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10 Reliable Bar Sink Faucets

You only realize the importance of your faucet after there is something wrong with it. But a faulty faucet is a world of pain for someone working in the kitchen.

That why we have brought you a list of five of the best bar sink faucets in the market. However, you should also read the buying guide to have a clear sense of what you are getting and what you are missing. The buying guide discrete every information you find out there.

Bar sink Faucets Comparison

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Top 10 Best Bar Sink Faucets Reviews

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Now let’s start with the reviews and then move on to the guide-

Review of The Best Bar Sink Faucets in The Coming Year

Here are the top five bar sink faucets in America. If you don’t think the hustle of researching, you can pick any one of the five to guaranty an excellent service. And, the products are not ranked here. They are merely for convenience.

1. Delta Faucet Essa Kitchen Bar-Prep Sink Faucet


  • Best touch bar sink faucet for the money
  • One of the best bar sink designs
  • Magnetite docking
  • Pulldown bar sink faucet
  • Interesting automated designs
  • ADA compliant


  • Sometimes the automated one gets confused with the commands

If you are looking for features but have not that much to spend, this is the thing you want. This faucet from Delta is one of those market breakers. Let me explain how

First of all, it has four finish styles, which is more than almost most other bar prep sink faucets in the market. They are-

  • Arctic stainless
  • Chrome
  • Matte black
  • Venetian bronze

All of these faucets come in two different styles. They are-

  • The standard design
  • The Touch20

The touch is gonna be a little more expensive than the standard one, but it’s worth it. The whole spout surface is your touchpad. There is a battery box under the sink, which can also be mounted to the cabinet.  It resists water spots and fingerprints for clean-looking prep space.

There is also an indicator light on the faucet which tells you the charge left for the battery. Another light indicates water temperature. This smart faucet will also turn off the water if it is left running for four minutes. So, the maximum environmental friendliness.

You will have two spray functions-

  • Spray
  • Stream

The faucet is metal built and has Delta’s signature diamond seal technology that increases its longevity. The InnoFlex PEX seal also plays a role in the leak points. As the name suggests, it also features a pulldown extension that has magnetic docking. The magnet is just perfect for a nice snap.

It is primarily a single hole design, but you can use it with a three-hole sink with a deck-plate which you have to buy separately.

To ensure all of this, Delta gives you a limited lifetime warranty.

2. Moen Align Pulldown Bar Sink Faucet BEST OVERALL



  • 50% more cleaning power
  • Easy installation
  • An average flow rate of 1.5 GPM
  • A lavish look of some faucets
  • Duralock system


  • Less feature for the money

For a bar sink, this faucet is quite big. However, the bar sinks are also getting bigger and bigger every year.

But this one gives you the ultimate satisfaction with its luxurious look. Although the price is of one of those high-end faucets, it is still affordable considering the quality.

You will have four variations of the finish-

  • Chrome
  • Matte black
  • Brushed gold
  • Stainless steel

The spout has a pulldown design. The weight balance with the snapping into its place of the faucet is sweet. With its extraordinary spray, the faucet can create 50% more flow than most other faucets.

Installation of the product is quite easy, and all the installation components come with the faucet. However, you have to buy the deck plate separately if you want to use it on a three-hole sink. The installation is made easy further with the duralock system.

It is primarily a single hole faucet. And the connection size is 3/8″. The maximum deck thickness is about 2.5 inches.

If you have installed it correctly, you will have a water flow of 1.5 GPM.

Lastly, I give you a limited lifetime warranty. And when it’s coming from Moen, it is extra reliable.

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3. KOHLER K-22034 Simplice(R) Bar Sink Faucet BEST FOR HEAVY DUTY


  • Best bar sink faucet design
  • Temperature memory
  • Premium durable steel
  • Stylish and protective finishes
  • Very popular
  • One of the best bar sink for the money


  • Only one hole installation

It is a generously priced bar sink from Kohler. There are four variations in the color. They are-

  • Matte black
  • Polished chrome
  • Vibrant stainless steel

These finishes come under a premium metal body that is as durable as it gets. On top of that, the finish protects it from any corrosion or stain marks. It uses a ceramic disc valve that is better than any valve in the industry.

But the most impressive feature has to be the temperature memory. This allows you to set a particular temperature. You can use this temperature setting as long as you want. The water pressure in the faucet is about 1.5 gallons per minute, which is a standard in the industry.

