Delta Trinsic Faucet Single Review

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Well, you’re planning to give your kitchen a dazzling look with top-notch functionality. Plus, you want to amplify your cooking skills. Loaded your kitchen surface with a smart refrigerator, smart dishwasher, smart oven.

But it’s very, very unlikely to happen without a smart faucet standing-high on your kitchen sink.

Among the most grossing smart faucets; it turns out to be a difficult task to choose an excellent performing faucet to décor your kitchen. Among all those ranking faucets, The Delta Trinsic Faucet has worth its weight in golds.

We’ll go through every factual detail on the Delta Trinsic Faucet review; just stay with the course. This faucet will brighten the ambient of your kitchen.

Without rushing to the reviews, let’s take a look at some of the prominent features of Delta Trinsic Faucet. Thus, you will be able to figure out whether the features of this faucet fill the bill or not.

  • Easily turn the faucet on and off just by touching the kitchen spout.
  • Built-in TempSense with LED light to monitor the water temperature.
  • Faucet sprayer grabbed by a strong magnet preventing it from falling.
  • Wand having two functional spray system.
  • A powerful spray of water to clean the foul mess of the sink.
  • Lesser leaks with the ultra-modern DIAMOND Seal Technology.

Key Features

So, you’ve seen the features, eh? It’s time for you to dive into the details. Give this section a read to know more about the features.

Touch ON and OFF

Keeping your hands busy all the time can give you a bummer. What’s worse, with all those dishes on your hands, you’ll have a hard time turning the faucet on.

The Delta Trinsic Faucet comes to rescue you with its advanced touch facility. Just touch the spout by your wrist or tip of a finger and Voila! The water will stream like a breeze.

Even you can turn it on and off simply by touching it with your forehead. You get it right, as long as your skin is on your body there will be no issue of turning it on and off.

Plus, you can turn it on and off while wearing gloves. In a nutshell, gloves or no gloves, just touch the lower part of the faucet and it will start pouring water for you.

Temperature Indicator

Cleaning up the greasy, clingy plates and pans after a get-together can give you a real hard time. And often traditional faucet surprises your hand by igniting them with scorching water.

The Delta Trinsic turns the table with its Tempsene feature. It comes with LED light which will show you the water temperature. The light turns Blue for cold water, purple for warm water and red for hot water.

Besides, this faucet will keep you safe from unwanted and frantic pain of getting burnt. Moreover, the LED light will also notify you about when to change the batteries.


The Delta Trinsic is uniquely designed and manufactured to make people’s life easy and convenient. It has been elegantly assembled with Touch2o technology.

This faucet comes with four stunning finishes. Namely, Chrome with chromium electroplated thin layer, Arctic Stainless finish as like as stainless steel but with a deep matte color.

Then comes the sophisticated Champagne Bronze finish brushed as gold. And lastly Venetian Bronze finishes with a shining bronze look.


Whereas most of the faucets come with the typical low-standard sealing system. This faucet has a modern and innovative DIAMOND seal technology. Meaning it has a ceramic disk embedded with a diamond coating that prevents wears on a seal.

Plus, a supply line of Innoflex Pex merged into the faucet to reduce one leak point. As a result, this faucet lasts 2 times longer than the industry standard which is 500,000 cycles.

Easy to Clean

The Delta Trinsic has built-in touch-screen spray holes. Therefore, you will be able to clean the faucet with just a touch of a finger. You won’t have to use corrosive chemicals to clean the calcium and lime that residue after long usage.

Easy to Install

With lots of shimmering and sparkling features, this faucet won’t take your time to establish it in your kitchens sink. This faucet comes with two easy installation processes; 3-holes installation and one-hole installation.

You will have to buy deck plate RP64070AR for installing it in a 3-holes system creating a gap of 8 inches from each of the holes and 10.25 inches wide.

Value and Price

It is DST is a bit expensive but faucets are varying on the materials, sizes, and features. Plus, the delta offers category depending on the single faucet, pull-down faucet, touch faucets.

So, you get the idea, right? Normally the price ranges from $200 to $600+.

Things to Know Before Buying a Faucet

Now that you’re here, don’t rush and play your cards right. By just following the most important things to know before buying a faucet mentioned below.


Faucets can be set on a wall or on decks. So, you have to choose how you want to renovate your kitchen depending on the surrounding ambiance.

Faucet Look

You want your kitchen to be elegant and dazzled, sweep off anyone’s feet who views it. So, you will have to be a bit careful while choosing the color finish of the faucet mainly bronze, gold, stainless at affordable price.


Faucets usually come with one handle moving in rotation to adjust the temperature of the water. Plus, touchless faucets are now available to ease your work.


Q. Are delta Trinsic faucets for you?
Ans: If you want aesthetically pleasing with a durable and innovative sink faucet then; Yes, its for you.
Q. Why choose Delta Trinsic faucets?
Ans: The delta Trinsic faucets come with verities products to provide the exact needs of every valuable customer. Though some of them might cost you a bit they worth it.
Q. Are Delta Trinsic faucets lead-free?
Ans: The delta Trinsic faucets are completely lead-free and purely stands to water safety standards as they are certified with ANSI/NSF 61/9.
Q. Are Delta Trinsic faucets cost-saving?
Ans: Due to having a unique diamond seal system and influx per supply pipe, this faucet reduces the water leaks. Plus, it has a marvelous mechanism that stops water flow automatically after 4 minutes. Thus, saving water bills & water wastage.
 Q. How do Delta Trinsic faucets operate?
Ans: The delta Trinsic faucets run through 6 AA alkaline batteries which are included. Again, it can be operated by AC adaptor (purchase separately)

Final Words

We have gone through almost all the minor to major details in Delta Trinsic Faucet review. We have explained how its gonna give you lots of benefits with slight prejudice since every coin has two sides.

Finally, we hope that you will make the smartest decision in buying this smart outstanding sink faucet.

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