Solid Surface Sink For Your Kitchen

Modern home designing has become an important part of the lives of those living in the twenty-first century. Millennials, through trial and error, have formulated several methods of having fun at the same time saving some cash.

When it comes to making modern homes, they have been acing it. From renovating vintage houses to transforming a piece of barren land into bungalows, they have managed to achieve goals that would seem like milestones to the previous generation, mostly on their own.

This new way of making homes has also led to the development and usage of man-made materials that would look and last far better than the natural resources that had been in use for a better part of human life.

Introducing Solid Surface

Solid surface first made its appearance in 1967. The Dupont Company, under the trade name Corian, introduced solid surface materials to the public. To this date, they remain the pioneers of solid surface materials.

Introducing Solid Surface

Swanstone, Wilsonart Solid Surface, and Formica Solid Surface are considered some of the other big names in this business.

What is a solid surface?

Solid surfaces are generally man-made materials that are a result of combining acrylic, polyester resins, and epoxy. The fact that they could be made to look like granite, marble, stone, or any other naturally occurring substance and could be fabricated to any size for completely seamless installations added to its growing popularity.

Solid surface is also extremely versatile and durable. A major appeal of solid surfaces is their easy maintenance. In case of any damage, the surface could be sanded clean without causing any permanent damage or marks. Other issues such as discoloration can also be easily removed with a cleanser.

How it helps you in the kitchen

Solid surface sinks in your kitchen can totally transform your otherwise boring-looking space. Ever since it exploded in the market, the solid surface has been used in kitchen countertops.

Types of solid surface sinks

After decades of being prevalent, now you can choose from a number of varying designs for your kitchen. A person can go for any look keeping in mind the aesthetic that he/she is aiming for.

Types of solid surface sinks

Additionally available are various styles of solid surface sinks for different functionalities. Before taking the actual decision, one must focus on what benefits are most important and what he/she prioritizes the most.

Apron sinks

One of the most sought-after styles of solid surface sinks for your kitchen is the apron sink. It is also known as the farmhouse sink.

Usually, it is about ten and a half inches deep, which might be too deep for some people. The front of the apron sink is slightly protruding and is exposed. Whereas the sides and back are hidden by the kitchen counter. If you want to stay up to date with trends, the apron sink is for you.

If you are going for a classic look, you should opt for plain apron sinks. Though they are made from space-age polymers, they look simple yet elegant. Plain apron sinks go great with traditional-style kitchens. Solid surface sinks for your kitchen function are a lot better than any other material.


 Next are the drop-in-sinks. They can quite easily fit into simple countertop openings. The fact that they come in hundreds of different colors and styles is a big bonus. Drop-in-sinks are not difficult at all to install. They also work with a lot of countertop materials.

Drain board-style

A drainboard-style sink is a relatively new innovation of solid surface sinks. It is the go-to solid surface sink for someone who wants something that is eco-friendly. They also make countertops look much cleaner since you do not have to mop spills. It is highly multi- functional.

There is another variant of the drainboard sink in which the drainboard extends to the left of the solid surface sink. You do not have to be a left-handed person to use this type of solid surface sink. It depends on the convenience and preference of the user.


Solid surface kitchen sinks are highly durable and resistant to stains, scuffs and scratches. They are super affordable and customizable too. Solid surface sinks elevate the entire look and aesthetic of your kitchen to another level.

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Zeeshan Mehmood
Zeeshan Mehmood
3 years ago

I’m searching for some best faccets for kitchen. Will someone suggest me?