It has quite a high spout for a bar sink faucet with about 13 inches of height and 7.25 inches of reach. This 180-degree rotation offers ease of filling up long neck bottles and pots. However, the faucet still maintains a compact and small design with a single handle on the right side.

Installing it is also pretty easy. The supply lines are flexible and easy to manage.

Lastly, you will have a limited lifetime warranty from Kohler for this deck mounted bar sink faucet.


Kohler Malleco Touchless Faucet Reviews

4. Kraus KPF-2600SFS Oletto Kitchen Faucet RENNER-UP


  • Best bar sink design for large bar sinks
  • Solid Brass construction
  • Good for the money
  • High-quality cartridge
  • Easy installation
  • Premium style


  • Small bar sinks might not be able to handle it

This one is another bar prep sink for the money. Yes, it is around the 100 dollar mark varying with the color and finish you pick.

Speaking of finishes, it has three of them. They are-

  • Chrome
  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Spot free stainless steel

Although I haven’t used it for three or four years, I am pretty confident about the rust and wear-resistant finish guarantee from Kohler from my experience. They are also anti-fingerprint. So, you will have the most premium posture. The brass structure gets it further in the race to a premium kitchen.

The premium quality aerator ensures top quality stream performance for years to come. Inside you will have a premium ceramic cartridge. These cartridges make or break your day to day experience.

Kohler also sends all the mounting hardware and water supply lines you need for the installation. Along with the installation guide DIYing the operation becomes easier and reduces the total cost of ownership.

The whole design also deserves a compliment. However, it is on the larger side of the spectrum, having a height of 12 inches and a reach of 9 inches. Even from that height, the aerated stream provides a smooth 1.8 GPM of water flow. But no splashes.

5. Pfister LG572SAS Stellen Pull Down Bar/Prep Faucet MOST VERSATILE


  • Three spray function
  • Widely certified by public and autonomous organizations
  • heavy duty
  • Safe for you and the environment
  • Easy to install
  • Pull down capability with 360-degree swivel


  • No warranty
  • The bottom is unusually larger than the top

With a modern design, this bar prep sink faucet comes with all the features you can expect from a 2020 bar faucet.

Three spray functions in a single handle kitchen bar sink faucet are rare. But this one has the following-

  • Spray
  • Stream
  • Pause

That pause is a special function that lets you stop the water without turning off the handle. You know how important it is if you are the one who does the dishes. The pulldown design complements these functions.

You can try to install it if you have some experience with the tools. It is primarily a single hole design, but a deck plate from the company can make it compatible with three holes. However, you have to buy the supply lines separately

There are three finishes-

  • Matte steel
  • Polished chrome
  • Stainless steel

Under these corrosion-resistant and spotless finishes, you have a full metal body that ensures the durability as much as your life. With advanced ceramic disc valve technology and formidable seal, the faucet sure is durable. However, they didn’t provide any sort of warranty.

But it might not need a warranty as the following organizations and agencies certify it-

  • ADA
  • CEC
  • Cal Green
  • U. S. Safe Drinking water Act
  • NSF/ANSI 372

This might be why it didn’t take the cost of a warranty.

As suggested by the name, it is a deck-mounted faucet with a pulldown extension. So, your range and flexibility are increased way more than general.

6. Trywell Brushed Bar Prep with Single Handle – Best Rated Bar Sink Faucet


  • Neoperl aerator
  • German Citec cartridges
  • T304 stainless finish
  • Versatile design
  • Durable construction
  • Easy installation
  • Good for the money
  • Attractive contemporary styling


  • Water shots out abruptly

This single handle kitchen faucet is designed for US homes keeping in mind the needs of Americans and their lifestyle. It will go with almost any kind of sink. Yes, both with bar sinks and regular ones.

It has a single lever that conveniently turns on or off with just the correct amount of sensitivity. And the spout swivels a full 360 degrees giving you complete freedom of the environment.

But the most impressive part is the built material. It has one of the best steel available in the market for this range of bar faucets. Manufacturers used T304 stainless steel in the construction. This steel is highly resistant to any kind of corrosion.

Even underwater up to 400 mg/L, the steel will be resistant to pitting corrosion in ambient temperatures. It is also sensitive to thiosulfate released by the oxidation and pyrite at room temperature. The inside and outside of the faucet is entirely made of this SAE T304 stainless steel.

