How to Replace A Kitchen Faucet

Can’t stop the leak in your kitchen faucet?

Or you want to update the look of your faucet?

Okay, then you need to replace your kitchen faucet right now.

A kitchen faucet is most commonly used in your house. This device has frequent uses to prepare your food, wash your plates & bowls, clean vegetables and wash your hands.

Moreover, kitchen faucets available in the market today are far updated than previous years. So if you want to install or replace your kitchen faucet, you need to learn some tricks and tips to do it perfectly.

But don’t worry, changing a kitchen faucet does not have to be hard work. It’s easy to do if you get good instructions and have the right tools.

In this article, we’re going to tell you how to replace a kitchen faucet very easily. Follow our directions to learn how.

How to Replace A Kitchen Faucet

Tools What You Needed to Replace A Kitchen Faucet

There are some common tools that you need to do the job. Here is the list –

  • Basin wrench
  • Screwdriver (8 in 1 recommended)
  • Pliers
  • Towels
  • Bowl or Bucket
  • Flashlight

You will find this in any hardware store if you already don’t have them.

A Step by Step guide to replace your kitchen faucet

The following steps will show you how to replace the faucet with a new one.

Consider What Type Of Faucet You Currently Use

Take a look at the top of your kitchen sink and count the number of elements that is used to make the faucet. This task is very important as it gives you a clear idea about what number of holes are available on your kitchen sink for installing a new kitchen faucet there.

Also, you need to identify the location of the old faucet materials that you will have to remove when you need to work under the sink.

Turn Off The Water Supply In The Kitchen Faucet

You can use a flashlight to work under the sink to get a clear view. But before you begin to work under the sink, you need to turn off both the cold and the hot water supplies to the faucet.

These shut-off valves are usually set directly under the kitchen sink. Simply shut off them by several clockwise turns. You may also need to give a quarter turn to shut off depending on the types of valves.

So, after shutting off the water valves, turn on the faucet again and confirm that the water supply of the faucet is closed perfectly.

If you don’t reassure that you might end up with a very bad spill in your kitchen and a totally ruined mood. So, you must make sure the water supply is completely shut off.

Open The Faucet Handle To Remove Pressure

After shutting off the water supply, you need to open the faucet handles to remove any pressure in the water lines. Don’t skip this step because it will make your work easier.

Unscrew The Water Connections From The Faucet

Your old faucet will normally be connected to the kitchen sink by some mounting hardware. After you detached all the water connections under the sink, you are ready to take out those mounting hardware.

Four-hole sinks are the most common sink used in kitchens. You need to unscrew all of the hole’s connections and components one by one.

Start your work by unscrewing the hot and cold links and other components from your kitchen faucet. Fingers are enough to unscrew these plastic elements. But if it seems difficult to do, you can use pliers to uninstall these nuts.

Always keep a towel on your hand because any extra water can leak out from the connections and you might need to wash it. Also, you can place a bowl or bucket under the sinks to catch any leaking water during uninstallation work.

Disconnect The Sprayer

In almost all kitchen faucets, an individual supply line is available that connects to the side sprayer and spout. You’ll need to cut off the link before you start to replace the faucet. You might face some difficulties to do that. But hang in there.
An adjustable basin wrench will make this work easier for you. This tool has a ratcheting head and its teeth are specially designed to grip hard reaching nuts under the sinks.
So, turn the sprayer head counterclockwise with the wrench until it releases the center sink pipe.

Remove The Water Hose Line From The Sink

After disconnecting the sprayer, you need to take out the sprayer base and mount it from the hose line.

Then remove the hose line out from the kitchen sink and keep it on a bowl.

Remove The Old Faucet From The Sink

Now the time comes to pull the old faucet out of your sink. If there is any dirt found on the top of the sink after removing the faucet, clean it with some soapy water.

Set The New Faucet On The Sink

If you are looking forward to buy a new faucet, consider a modern option like the touch kitchen faucet. You buy these for years. So, better get a good one. After getting your new faucet you can continue the rest of the process.

Now set the new faucet on the sink and mount it perfectly. Use the mounting hardware that is provided with the kit to secure the faucet from under the kitchen sink.

You can use a screwdriver to tighten the screws under the sink. Implant the new hose guide to the faucet and at a time adjust sprayer to the hose guide.

Add the gasket under the faucet and set the adapter. And now screw up again all the nuts you removed before from the sink. Connect the water supply lines again to the valves.

Now turn on the water supply to ensure that the water comes perfectly from the faucet.

If water comes smoothly from the faucet, your work is finished!

Final Words

So, here we tried to discuss in short about how to replace a kitchen faucet. Hope this tiny article will helpful for you to do your job.



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