Moen Motionsense Vs Delta Touch2O: A detailed comparison step by step 2021!

In the market, Moen and Delta both are competing for a long time now and they both have some master-class faucets that can give you everything and make your kitchen look gorgeous. People are picky these days because they’re in love with the aesthetics of kitchen faucets.

When you’re buying a faucet for yourself and you’re stuck between Motionsense technology from Moen and Touch2O technology from Delta, we’re here to help you out.

If you ask about the brands, the Delta is younger than Moen and they started their journey pretty late. But faucets from Delta are mind-blowing.

This is basically a moen motionsense vs delta touch2o article and we’ll be comparing these two technologies to make your purchase more specific. Besides, in order to lessen your homework on researching other features, we’ll discuss them too!

After reading this, you’ll get a clear idea about which one you should go for. Let’s start the technology comparison part.

Comparison Between Moen Motionsense & Delta Touch2O:

The operating procedures of these two faucets are different from one another. The Delta comes up with a touch feature to boost your washing experience to a whole new level. It comes up with a touch 2O technology to ensure fast operation.

When you’re dealing with messy hands, you can turn on the water by touching it anywhere with your elbow, forearm, or wrist. The touch2O technology is super fast and it operates within a second.

On the other hand, the Moen comes up with something that’s more hilarious. It has 2 separate sensors installed that’ll take your order with some specific movement. You don’t have to touch the faucet at all like the Delta one. Bring your hands down the sprayer and the faucet will turn on itself.

This technology is what they named Motionsense. The sensors of this technology are powerful and strong enough. They are pretty sensitive sometimes as they take orders when you moved your hand near the faucet or you’re walking in front of it.

In this term, if you ask our verdict on this, the Moen motionsense feels a little better and convenient. You don’t have to touch the faucet at all. This will reduce any kind of spots or messy fingerprints on the body as well.

Comparison Between Moen Motionsense faucet & Delta Touch2O faucet:

  • Building material

The material is an important fact as it increases the lifespan of your faucet. You don’t want your faucet with cheap plastic material or rusty metal. There are different types of building materials available for kitchen faucets.

The Delta touch faucet comes up with brass. This material is basically a combination of zinc and copper. The material is pretty durable and long-lasting. On the other side, the Moen motionsense faucet comes up with metal body and a bronze finish. This material is pretty durable at the same time.

  • Finish

The finish of your faucet is important as it gives your kitchen a new elegant look and some people are picky about the finish. You need to buy a faucet that fits your decoration. The Delta touch faucet comes up with a stainless finish with spot resistant feature. Messy fingerprints are a problem but you don’t have to worry about those for the Delta faucet.

The Moen motionsense comes up with a bronze finish. The color and tone are a bit darker. So, choose according to your preferences. Also, the Moen has three more finishes available. Spot-resistant stainless, chrome finish, and oil-rubbed bronze finish. Moen is giving you versatility.

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  • Handle

When it comes to analog operation, both of the faucets come up with lever handles. These handles are most popular these days and operating your faucet with lever handles is super easy. You can control the speed, water temperature everything with your lever handle.

  • Mounting mechanism

The Delta touch faucet and the Moen motionsense, both of them feature deck mounting. Mounting your faucet is pretty easy. Besides, they come up with both 3-hole mounting and single-hole mounting features as well.

  • Water flow rate

The flow rate is an important factor for faucets. It means how much water will be coming out of your faucet in one minute. Usually, the higher the rate, the better the faucet as it helps filling pots or pans quickly.

The flow rate for the Delta kitchen faucet is 1.8 gallons per minute while the Moen can deliver you 1.5 gallons per minute. The flow rate is a bit lower for the Moen.

  • Sprayer mechanism

Talking about sprayers, the Delta comes up with a shield spray technology. This technology is great as it increases the power of the water flow and makes your cleaning super easy. It also easily cuts through stubborn messes at the same time. Washing vegetables or dishes is comfortable with this one. It also has steam mode.

The Moen comes up with a power-clean spray. It claims to be 50% more powerful than other sprayer modes. It increases the speed and water flow at the same time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a powerful sprayer like the delta. But it offers you three different sprayer modes.

  • Docking mechanism

Having a decent docking mechanism is essential. You obviously don’t want your faucet sprayer to hang there all the time leaving the hose out. There are several docking mechanisms. The old school faucet docking system was adding weight. There was weight added to the sprayer hose under the sink that’ll pull the faucet to its place when washing is done.

Now, the Moen faucet comes up with a reflex docking system. The reflex technology is comfortable and it makes moving the sprayer comfortable at the same time. When you’re done with your washing, the sprayer simply retracts back to its place.

The Delta, on the other hand, features a magnetic docking. There are magnets attached to the spryer that pull back the faucet decently.

Other important features

Moen Motionsense faucet:

  • ADA compliant: The motionsense is an ADA compliant faucet. People with disabilities can also deal with this faucet comfortably as it requires no hard operation.
  • Easy installation: Some of the faucet parts are interchangeable and you don’t need someone to install the faucet. You can do it all by yourself having the user manual. Mounting the faucet to your sink is pretty easy.
  • 3 function spray: The sprayer comes up with different sprayer modes like a powerful sprayer, steam, or pull-down pause mode. Your actions are more precise with three different modes.
  • Batteries: the Moen Motionsense faucet comes up with 6 double AA batteries for better operation and convenience. These built-in batteries are durable and your faucet operates perfectly with these batteries.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: The Moen faucet has a limited lifetime warranty with conditions to back you up. Your purchase is more secured with a warranty feature.

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Delta Touch2O faucet:

  • Diamond Seal: It comes up with a patented diamond seal technology that makes the faucet totally leak-free and durable. This seal is an extraordinary feature and every faucet doesn’t have this. It boosts up the lifespan of your faucet.
  • Easy installation: Like the previous one, this Delta faucet comes up with an easy installation feature and it has versatility in the mounting option as well.
  • Tempsense LED: The tempsense LED indicator gives you an idea of the temperature of your water. This feature is different and the Moen doesn’t have this one.
  • Battery Included: The package of the Delta faucet comes up with a battery and accessories to make your installation convenient.
  • Optional adapter: In case you don’t want to use a battery, you can switch to the adapter for power. You can go analog as well.
  • 5 Years warranty: The Delta faucet comes up with a limited 5 years warranty. This warranty is helpful and backs you up perfectly.

Final verdict

In the technology battle, obviously the Moen Motionsense wins here. The touchless operation is super convenient and there are a lot of facilities of this technology. Hands-free operations are pretty comfortable.

But, having all these features checked and compared to each other, if you ask which one you should go for, our answer will be the “Delta Touch2O Kitchen faucet”. You may wonder why we’re choosing a touch faucet over a touchless faucet.

Well, the answer depends on a lot of features and facts. When the Moen offers a touchless operation, the Delta offers touch technology with a diamond seal, magnetic docking, temp LED that are great.

However, if the Moen meets your preferences, you can go for that one as well.