Pot Filler Faucet; Pros And Cons

Every avid cook in the world dreams to have a beautiful kitchen with all the innovative and luxurious equipment in it.
However, have you ever wondered that whether all these trending high tech kitchen appliances are worth it or not? One such gadget that certainly has everyone’s eyes on it is pot filler faucet.

It is a separate faucet that is fixed on the top of your stove or range to fill up the pots and utensils with water so you don’t have t carry them to sink. It does sound interesting to install the pot filler faucet in your kitchen but, before that let’s have a look at the pros and cons of having it.

pot filler faucet

Pros of pot filler faucet

Here are the points that makes most of you buying this amenity.

Eases the process of lifting heavy dishes

Having a dinner party means lots of food leading to dirty pots and dishes. Carrying those large pots and other dishes to the sink can be strenuous and painful for your hands and back. One of the main benefits and reasons for pot filler faucets is to save you from taking the pots back and forth between the stove and sink.

Helps in multitasking and saves time

Carrying the dishes to the sink and then to their respective spaces takes a lot of time and bounds you to do one task at a time only. Installing the pot faucet will let you fill the pot directly on the stove and keeping the sink clean and empty for doing other tasks. This not only saves your time but also lets you do other cleaning and cooking work easily.

Cons of pot filler faucets

These are the reasons you should be thinking of a pot filler again.

Structural and leakage issues

Just like any other faucet, the filler faucet can have some leakage issues that can be messy and damaging for your stove, pots, range and cabinets. Moreover if the faucet isn’t installed at a proper height or length it can be an annoyance for you rather than the convenience. It may bother you while cooking and making it difficult to fill up huge pots as well.

Maintenance issues

Unlike other faucets in the kitchen, a filler faucet is a bit difficult to maintain and clean. As this faucet is installed right above the stove so the heat, smoke and grease might depreciate or tarnish it. Cleaning and maintaining it properly can be troublesome. Secondly, if the faucet is installed at a height it might become hard to reach up for cleaning.

Can be costly

Having a small kitchen means the sink might be two or three steps away from the stove and installing a faucet can be costly. Taking a few steps wouldn’t be difficult than spending more than your budget. Moreover, before installing the filler faucet one must consider how many times he/she will be using it. Is the cost really worth it?


So, before having any renovation or thinking to get the new, trendy, and innovative pot filler faucet for your kitchen, it is very important to evaluate all the advantages or disadvantages of having it. Since, there is quite a lot of equipment that will enhance the outlook of your kitchen but, are those necessary to have?

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