Best Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water in 2024

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Hard water can reduce the life of your appliances by half. As you are here, you might already know that.

Unfortunately, over 80% of America is suffering from some level of a hard water problem. It is very severe in some big cities like San Antonio, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Here is a hard water map of the USA-

Best kitchen faucet for hard water

But the solution to this problem is not too far. You just have to find the best kitchen faucet for hard water, which you will if you scroll down a bit. We have the most successful hard water faucets and a buying guide that will help you get the best one.

What Is a Hard Water Faucet, And Why You Need It?

Water is hard when you have an excess amount of natural minerals in there. That is not always bad for your health. But it can sure be harmful to your plumbing appliances.

The most common minerals of hard water are calcium and magnesium. They damage the plumbing appliances and the fittings. To minimize this capital damage, you need to purchase faucets that can deter the effects of hard water.

Here are some common reasons for getting a faucet dedicated to hard water environments-

  • Preventing mineral build-up
  • Preventing stains and rust
  • Odor reduction
  • Filtration
  • Maintaining the water flow
  • Longevity of the faucet and other plumbing equipment

There are several other reasons, but these are the ones that deserve a deeper look.

Our Picks for the Best Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water

Hard water resistance capability is not apparent in the feature table of a faucet. So, you need real users to confirm the usefulness of the product.

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1. Kraus Modern Mateo Kitchen Faucet

Top features

  • Dual Function Sprayer: Steam & Spray
  • Flow Rate: 1.75 GPM
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

It is true; quality is always more important than looks. But when both meet together, it’s a win-win!

This faucet is such a win-win for you if you are having trouble with hard water as it’s a lead-free Heavy-duty brass faucet. It also has a premium quality ceramic valve that guarantees a leakage and drip-free reliable lifetime use.

It has a dual pattern spray head with an easy clean Neopearl Aerator nozzle, which reduces water waste without compromising water pressure. You can easily clean the nozzle with your fingers.

In short, it is an excellent pulldown faucet from the best kitchen faucets for hard water from Karus. You should keep the looks and convenience into consideration before buying a hard water faucet for your kitchen.


  • Easy to Install
  • Quality Ceramic Valve
  • Easy Clean Aerator Nozzle
  • 360 Degree Swivel


  • Plastic Spray Tip

2. American Standard 4175300.002 Colony Soft Kitchen Faucet

Top features

  • Dual Function Sprayer: Steam & Spray
  • Flow Rate: 1.5 GPM
  • Memory Position Valving
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

If you are in search of a high-class hard water kitchen faucet for longer usage, then this is a perfect fit for your kitchen.

It has a pull-down sprayer with a splash and spray pattern with the pause feature. This makes dish cleaning and pot filling very easy and quick, just with the toggle of a button over the sprayer.

This faucet has a ceramic disc valve that can withstand over one million on/off cycle without any problem providing a smooth handle control and ensuring a drip-free performance. So, stop worrying about water leakage.

And as it is a brass faucet, you also don’t need to worry about rust formation over it. This faucet’s spout height is 14-5/8″ that gives you an extra space to work with flexibility.

Besides, its Memory position valve keeps the water at your preferred temperature. So, you can quickly turn the water flow on/off without worrying about the water temperature changing by accident.


  • ADA Approved
  • Ceramic Disc Valve
  • Heavy-duty finish
  • Accurate temperature control


  • Can’t Swivel 360 Degree

3. Aimadi Commerical Kitchen Faucet

Top features

  • Separate Sprayer For Steam & Spray
  • Flow Rate: 1.8 GPM
  • Water Temperature Indicator LED
  • Magnetic Docking
  • 5-years Limited Warranty

From our list of the best faucets for hard water, this is the only product that has an extra pot filler along with the sprayer head that can rotate 360-degree. So it can cover more than one sink effortlessly.

The pot filler of this faucet has an LED indicator. This LED has three different colors for indicating three range of water temperature. Excellent for people with naughty kids and a dreamy mind.

And the temperature ranges for LED’s color change are:

  • Green for 0- 35° Celsius
  • Blue for 35-45° Celsius
  • Red for about 55° Celsius

It is made of solid brass. The faucet has a ceramic disc cartridge promised to provide a minimum of 500,000 turn-ons and turn-offs. That ensures a longtime drip-free and leakage proof usability.

All in all, this is such a product where design meets functionality. So undoubtedly, this is an outstanding appliance for any kitchen with hard water problems.


  • Extra Pot filler
  • 360 Degree pot-filler Rotation
  • Ceramic Disc Valve
  • LED Water Heat Indicator


  • Coil Spring is not really springy
  • Pot-filler stretches only 6 inches

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4. Kraus KPF-1640CH Nola Kitchen Faucet

Top features

  • Dual Function Sprayer: Steam & Spray
  • Flow Rate: 1.8 GPM
  • Magnetic Docking
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

If you are looking for a stylish faucet but can’t buy any random one because of the hard water supply of your area, then this double-coil design faucet should be on your list. This faucet suits well in every kitchen, whether it’s classic, modern, or contemporary.

This not only looks good but also equipped with brilliant features. And magnetic docking is on the top of the list.

