comes pre-assembled, so you don’t have to go through an exhaustive instruction manual just to get things done.

However, I still recommend calling a professional to install it for you, especially if you have no experience in installing similar fixtures.

KOHLER Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet Installation


There you have our Kohler Malleco Touchless Faucet Reviews !!

The Kohler Malleco Touchless Faucet is one of the best faucets of this modern age.

It has innovative features that make it stand out from its competition, and yet still keeps a minimalist exterior. This makes it a very appealing addition to any contemporary kitchen.

The vibrant stainless finish on this faucet also gives it a sophisticated vibe that’s very versatile – something that can easily blend in regardless of the kitchen’s overall motif. And thanks to its magnetic docking system, you won’t see any spring coming out of the spray head.

Overall, if you’re looking for a nice, functional, water-saving touchless faucet, then you can’t go wrong with the Kohler Malleco. Its superb design, and its low-maintenance finish, is just a bonus.

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