Most Reliable Luxury Kitchen Faucets in 2022

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The kitchen is where you cook love for your family. Hence, looking for luxury kitchen faucets is comprehensible. However, that will require some time on research. Primarily because there are a lot of things that you want right in your kitchen faucet.

Durability, convenience, customer support, style, appearance, there is a lot to take in. Fortunately for you, I was crazy enough to go through every detail of the luxury faucets when I was getting mine.

And now, you have a full review of the five best luxury kitchen faucets along with a luxury faucet buying guide.

Luxury Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Before getting into the details, I want to clarify that I know there could be many other faucets on this list. You might also notice that there aren’t many electronic faucets on my list.

This is because I considered the most useful, convenient, and practical features and balanced them with the price. And these five faucets came on top.

1. KOHLER Tournant Semi-Professional Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

Top features

  • Three functions: Sweep, BerrySoft, Aerated stream
  • Temperature memory
  • Water flow: 2.2 GPM
  • Height: 10” Reach: 9.5”
  • Limited lifetime warranty

After a few months, this faucet felt like beauty and the beast. Maybe not that much on the beauty side for those who don’t like the traditional professional look. But it sure is durable.

That outer strength comes from the brass, and the inner integrity derives from the ceramic disc. Maybe that’s why they cost so much. The finish also felt premium and assured by Kohler to be corrosion and tarnish free.

Professional faucets are designed for convenience. And this was convenient from installation to daily usage. Magnetic docking played a big role in that.

I never had any problem with the faucet, but consumer reports say that Kohler is lighting fast to reply. That is because a simple bad review from you can ruin their decades of hard work.


  • Convenient to use
  • Stylish modern looks
  • Less backsplash
  • Almost no mineral buildup
  • Great brand value
  • Approved from several public and private organizations


  • The magnet is stronger than I would like
  • A bit on the pricier side

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2. Kraus Bolden 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Dual Function Pull-Down Sprayhead

Top features

  • Two functions: Stream, Spray
  • 20″ retractable hose
  • Flow rate: 1.8 GPM
  • Height: 18″ Reach:8.69″

Brass is a luxury in kitchen faucets, and this has a 100% brass body. The handles are zinc, and the sprayer is made with the best quality ABS plastic. The water ways are all braided nylon. So, you can assume how hardcore it is.

That plastic sprayer head has some rubber reinforcement that reduces the mineral build-up. I like the plastic sprayer because they don’t strain my hand. And ABS is no less than metal from the durability perspective.

Those CAE type water lines also have braided stainless steel protection. The ceramic cartridge from Keroz provides it with reliable water flow for a long time and renders the best flow and temperature control.

Unlike most top-tier kitchen faucets, this one comes with all kinds of accessories that help in the installation. There was also the weight, hex wrench, and escutcheon plate. The pre-attached 22″ water lines made my installation day a lot easier.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Excellent pullout experience
  • Great look and finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Only rotates 180°

3. Delta Faucet Linden Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Side Sprayer in Matching Finish

Top features

  • DIAMOND Seal Technology
  • Two to three-hole installation
  • Height: 11″, Reach: 9.81″
  • Flow rate: 1.5 GPM
  • Limited lifetime warranty

High-end kitchen faucets don’t always mean that it has to be a professional design or even a high arch one. The low arc kitchen faucet can be just as good. And this statement is proven by the Delta Faucet Linden.

Fear not; you will have a sprayer beside it. Both of them are available in three stunning finishes. The faucet has all the classic features of high-end Delta faucets. You have the best brass as the construction material.

The sprayer seems to be made of the same material with similar proportions of weight. It is just as smooth as any pullout faucet but with a 45″ hose, which is almost double than most faucets.

Now, I would mention that it has the limitations of a low arch style. But it certainly qualifies as an upscale kitchen faucet.


  • Deck plate comes with the faucet
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Compact design
  • Tough built
  • Smooth retraction of the sprayer


  • Pot filling might be a problem in smaller sinks

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4. Aimadi Contemporary Kitchen Sink Faucet, Single Handle with Pull Down Sprayer

Top features

  • Very low price
  • Pulldown faucet with pot filler
  • Two functions: stream and spray
  • Water flow rate: 1.5 GPM
  • Height: 17.3″, Reach: 11.4″

When you think of a chef faucet, you are thinking of the most expensive kitchen faucets. You would not be wrong if you are only looking at the high end kitchen faucet brands. But underdogs like Aimadi proves that fierce competition can yield out some pretty sweet deals.

This contemporary style faucet has everything you see in a chef style kitchen faucet. When you consider the premium pot filler and the brass construction, the pricing becomes insane. The faucet has three handles with a separate one for the pot filler.

The main handle does an awesome job of keeping the hot and cold water flow smooth and easy to control. The commercial style kitchen faucet also gives you a better taste and fewer minerals like limescale or calcium.

You also have features like full swivel and 23″ long hose. All the hardware and supply lines come with the faucet as well. I can go on forever like this. This is surely my favorite.


