Wide Spread vs Centerset Faucets

Widespread vs Centerset Faucets

Before starting the topic, we should know the meaning of these two terms known as Widespread and Center set. Wide spread means anything that is stretched or spread over a large area where as Center set means anything that is placed or situated at the center with minimum space allocation.

What are Faucets?

Faucets are also known as Valves or the Taps which are used to control the release of any liquid or gas. Usually faucets are categorized in the sanitary equipment used in mostly Bathrooms or Kitchens.

Widespread Faucets:

Wide spread faucet

Widespread faucets contain two independent hot and cold water inlets and outlets to release the water during bathing or showering and in kitchens for doing dishes. The common specification of widespread faucets includes gap of 8 inches to 16 inches in the fitting of widespread faucet used for the flow of water. The faucet body and the controlling water handles, all are installed/fitted separately.

Center set faucet:

Center set faucet

Center set faucets are made with three different holes and handles/valves which are only 4 inches apart from the faucet body. Usually Kitchen center set faucets have 4 holes in them mostly used  for the soap or side sprays.

The main difference between Wide spread faucets and Center set faucets is the installation of one in the center with attached valves known as center set faucet and the other installed widely or at the corners of sink or basin with maximum space allocation and separately attached valves/taps. Other difference includes the dimensions which are already discussed above.( Center set faucet) distance between the handles is 4 inches.( Wide spread faucet) the difference between the handles is 8 to 16 inches with separated valves.

There are different types of Faucets that are used in kitchens and bathrooms which includes Center set/Wide spread faucets made up of Different metals. These  metals includes Brass, Copper, Silver and Steel faucets. However, some Celebrities or wealthy people often prefer to use Gold and Silver Faucets in their sanitary accessories .

The best material used for the manufacturing of Faucets are listed below:

  1. Brass.
  2. Steel.
  3. Zinc.
  4. Plastic.

The main reason for using these materials are the life of faucets which greatly depends upon the water and the production materials. Plastic is one of the best material which have the most longing life of faucets.

Another type of Faucet includes” Wall mounted bathroom faucets” these faucets are installed on the walls as their names describes them. The following picture shows the “Wall mounted bathroom faucet”

Benefits of Wall Mounted Bathroom Faucet:

Benefits of Wall Mounted Bathroom Faucet

  1. Easy to clean because they are fitted on walls, so one can easily wipes out stains of water as well as dirt from it. However, sink mounted faucets are located closely so there is less space to clean it as the hand adjustment is difficult there.
  2. More range of motion, often used for filling or pouring large pots and containers.
  3. More space, as they are mounted on walls, so one can easily enjoy the extra space provided on the basin and sink.

Disadvantages of Mount Bathroom Faucets:

  1. The major disadvantage of the wall mounted faucet includes its installation as it is a technical work which require time and skill. The only way to install a wall mounted faucet is to seek help or assistance of a plumber.
  2. They are difficult to maintain, as sometimes they create seepage in the walls which causes paint destruction and wall damage.
  3. Because they are luxury and big in size so they need a big sink or basin beneath them to accommodate the splash of water directly into the sink.

Recommended faucets

Best bathroom faucet companies which are recommended by plumbers are:

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The electronic variation

Another types of faucets are known as “Sensor faucets”. It is believed that the sensor faucets save about 30 to 50% of overall water used in any condition. Sensor faucets are new type of advance faucets which are controlled by touching the buttons. These are electrically controlled faucets which are gaining public interest now a day especially in western countries

Some preferred Faucets Are Sensor based faucets and wide spread faucets which is because, Sensor based faucets are likely to save water consumption whereas the wide spread faucets have more holes and easy to install and clean. Whereas the Center set faucets have less space between them and they are not easy to clean. However, the Wall mounted faucets are expensive and technical to install.


The general price of Kitchen faucets ranges from 40$ to 200$ in general but the price may vary from brand to brand and from country to country. The price of installation may be included or excluded in the total price of buying of the Faucets.


Faucets are generally used in today’s construction and in every house. These are the basic necessities of sanitation work in kitchens and bathrooms. Due to advancement, now a day’s faucets are manufactured in stylish and luxury designs where the price vary from brand to brand. The common characteristics as well as their material used for manufacturing and their price locations with every specification is discussed in this whole article. Links are also provided for the verification and view sites. In conclusion, all faucets are used according to the personal preference and the cost availability to its buyer.

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