How Much Do Plumbers Charge To Change A Kitchen Faucet

When it comes to talking about the most important things in the kitchen, a faucet is probably the amenity to top the list alongside the stove and other kitchen essentials.

A kitchen faucet is, undoubtedly, the most used item in any kitchen that comes in handy for a number of uses. You use it for washing your hands and other items before and during cooking. You do the dishes, and even use the water coming through it for drinking and cooking.

Almost all of us have been through the torments of time when our kitchen faucet went out of order and we had to wait for a professional plumber who would fix it in minimum time. Because the job requires minimal amount of effort but needs to be done very carefully. One cannot afford hiring a plumber who has no experience of doing it. On the other hand, hiring someone who is a pro at his job is sure to cost you extra money.

How Much Do Plumbers Charge To Change A Kitchen Faucet

Know your faucet design

Before we go on to talk about the charges of getting a kitchen faucet changed, it is important for you to be aware of some of the most common styles of kitchen faucets that are in trend nowadays.

Because the particular style of a faucet is a determinant of the charges for its installation, knowing about these styles is a must if you want to stay on budget. Here are some of the most common kitchen faucet styles:

Monobloc Faucet: This one is the most used of all faucet types. Having a single outlet and using a single hole, this faucet is the cheapest one in the market.

Pull-out faucet: A faucet that you can stretch out to allow for a closer reach of water, this one does not cost much specifically in terms of installation.

Deck mounted faucet: This one is fitted on a wall and needs around three holes for fixation. The faucet has a single outlet but two inlets to allow for mixing between the hot and cold water.

Other common types of kitchen faucets include touchless, commercial, pull-down, single hand faucet, and a few others.

Determinants that decide the cost

Talking in terms of the over-all cost of installation, where the style of your kitchen faucet is the most important determinant of it, there is a wide range of other cost-determining factors too.

These factors are affected by the area you live in, the time of the year, and a variety of other minor factors. Here are some of the most important of these secondary determining factors:

Final verdict and the estimated cost range

Where the average cost for getting a kitchen faucet installed in most parts, ranges from $200 to $400, it can easily increase further. It is also important to know that a large fraction of this over-all cost is alluded only to the labor charges. This means, if you want your plumber to bring a faucet along or to provide you with some other services, you must expect the cost to go over $600.

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[…] How much do plumbers Charge To Change A Kitchen Faucet […]


[…] How much do plumbers Charge To Change A Kitchen Faucet […]