The silicone nozzle of the faucet prevents hard water from building the chalky limescale. And even if there are some deposits, you can clean them by only gently rubbing your finger on the nozzle.

Its Neoperl Aerator Nozzle maintains water pressure with excellency, makes the flow quite, and reduces the water splash. And it is also equipped with the kerox ceramic cartridge for drip-free use.

Overall, its premium materials and components with a combination of a lucrative design made it one of the best kitchen faucets for hard water from Kraus by offering a durable functionality and lasting performance.


  • Build to last against all water conditions
  • Easy Clean Aerator Nozzle
  • 360 Degree Swivel
  • Ceramic cartridge for drip-free use


  • The spout is not metallic

5. Delta Faucet Leland Kitchen Faucet

Top features

  • Triple Function Sprayer
  • Magnetic Docking
  • Flow Rate: 1.8 GPM
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

If you are looking for a traditionally designed modern faucet, this faucet is a great option. This faucet has three variations.  But let’s talk about the standard variant first.

Usually, we get two spray patterns from commercial kitchen faucets. But this faucet offers a shield spray pattern along with the spray and splash pattern. This helps you to get enough power without splashes for cleaning stubborn messes.

The faucet is promised to last twice the industry standard ensuring leak-free operations even when working with hard water. To reduce the leak points, manufacturers used Diamon seal technology in it.

Another notable feature of this faucet is controlling water temperature and flow using only the handle. It also includes a TempSense LED to let you know the water temperature.

The Touch2O variant includes a touch sensor. So, rather than pulling the lever, it can be turned on or off by touching only the spout. And the VoiceIQ variant can be controlled with voice commands along with this touch feature too.


  • Shield-spray Technology
  • Leak Reducing Diamond Seal Technology
  • 360 Degree Swivel
  • ADA Approved


  • The hose is a bit short

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Guide for Buying the Best Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water

There are so many factors that can affect your experiences with a faucet. Let’s get to know them so that you can get one that will meet your requirements.


Hard water causes the faucets to wear out very quickly as there is a presence of salt and chlorine in it. So the durability is a very important fact to consider, especially when you have a hard water supply. Otherwise, it may lead you to high water bills and faucet replacing costs more often.

The build materials and finishing of the faucets are very important for resisting corrosion.

There are many faucets out there in the market, which are specially made for hard water. Brass and stainless steel faucets are a great choice in that case. So consider buying them to save your money, time, and the valuable natural resource “water”.


Flowrate is a key factor for buying any faucet. Most of the faucets nowadays have a flowrate between 1.5-2.2 GPM.

1.5 GPM is not such a bad flowrate. But it’s better to stick between 1.8-2.2 GPM.


The cartridge is one of the most important mechanical components of a faucet as it opens and closes the pathway of water. There are mainly two types of cartridges:

  • Single Function:

Single-line stem either allows hot or cold water. These stems can be found in those faucets which have only one water inlet.

  • Dual Function:

With Dual function cartridges, you can control two water supply lines at a time using only one lever. It is actually a chamber that allows the hot and cold water to get mixed before exiting the faucet.

The average faucets contain nylon cartridges. But for hard water, you need to go for ceramic cartridges for long durability without any leakage.


There are a lot of certifications like cUPC (UPC&CSA), NSF 61, NSF 372, AB1953, EPA, CALGreen, MASS, FTC, DOE, CEC, and ADA depending on various standards to ensure faucet quality.

So, always look for the certifications to check if it will meet your need or not.

Pulldown capability

Pull-down or Pull-out faucets make cleaning much easier as they offer you great flexibility. The longer the hose, the better the flexibility. However, 20 inches is a standard that you can look for. The hose should also have a durable and flexible design. And I always prefer magnetic docking more than anything.


Most of the spray head comes with spray and splash pattern. But there are some faucets with a powerful shield spray pattern for cutting through stubborn messes very easily.

Warranty and customer service

Most of the well-known faucet manufacturers provide a limited lifetime warranty with 24/7 customer service. But there are still some brands who provide only a 5 or 10-years limited warranty on their products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are common, and here are some typical queries on this topic.

Q: How to keep a faucet clean, especially hard water ones?

A: Keeping a faucet clean is very important. You can clean a faucet in various ways. There are some standard practices among us, like using white vinegar to protect grime buildup, baking soda for handling stains, and dish soap with warm water for normal cleaning. These are not bad.

But the best is to clean it according to the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning tools and procedures in the user manual.

Q: How long will my hard water faucet last?

A: You can use a faucet leak-free up to 500K turn-on & turn-off cycle as most manufacturers nowadays try to maintain the ADA standard for their faucets. So, it should be more than seven years or even ten years.

Q: How to know if I have hard water?

A: Fill one-third of a jar and add ten drops of liquid soap. Then shake the container for at least ten seconds. If you get a good amount of suds on top of the water with clear and nice bubbles, then you have soft water, and if you don’t get much suds with cloudy water, then you have hard water.

Q: How bad is it for my health?

A: Hard water is not harmful to health. But it is terrible for plumbing appliances.

Final words

So, you are finally here!

Not many can come down this far.

And that’s why you have been selected to go to Mars because you have shown utmost importance for the best kitchen faucet for hard water, which will be essential on that planet.

Gear up, hail hydra…!

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