Best Plastic Kitchen Sink Faucets

Kitchens are more than places for cooking and cleaning. They are places of relaxation, meals, socialization, and much more. Choosing a kitchen faucet is a major decision when remodeling or creating a new kitchen. But, which one should you choose?

If you’re looking for a durable and affordable for your kitchen faucet, plastic is a great choice. Many plastic kitchen faucets are available in multiple styles and sizes, making them ideal. Some of the best plastic kitchen faucets include those with swivel heads and spout height adjustments. 

Today, we will discuss what makes a plastic kitchen faucet great and give you information. We’ll look at the various styles, sizes, and prices of plastic kitchen faucets on the market to help you determine which one is right for your needs. No more talk, Let’s Get Started! 

Top 5 Best Plastic Kitchen Sink Faucets Review

1. Kingston Brass 8-Inch Centerset Kitchen Faucet


Handle TypeLever
Handle MaterialMetal
Spout Reach7.69 Inches
Dimensions10.25 x 7.69 x 5.56 inches
Spout Height‎5.56 Inches
Installation MethodCenterset

When you think of kitchen faucets, you probably think of how important it is to have a high-quality faucet in your kitchen or bathroom. You may also consider the Kingston Brass Centerset Kitchen Faucet. It is a simple faucet made for both single and double sink installations.

This faucet has a 7-11/16-inch spout reach, which provides you with more flexibility in cleaning the sink and tub. It is built of high-quality materials like solid brass so that it will endure longer than other low-quality faucets. This faucet is ADA-compliant and has a temperature range of 50 to 100 degrees. It also has a lifetime warranty to ensure you can use it without worrying about problems with the faucet itself.

It also has a pull-down sprayer, making it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas. This faucet has a brushed nickel finish that will look great in any kitchen or bathroom. It has a sprayer that can be adjusted for a normal spray pattern, a wide spray pattern, or a powerful stream.


  • You can use this faucet in both a professional and residential setting. It is made from strong brass, ensuring that it won’t rust or corrode easily. It is also an affordable faucet, so you don’t have to spend much money to get a quality product.


  • This faucet may not be the best choice if you want to look fancy and works with your trendier decor.

2. WOWOW Heritage Brushed Gold Centerset Kitchen Sink Faucet


Handle LocationLeft/Right
Handle MaterialMetal
Spout Reach7 Inches
Handle Number02
Spout Height‎6.3 Inches
Installation MethodDeck Mount

Do you have a kitchen sink that doesn’t come with a fixture? WOWOW Bridge Gold Kitchen Sink Faucet is an affordable and functional replacement that will add style to your kitchen sink. Its side sprayer gives you more control over your water use. The handle swivels 360 degrees, and its stream is adjustable. We have tested and tried it.

The high-quality faucet is made of solid brass with an antique finish. The extra-sized deck plate enables easy replacement with 3 or 4-hole sink installation. It’s easy to install and requires a wrench, pliers, and a screwdriver. This kitchen faucet is designed for a single handle and comes with extra-long Luer lock connectors to prevent leaks. The low arc spout and aerator allow a good water level in your pipes. It makes a great addition to any contemporary decor or traditional style kitchen. It’s perfect for any antique, modern, or transitional home decor style.

This Kitchen Sink Faucet is a quality product that is sturdy, reliable, and has excellent performance. The aerator is dual-action and ensures that the water comes out at the right pressure. It can be used on kitchen and bathroom sinks but will be most effective in a bathroom sink.


  • The sink faucet is very versatile and functional. The sprayer gives you more control over your water use. It’s easy to install and requires a wrench, pliers, and a screwdriver. It’s perfect for any antique, modern, or transitional home decor style.


  • The sprayer can leak if water is too fast, so we recommend only using it for light duties.

3. BWE Wall Mount Commercial Kitchen Sink Faucet


Mounting TypeWall Mount
Handle TypeLever
Handle MaterialStainless Steel, Acrylic, Brass
Handle Number01
Installation MethodWall Mount

If you’re looking for a high-quality stainless-steel kitchen utility with a faucet, BWE Kitchen Sink Faucet can help you. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is NSF certified. This kitchen utility sink will give your restaurant a clean and professional look. The swivel gooseneck faucet is easy to use while cleaning dishes, hands, and other utensils.

