Moen Vs Delta Vs Kohler Faucets- Which Is The Best

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Choosing the right faucet for your home sometimes may be a bit challenging. Because there are many companies available in the plumbing market and they manufacture the same products at a time. So among all brands, you may be confused about which one is good and which one you should avoid.

So, for release from this tension, you must know the name of some reputed faucet brands which are established in the industry with pride and maintain the good quality of their products to make their customers happy.

And when you find these criteria into the brands, three major brands name must come to your eyes for sure. They are – Moen, Delta, and Kohler.

In this article, we will compare the features of these three giant faucet companies, and also we will tell here the short history of their long journey.

So, Moen vs Delta vs Kohler Faucets- Which Is the Best?

Let’s find the answer.

Moen vs Delta vs Kohler Kitchen Faucet

A Brief History Of These Three Giant Brands

Let’s know some history of these popular brands, how they started their journey and how they spread their business in the world market.


Kohler is the brand that has been ruling in the market for a long time with their good quality products. John Michael Kohler is the founder of Kohler who established this company in 1873.

Kohler Company originally launched its service by manufacturing various types of farm machinery. But over time, the growth of the company increased rapidly and they started to focus on many other different products and category.

Soon, Kohler started manufacturing plumbing products, like – faucets, sinks, showers, tubs and other plumbing materials. And today, they are one of the top plumbing product manufacturers worldwide. Kohler enhanced their business by almost 36,000 associations whole over the world and supply top quality plumbing products to your doorstep.


Just like Kohler, Moen is another popular brand that was established in the market for a long time. Alfred Moen founded Moen Company in 1937 and he is the inventor of the ‘single handed faucet’. This unique design faucet is one of the key inventions in the plumbing world at that time.

But here is an interesting history behind of his innovation. One day, Alfred almost burnt by a flow of hot water from a double-handed faucet accidentally. After this incident, he realizes the necessity of a single handed faucet and inspired to make it.

Alfred Moen takes 10 years to confirm the final design and after that, Moen Company successfully started producing single handed faucet for consumers.

Moen Company rapidly archived reputation in the world by introducing many other faucet designs in the market. Not only for your kitchen and baths but Moen also manufactures a wide variety of plumbing fixtures for your daily need. And their products are also well known for the long lasting feature.


Among these three brands in the plumbing industry, Delta is the youngest one. Delta Company formed in 1954 by its founder Alex Manoogian and still in 2020, they run their business with pride.

Alex is also well known as an inventor of a ‘single handle washerless ball valve faucet’. Besides this unique innovation, in the same year, he founded Delta Company. Over time, besides washerless faucet, Delta started manufacturing shower and bathroom faucets. Delta also invented the ‘pullout head spray model’ that has a mass uses in our today’s life.

This reputed Brand quickly spread its products in the market and customers accepted them for their good quality products and long lasting criteria.

For their innovative and good quality products, Delta recently gets a number of awards, like – Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Sustained Excellence Award, PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) award, etc.

The Comparison Of Features Of Moen, Delta and Kohler

In the plumbing industry, there are many types of faucet features invented by these three companies over the years. They upgraded their faucet design within a certain time and always tried to include unique features to their products.

Here we will try to compare some of the common features of Moen, Delta and Kohler.

Pull Down Faucets

All of these three companies manufacture numerous types of faucet. Pull down faucet is one of them.

Pull down faucet is a new addition in faucet industry and if you want to make your kitchen or bathroom modern and smart, you have to consider choosing the best pull down kitchen faucet that is both gorgeous and useful.


Kohler Company uses a magnetic docking system in its pull down faucet model. Which also known as ‘DockNetik system’. Kohler includes strong magnets in the pull down faucet that is fixed with the faucet body.

This special magnetic power helps to hold the faucet wand in the appropriate place and reduce the risk of collapse it over time.


At the same time, Moen designed their pull down faucet with a reflex system. You will found a flexible hose and quickly usable spray head with a Moen pull down faucet.

That’s why you will get a wide scale of motion and easy access to operate the faucet. This unique design also gives you smooth feelings by automatically return back of the spray head to its own position.


Just like Kohler, Delta Company also manufactures its pull down faucets with magnetic technology. Delta’s pull down faucet has a powerful magnet feature that is settled at the end of the faucet spout.

So, because of this magnetic power, when you don’t use your faucet, the magnet holds the wand of the faucet in its place. And at the time you want to pull down the spray head of the faucet, you only need to give a mild touch on the wand. That’s it!

Also this superb magnetic technology helps the spray head to hold in its position strongly and save it from drooping.