  • Best value for the money
  • Very convenient and easy to maintain
  • Great combination of spray functions and pot filler
  • Ergonomic and flexible design
  • Brass construction in an inexpensive price tag


  • The cold and hot water lines should be a bit longer for more convenience

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5. BLANCO Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

Top features

  • Two spray functions: Stream and Spray
  • Flow rate: 2.2, 1.8, and 1.5 GPM
  • Height: 15.5”, Reach: 8.5”
  • Limited lifetime warranty

A single handle pulldown faucet with a gooseneck is a typical faucet you imagine when imagining expensive luxury faucets. And most top kitchen faucets are like this.

The style is modern and elegant, with clean lines and a smooth finish. There are amazing finishes to choose from. You also have the option of different flow rates. The unique offering of flow rate options is a great move for people like me.

Again you have brass as the primary material. But this is a 100% brass faucet. However, the spray head has rubber nubbins that are crucial to reducing mineral buildup. Inside, you have the ceramic disc cartridge for maximum drip protection and smoothness of control.

I also took the Sonoma soap dispenser. But that was only available in two finishes. That is a big logistical flaw from the company.


  • Saves water up to 20%
  • Amazing customer service
  • Temperature control is accurate
  • Solid construction
  • Certified my many public and private organizations


  • The pulldown hose makes the metal scraping sound
  • Installation instruction was not very good

Top Pick

[amazon box= “B07C1L5GL5” grid= “1”]

You might be shocked by my top pick, but after getting a close look for many days, I think the best luxury faucet is the Aimadi Contemporary Kitchen Sink Faucet.

I know it is not a very big company and there can be problems with customer service. But it stole the crown with the jaw-dropping price tag while giving out the best features.

How to Find the Best Luxury Faucet

We aren’t here to find fancy kitchen faucets. We are here to pick the best one out. And there are certain things you need to care for when making the purchase.


Faucet style is the biggest question for this matter. And I think most of you will agree with me that professional style kitchen faucets are the best. However, I also agree with those who think it doesn’t have the best appearance. But the height and maneuverability, along with the extra features, make it my first choice.

The gooseneck is certainly the best looking. But they do have certain hiccups. Go for it if you are not gonna work in your kitchen every day. But they are relatively cheap as well.

Pick the finish carefully. Make sure that it matches your interior. Don’t go too fancy.


You guys already know that I like Brass. And in my opinion, it is the champion of all materials for a durable faucet. Stainless steel is also a viable option.

However, I like my sprayer head to be strong plastic or made of lighter materials so that they don’t strain my hand. ABS plastic is a good contender. Handles and cartridges might be made of zinc, aluminum, ceramic, and various other materials.

Pulldown features

There are two big things you need to see here, flexibility and smoothness. The hose should be long enough and smoother to use. It should make any noise. Magnetic docking is a norm for expensive faucets. If you are using a sprayer head, make sure that it is made of the same material as the main faucet.

Spray functions

Stream and spray functions are inevitable in luxury line faucets. Some faucet brands also give you a third option, like a power boost or drizzle option. The switching should also be smooth, and the switch should be ergonomically designed.

Flow rate

I always like higher pressure. So, 2.2 GPM is what I need for my kitchen. But you can go as down as 1.5 GPM. However, it would be best if you remembered that you can always dial down, but you can’t do the opposite. So, better if you take a higher pressure.


My first advice will be to go for professionals if you are handling an expensive faucet. However, these days faucets have become so easy to install that calling a plumber would be a waste of time.

So, see if the instructions are right. Your hole size and distances should be measured before making the purchase. Generally, expensive faucet brands give all the necessary hardware and supply lines with the faucet. You should also get a free deck plate.


Most of the time, price is not a concern when looking for the best in the market. But I would say that the priciest one is not necessarily the best one. We have already shown that in the review section that great faucets can come at great prices. But don’t buy them unless you have a good review because low price faucet tends to have problems with durability and after-sales services.

Best Luxury Kitchen Faucets

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions every shopper has. Some of them are listed below-

Q: Which are the best luxury kitchen faucet brands?

A: There are a few brands that are renowned for their elegant kitchen faucets. But that doesn’t mean they are the only best brand of kitchen faucets. Some of those brands are-

They are well known to create the best faucets. However, I wouldn’t recommend canceling the underdogs in the market.

Q: Which sink is best for a luxury faucet?

A: I believe a stone farmhouse sink with a semi-professional faucet on an island is the best set up for a luxury kitchen.

Q: What is the difference between spout height and faucet height?

A: The spout height is the distance from the faucet base to the tip if the sprayer head, and the faucet height is the total height of the faucet measuring from the base to the top of the faucet?

Final Words

Having a perfect kitchen is a dream for some people. And that dream is incomplete without the best luxury kitchen faucets.

I spent a lot of time on it. I know you can get high-end faucets on a budget. Read the guide, see the reviews, and you will have your dream kitchen from us.