The kitchen utility sink faucet comprises high-quality grade 304 stainless steel with a professional satin finish. The kitchen utility sink is easy to install and is designed with a large internal space to accommodate larger utensils. The wall mount kitchen faucet is easy to clean and can be easily removed for easy cleaning.

The wall-mount kitchen faucet and sink set are also available with a stopper, single tap hole, or separate hot/cold taps for extra convenience for your home or business setting. It comes complete with a commercial hand sink. The faucet swivels 180 degrees to provide easy access from either side of the sink. It is a heavy-duty kitchen utility sink and faucet set that can be used in various restaurant settings and commercial kitchens.


  • The satin finish provides a professional look for your restaurant. The satin finish is easy to maintain and looks great after many uses. The NSF certification guarantees that this sink is high-quality and safe to use in a restaurant environment.


  • The handle is hard to turn, and some customers complain that it breaks easily.

4. GOWIN Centerset Stainless Steel Nickel Kitchen Faucet


MaterialStainless Steel
Handle LocationLeft-Right
Spout Height9 Inches
Color‎Brushed Nickel
Extension Length35 Inches
Spout Reach7.87 Inches
Installation MethodCenterset

When looking for a kitchen faucet, both brushed and polished nickel finishes have their own distinct beauty. For homeowners with a more modern design aesthetic, GOWIN Centerset Nickel Kitchen Faucet can be perfect. It comes with a stylish and elegant design to elevate the entire look of your kitchen. This faucet has a side sprayer and swivel nozzle to clean far corners of the countertop more efficiently.

The body of this faucet is made of stainless steel to enhance durability and stain resistance. Its metal construction also keeps it strong against rust and other material defects. You can easily adjust the water pressure and temperature to suit your preferences because of its metal lever handle.

The handle of this faucet is also ergonomically designed to enhance comfort and control during use. This faucet also has a pull-out sprayer on the side of it. You can easily adjust the soapy water output by twisting the pull-out nozzle and screwing it back into place for continuous use. The hose of this sprayer is adjustable to meet your plumbing needs at different elevations.


  • The metal handle provides ergonomic control and comfort during use. The pull-out sprayer can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. This faucet has a simple and stylish design that looks great in almost any kitchen. You can adjust the water temperature and pressure for customized settings.


  • The side sprayer lacks anti-drip protection to prevent water splashing on your countertop while using it.

5. Kingston Chrome 8 Inches Centerset Kitchen Faucet


Handle LocationCenterset
Spout Height10.81 Inches
Style‎Polished Chrome
Extension LengthAntique
Spout Reach8.63 Inches
Installation MethodCenterset

Are you looking to replace your current kitchen faucet but can’t find anything you like in your price range? Kingston Centerset Kitchen Faucet can be your solution. It’s made from hard-wearing brass and is available in a polished chrome finish. It has a sleek design with an arched spout to make cleaning easy.

Kingston Centerset Kitchen Faucet is a stylish homeowner faucet that would look great in any room of your home. This faucet is designed for easy installation. You can screw the faucet unit into your kitchen sink, and you will be ready to use it in no time.

The sprayer is detachable from the faucet and has a lever handle for ultimate control when turning on and off the water. It also has an aerator designed with holes on either side to increase pressure. This faucet comes with an ergonomic lever handle that optimizes your comfort when using it.


  • This faucet is stylish and easy to install. The aerator and handle make it very convenient when you want to turn the water on and off. The spout is also curved for better cleaning. It’s also detachable, so it doesn’t take much space in your kitchen.


  • This faucet has no visible problems, but you have to be careful when installing it because the unit is heavy.

How to Choose the Right Plastic Kitchen Faucet for Your Needs

It’s time to replace the old and outdated kitchen faucet. But with so many choices, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you and your home. A new kitchen faucet is a big purchase, and this article will help you decide what to buy. Hopefully, this helpful buying guide can help you find a comfortable faucet that fits in your home.