The spout has a gooseneck design moving 7.9 inches from its base. And the aerator of the spout is 9.6 inches high from the base. Nevertheless, the total height of the faucet is an impressive 14.6 inches. The height measurements are taken from the countertop or the base.

With this faucet, you can have a maximum deck thickness of 2 11/16″. This faucet will easily connect to a 3/8” plumbing supply bibs, which is a standard for the US.

I also liked the Neoperl aerator very much because they are not made with cheap materials. Generally, manufacturers try to hide it. However, this one is made with the same steel the body is made from.

Moreover, you will also have German Citec cartridges. These cartridges are of the best in the world to ensure reliable drip-free use. It also has separate lines for hot and cold water.

Lastly, this faucet complies with federal laws and laws of all state authorities for lead content.

7. AguaStella AS1010MB Matte Black Bar – Best Bar and Prep Faucets


  • Stylish matte design
  • Approved for drinking water by SPX
  • Best cartridge
  • Anti-twist protected
  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


  • The water pressure is intense for first-timers

This is another kitchen faucet for contemporary stylish kitchen bar sinks. It comes in four colors. The black bar faucet was my favorite, but it also comes in white silver and gold. These feature a sleek matte finish with clean lines.

It also has a curved gooseneck design, but it is not that large. But bar faucets are generally smaller. So that shouldn’t be an issue. Its total height is 11.8 inches, and the faucet tip is 7.5 inches from the base. And the tip is 6 inches apart from the neck and very close to the lever. I found this closeness a little annoying.

The installation process is straightforward. Even newbies can do it in the first go. It will take about 10 minutes to install. You only require one hole on your counter to install it. However, you won’t have any problems with multiple sinks as it has 360-degree swivel capability.

The hole size should be at least 1.375 inches. And you are also allowed to have a deck thickness as much as .6 inches. But not more than that. And the connection size is 0.375 inches, which is also the standard for the US.

Both hot and cold water hoses have separate lines. The thread diameter of these hoses is a little more than half an inch. These hoses have braided protection on the exterior. You can use them for drinking water.

In the faucet, you will have a Sedal Ceramic cartridge that is tested for 500,000 cycles. So, nothing will ensure you a drip-free experience better than that. Again the aerator is supplied from Neoperl, which will give you the best stream. It is also anti-twist protected.

The whole construction is made of tough stainless steel and brass. The handle is made of zinc alloy. You never have to think about corrosion or discoloration. The exterior is also coated with certain chemicals that make it very easy to clean. Cleaning it with a soft cloth or sponge after use will keep it in top shape for years.

8. American Standard Colony Pro Single-Handle – best bar faucets



  • ADA compliant
  • CEC listed
  • Lead-free
  • Easy installation
  • Pulldown spray head
  • Integral check valves
  • Stylish options


  • Sprayer doesn’t snap back in place

Every faucet in this list is an ace in looks. And so is this one. It not only comes in multiple finishes but also has two designs. One is the classic faucet design, and the other is a slimmer version of it. You will also have white and chrome finish options.

Like all other top faucets, it is also easy to install in any American home. You can install it with sinks that have 1 to 4 holes.

Now for the main part, the construction quality materials. Primarily you have brass and steel construction. You will never have to think about corrosion. The metals are also coated and palsied, guaranteeing you a lifetime of style.

Again the dimensions of the faucet fall in the smaller region with a spout height of 7.9 inches and a spout reach of 8.9 inches. But this shouldn’t be a problem if you are looking for bar faucets.

This bar faucet has one of the best safety records in our country. It is certified by ADA and also listed by CEC. This is the formal proof of the safety of the faucet. They have made sure the faucet is lead-free and free of other microbial problems.

Another great security feature is that it has hot and cold indicators to give you a precaution against unwanted shocks. But an indicator would do for hot water. Hence, the manufacturers included an adjustable hot limit safety stop, which drastically reduces the risk of scalding.

You also have the pulldown spray here to make your chores more convenient. And the cartridge of this faucet is a ceramic disc valve cartridge. It has a record of making a lot of commercial bar sink faucet drip-free. Lastly, you will have a stream speed of 1.5 GPM, which is in the moderate range for a bar sink faucet.

