How To Repair An Oakland Kitchen Faucet?

Any day can go by conveniently if we have every aspect of our life sorted. Fixing things is something one has to do while they are out of their comfort zone. Morning rituals vary from person to person, and they may involve freshening up and taking a wake-up shower or sometimes a cozy bath to unwind.

However, in every home, an essential part of daybreak or twilight is a healthy meal for breakfast or dinner. Preparing food and washing dishes in an Oakland kitchen becomes quite a treat if all the equipment and faucets work perfectly.

Certain situations such as leaking faucets or diffused flow issues are not that much of a fuss if you know how to spot the culprit. The debate about hiring a professional or repairing an Oakland Kitchen faucet yourself will have a conclusion soon after this read.

How To Repair An Oakland Kitchen Faucet?

Be prepared and equipped

Developing a plan is the key to every process, here you will fill up the toolbox so that every fixing step is smooth and effortless. Find out the right equipment list here:

  • Easy to afford kit designed especially for repairing faucets
  • A range of pliers
  • Screwdrivers (in case)
  • A small drill set will be handy
  • Wrenches
  • Lubricant

Six commonly occurring problems in an Oakland kitchen faucet

Understanding the reason for a problem is the antecedent for fixing that defect. Save yourself a lot of detective work and learn the most generally occurring kitchen faucet glitches in a flash:

  • Once in a blue moon, greasing the faucets will save a person from many kitchen troubles such as clogged plumbing and leaks.
  • A leaking faucet is a part where many people having OCD or perfectionist personalities will flip and need a right-at-the-moment solution. Here is a small tip, if you can’t bear the dripping sound of water until the plumbing experts visit in the morning. Use a fabric that is long enough to reach the drain and attach it to the spout. Let it fall and take the leaking water inside the drainpipe without any racket.
  • Once the blockage appears, you will need a complete reassembling of the faucets after removing all the mineral deposits in the pipes.
  • An old and hardened rubber washer will result in various uncomfortable sounds while trying to turn the kitchen faucets. Delayed action, in this case, will produce as leakage or cracks in the washers.
  • A disturbed flow of water is a nightmare, and repairing such an Oakland kitchen faucet is surprisingly comfortable. It would be best if you tightened the faucet spout with commonly used pliers according to the tap’s size. Also, take a look out for the diverter valve inside a faucet, which causes water flow defects. It has to go through proper cleaning to avoid any inconvenience.
  • If you are using hot water regularly in the kitchen, then make sure to check the temperature settings of water heaters. The alleviated temperatures of more than 130-140 degrees will probably damage the faucets in the long run.

Six footsteps to fix the troubling Oakland faucets

After you have identified all the problems that need a repair of the Oakland kitchen faucet, then let’s scurry ahead and take a stepwise mini tutorial:

 1. Catch the leaking culprit

Exactly when and where the water leakage is happening is the milestone that keeps things less complicated for the fixing process. Unassembled the faucet and took a closer look.

2. Discontinue the water supply

You can easily find the valves supplying water to that particular faucet, probably in the cabinet underneath. Turn the valves off for both cold and hot water carefully before taking any other step towards the fix. Keep the faucet in the turn-off position so that there is no air pressure bound up.

3. Safely take off the handle.

Do not become overambitious and damage the elegant design of your kitchen faucet handle that you picked with so much affection. Use the right-sized pliers and avoid scratching the surfaces.

4. A closer look at the cartridge

Detach all the washers and replace the damaged parts. Also, the O ring has a significant role in a faucet, make sure that you find the damages accurately in this area. If you have to replace the whole cartridge or some components, the essential part is to find the accurate size of these replacements.

5. Assembling the parts back

When you put all the new components in a faucet, make sure to mimic the process in the same sequence backward as you unassembled them. Lubricating the washers, O ring, and tiny springs, and sealing the components in a perfect form will help to avoid any difficulties.

6. Place the tap and handle it properly before testing.

When the cartridge is fixed and ready to deliver, ensure that the faucet is working correctly with a lower flow at first.

These may sound like straightforward steps, but skipping a single one may cause you more trouble than you already were facing. Hopefully, these suggestions will turn the rest of your day into a cozy vacation.


Here is what you were here for. Now you know everything about OAKland kitchen faucet. Hopefully, you will not get into trouble again.

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