Kitchen faucets are made from one of three materials: stainless steel, brass, plastic, or ceramic. Plastic faucets are the most common, but they are known to be easily eroded by water over time. Stainless steel is the most popular material because it is durable and looks great in the kitchen. Brass faucets are more expensive, but they will last longer than stainless steel. Ceramic faucets are the most sought-after because they last and look great in the kitchen. 

Faucet Spout Length

Every kitchen faucet has a spout length. The spout length is the distance from the center of the faucet body to the end of the faucet spout. You need to make sure that you measure from the center of your sink and compare it with this length to ensure it is compatible. The length ranges from four to twelve inches. Four inches is a standard size because it works well in most sinks, especially smaller ones. The longer spouts are for bigger sinks that require more water at one time.


Most modern kitchen faucets come with handles of some kind. The handles are made from plastic, stainless steel, or brass. Plastic handles will not take as much wear and tear as the other materials. They do not tarnish, rust, or corrode over time. They are also very easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel is another great material for a handle because it has a beautiful appearance and is durable. There is no problem maintaining it. It would help if you kept them slippery so you do not have an ugly copper finish on your faucet handle in the long run.

Faucet Finish

The faucet’s finish is the way it looks, whether you choose stainless steel or brass. It would help if you looked for a finish that compliments your home’s design. For instance, if you have an all-white kitchen with chrome accents, you will want to purchase a chrome-based faucet. It will look well in your kitchen space. If you don’t care about the faucet’s material and want one that functions properly and looks well, consider both materials.

Number of Spray Patterns

Spray patterns result from different types of aeration that happen when you turn the faucet on. The spray patterns vary depending on the type of aeration. There are soft spray, jet spray, massage, and warm spray options. Always make sure to select a faucet that has the option you prefer.

Water Flow

Kitchen faucets have a maximum flow rate of approximately 2.2 gallons per minute. But some larger ones can go as high as four gallons per minute. That is a lot of water at once, and you want to ensure that your faucet has a high water flow capacity. The amount of flow you need depends on the size of your sink and how much you are using it for.

Spout Shape

Kitchen faucets come in many shapes and sizes. The most common spout shape is a straight spout, and you can find them with a drain-free stopper. They are the most common available designs and are the easiest to find. Many people prefer a lever-style faucet for its ease of use and maintenance. These faucets typically have one handle to turn the water on and off.


Are plastic faucets safe?

Yes. Plastic faucets are completely safe and do not contain any harmful chemicals. The plastic materials used for faucet construction are also BPA-free, and FDA approved.

What can I use to clean a plastic kitchen faucet? 

You should only use white vinegar and water. You can also buy a cleaning solution specifically made for plastic faucets. Do not use dish soap, bleach, or abrasives, as they will eventually cause damage to the product.

Are plastic faucets harder to keep clean?

They are completely safe and easy to keep clean with proper care and use. Plastic also keeps temperatures down in the sink, so you can easily wash vegetables without worrying about them burning.

Will plastic faucets hold up over time?

The finish of the plastic material is food safe and will not deteriorate over time. The hose will never rust or corrode to metal, making plastic faucets ideal for plumbers working on tasks around the house.

Can I use my plastic kitchen faucet for cooking?

Yes. The faucet won’t get hot like a metal faucet when used in the kitchen. Perfect for everyday use. The sprayer works great with both hot and cold water and is made to be completely waterproof and easy to clean.

Where should I install my plastic kitchen faucet?

You can use your new plastic kitchen faucet for any application, including the sink, tub, and shower. Some people even use their new plastic bathroom faucets in their laundry room or garage. They are very flexible in terms of installation spots.

Final Words

The best plastic kitchen faucets are durable, have a stylish design, and are easy to use. There are many benefits to using plastic kitchen faucets. When shopping for a new kitchen faucet, consider all the important features to you and your family. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a plastic kitchen faucet today!

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