9. Magnetic Docking Sprayer, Farmhouse/Bathroom – Best Cheap Sink Faucets


  • Best design
  • Spray softly snaps back for the magnet
  • CUPC certified
  • Versatile
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy installation
  • Sprayer extends 20 inches
  • Good for the money


  • The pull out should have had a rubber grip
  • Sprayer gets hot in hot water

Among the five faucets we have chosen here, I think this bar sink faucet from CREA is the best. Not just because of the amazing looks, it adds to your kitchen but also for the unique features and premium quality components. And all of this in a reasonable price range.

First of all, you will have this piece in three different finishes. They are-

  • Chrome
  • Brushed nickel
  • Matte black

But the best thing about this faucet is its convenience of use. It has a lever handle that lets you easily change between modes. Yes, this faucet has modes. You will be able to choose between spray and stream.

And you can enjoy this feature with the pull-out spray. The spray is attached to the spout with a magnet and can come out 20 inches from the spout. When you let go of the spray, it softly snaps back in place. A powerful integrated magnet enables you to do that so easily.

But if you like to keep the sprayer in place and work in multiple sinks, you can also use the neck swivel, which turns around 360 degrees. Even children can use the faucet easily.

The body is made of stainless steel. And the sprayer nozzle is made of high-quality impact-resistant ABS plastic. These ensure the quality of water and gives off zero amount of lead.

It has the quick click connector that has the minimum hassle to install. At the same time, it also ensures leak risks and will last twice as long than the industry standards. So, it is safe to say that you can DIY this at home.

Another cool feature about the design is that it goes with most of the places that you can put a faucet on. It adds the same style to your kitchen and your bathroom. You can also use it in commercial places.

Lastly, it is certified by the CUPC for being safe to use for American and Canadian consumers.

10. Trinsic Single-Handle Bar-Prep – Best Delta Sink Faucets


  • Durable
  • High Arc Design
  • Heavy duty brass body construction
  • Easy installation
  • Certified by ADA
  • Complete flexibility


  • Little pricy for bar sink

This is the last and one of the most aesthetic faucets on our list. It is available in five finishes. They are-

  • Arctic stainless
  • Matte black
  • Chrome
  • Black stainless
  • Champagne bronze

Pick the one that matches with your interior, and you will have the star of your kitchen.

It is made of brass which is better and more expensive than steel. Brass is able to bend a lot more than steel. So, the faucet will be inherently stronger. Plus, it also protects the faucet from corrosion or discoloration like any other material.

Anyone can install this deck mounted bar sink faucet. It needs 1 or three holes two be installed. There are many videos on YouTube about the installation process as the faucet is very popular in the market. Make sure that your whole size is from 1.25 inches to 1.5 inches, and your water supply connection is .5 inches.

The faucet is not very big, like some other faucets on this list. In total, the faucet is around 11.5 inches high and nearly 6 inches wide. It gives you a minimum clearance of backsplash of 2 inches with a water consumption rate of 1.5 GPM.

We were sure about its security as it complied with the regulations of ADA (Americans with disabilities act).

Read our Complete Review HERE >>> Delta Trinsic Faucet Single Review

Buying Guide for Bar Sink Faucets

Here are all the factors that you need to be concerned about when purchasing your bar sink faucet. They are almost like regular faucet requirements but with minor changes for the sink bar faucet.

Looks and finish

For me, this is the most important factor. Yes, a faucet is the heart of the kitchen, and it should better be good.

Generally, bar faucets will have two designs, regular and slim. If possible, take the slip design. It looks more aesthetic. A lot of finishings are also available for bar faucets. Some of them are-

  • Arctic stainless
  • Matte black
  • Chrome
  • Black stainless
  • Gold
  • Champagne bronze

Although you will not find all the colors in every faucet, you will surely have the arctic stainless, matte black, and chrome colors. Gold and bronze colors are really hard to match so be careful about them.


When looking for a modern bar faucet, the first thing you need to care about is the built quality materials. There are three parts of a bar faucet exterior. They are-

  • Spout
  • Handle
  • Body

These parts can be made of separate materials. Generally, the spout is always made of stainless steel; if not the whole faucet is made of steel. SAE 304 steel is the best for corrosion resistance and preventing discoloration.

However, brass is a better material when it comes to durability. And it also gives you the proper corrosion resistance you want from your faucet. You might also have nickel alloy in handles.

Lastly, there could be some hard ABS plastic in the construction. But that is inferior to the metals.


Generally, all bar sink faucets are gooseneck shaped or “L” shaped. These shapes are both aesthetic and convenient for use. As most of the time, bar sink faucets are smaller, you should not go for any other shapes.


Bar sink faucets are smaller than regular faucets. But this distinction is getting bleaker and bleaker day by day. I like my bar faucet to be over a foot tall. The spout height should also be nearly a foot. And the distance of the spout from its neck shouldn’t be more than 6 inches.

Flow rate

The flow rate is the intensity of the stream. Too less intensity means that you are not gonna have a proper straight stream, and too much speed will lead to a backsplash. This intensity is measured with the unit GPM. It is the amount of water in gallons the faucet takes out every minute.

It should be around 1 GPM to 2.5 GPM. But the ideal rate is 1.5 GPM. However, anything in that range will do.

Pull-out spout

This is a very important feature. Pull-out spouts are very useful. Faucets are a long-term investment. So try to take a pull-out faucet even if it is a little expensive.

The hose should come out more than 1.5 feet. And it should snap back in place when you let go. But the snap shouldn’t be a hard one. Manufacturers generally use magnets for those results. The pull-out should also have rubber in the grabbing position so that it is easy to hold on.

Installation details

Make sure you don’t have to spend extra on plumbers for installing it. Faucets are really easy to install. So, make sure you have the proper instruction.

Before purchasing the faucet, see if the deck thinness and the whole requirement meet your kitchen sink. If it doesn’t, don’t go for it. Hot and cold water stream hoses should also be separated.


Cartridges are very important for ensuring hygienic water. Generally, faucets companies order them from suppliers. See if those suppliers are reputed ones like Citec cartridges.


Aerators are small but one of the most important parts of any faucet. It’s a small part at the tip of the faucet head from where the water comes out. Its job is to mix air with the water so that the water becomes more convenient to use.

The aerator has four key jobs to do. Firstly, it has to control the size and way of the water stream. It should make the stream as straight as possible. The diameter of the stream also depends on the aerator.

Secondly, the aerator has to reduce splash. It could be considered as the main job of the aerator. To do this, the aerator has to be smooth so that no side sprays emerge from the head.

Thirdly, the aerator is also responsible for saving your bill. Yes, a free flow of water is much thicker without an aerator. Hence, you use more water than you need resulting in a huge wastage of water and money.

Finally, your aerator should also comply with local plumbing codes and standards. Like in California, if your aerator is found to mix the lead with the water, it will be prohibited from using. Even if you are not in California, you should be cautious about these rules because most of them are set for your welfare.


Almost all of the faucets available in the market give a lifetime of the warranty. So, this is your standard. However, cheaper faucets can have less warranty time. But that doesn’t mean that they are bad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some relevant questions that might pop up when buying a bar faucet-

Q: Which is the Best Choice For You?

A: All of them can be good for one. It largely depends on your requirements and budget. But if I have to name one for me, it would be the Delta Faucet Essa Bar-Prep Kitchen Sink Faucet. I think this product serves you with the maximum value for a dollar.

Q: How to fix a dripping faucet?

A: Dripping can be caused by damaged ceramic disc, compression, or cartridge. The leak might be caused by a single part of these different styles, but it is good to change the entire component. Bring out the ceramic disc, compression, or cartridge from opening the handle. And install the new one. Put everything back in place. And you are done.

Q: Will I be able to change the cartridge later?

A: Yes, cartridges are changeable. But that requires some plumbing skills

Q: Are the cartridges changeable in bar faucets?

A: Yes, they are.

Q: What is GPM?

A: It is an abbreviation of Gallons Per Minute expressing the rate at which the water flows out from the spout.

Q: What is the difference between regular and bar faucets?

A: The bar sink fixture is generally smaller than regular kitchen sinks. That’s why the bar faucets might also be smaller than the regular size. That is the main difference.

Q: How many handle styles are there?

A: There are many styles of handles. Some prominent ones are-

  • Lever
  • Cross
  • Knob
  • Electronic
  • Wrist blade
  • Grip

Q: Is plastic used in faucets exterior?

A: You might find some faucets that give you a plastic exterior.

Q: Are all the valves the same?

A: No, there are many valve types. Some of which are-

  • Ball
  • Ceramic disc
  • Electronic
  • Slow compression
  • Washerless


With this article, you should easily be able to find the best bar sink faucet for your kitchen. If you can’t make a choice from the five products, we have highlighted here, follow our buying guide. This guide will lead you to your bar sink faucet.


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