Touchless Technology

Imagine you can open or close your faucet by using your voice or an app without touching it. Simply amazing, isn’t it? Yes, your imagination comes true today. Kohler, Delta and Moen, all of these giant Brands introduced top class touchless technology in the faucet world.

Touchless faucet system helps you to make your work easier and save water. When your hands are dirty or full of cups and plates, you can just command with your voice or just keep your hand under the faucet sensor to run the water flow. So simple!

The market of the touchless faucet has significantly grown in the last few years. Due to the advantage of uses and to maintain hygiene, the demand for touchless faucet increased day by day. And today, at the time of the pandemic situation of Covid-19, when every ‘touch’ can be a problem, a touchless water faucet will be a great option.


Kohler introduces its touchless technology with a response system. Kohler touchless faucet comes with an attached sensor that is positioned at the bottom side of the faucet spout. You can easily on and off the flow of water by just waving your hand.

Compared with the Delta and Moen, one of the special features of Kohler’s touchless faucet is, it has an auto shut off system. This feature prevents water wastage by turns the faucet off after 4 minutes of inactivity.

Also Kohler Company manufactured voice control faucet that you can control with your voice command and connect the faucet voice command system with your smartphone app.


Moen Company manufactured its touchless faucet with Motion Sense technology. They use one or two sensors to operate the faucet without touch. Generally, one sensor is positioned at the upper side of the faucet spout and another one is located at the base of the faucet.

You can turn on the water on or off very easily by waving your hand or by place objects at the front of the motion sensor, like – dish, cups or plates.

But in this section, we must talk about the ‘U By Moen Smart Faucet™’, one of the great innovations of Moen included touchless technology.

You can control this superb faucet model by four individual ways. Voice control, wave sensor, remote controlling with a smartphone app or old style manual system- whatever you want, you can do.

The U By Moen Smart Faucet™ is also allowing you to control the temperature of faucet water and water flow duration using your voice command.

But this model is bit expensive. And if you looking for a cheap Moen touchless faucet, you can try MotionSense™ faucet. This model doesn’t have every feature like U By Moen Smart Faucet™, but it is more affordable than U By Smart faucet.


But Delta Company introduces touchless technology in a different way. They have invented touch kitchen faucets with Touch2O technology and this is their signature item whole over the world.

To operate a touch kitchen faucet, you just need to touch anywhere of the faucet. That means this unique technology allows you to activate the faucet by only a ‘touch’ and don’t mandatory you do it with hands only. You can run the water flow of the faucet not only with the touch of your hand but also you can use your wrist or elbow to do it.

So, as like motion sensor faucets like Kohler and Moen, this model also helps you to minimize the wastage of water and keep your faucet clean after usage.

Faucet Spray Patterns

A good spray pattern is very important feature for every faucet because its make your cleaning work easier and comfortable. As like other features, Kohler, Moen and Delta offers best spray patterns of the market with highest quality.


Kohler manufacturing its faucet with a number of spray patterns design. They include Sweep, Ring spray, Boost and Berrysoft spray pattern in their recent faucets design.

Among this spray pattern design, Boost spray pattern can increase the water flow by 30% than regular. The Kohler boost spray pattern helps you when you need to full up a water pot in a short time. Really it’s very effective, isn’t it?

Also, the Sweep pattern made by angled nozzles that make very forceful water flow. This spray pattern can helpful for you when you want to clean dishes or sinks.

And besides these strong water flow spray patterns, Berrysoft offers lighter water spray that you can use when you want to wash the veggies and fruits.


In the era of rising modern technology, Moen also developing their faucets with a power cleaner spray model and boosted streams.

Moen power clean technology creates a powerful and effective water spray which is 50% stronger than any ordinary faucets. This spray model also has sufficient water splashing capability that helps you to make proper cleaning.

And Moen boosted stream pattern provides a powerful stream of water. You can full a pitcher or pot very quickly with this special spray pattern.


Delta Company attached an extra spray pattern with its faucet that makes your work more comfortable. You can generally toggle among the regular spray modes and streams of Delta faucets.

Also you can switch from the regular spray mode to a SpotShield spray mode in a Delta faucet very easily.

Delta sprays pattern helps you to clean any messy dishes or sinks efficiently within a very short time.

Customer Support

You will get some great facilities if you buy a faucet from these three companies. Because they offer a great warranty that are best from any other company in the market.

Also, Kohler, Moen and Delta – all of these Companies provide quality customers support and try to respond very quickly to any issues of your products.

Final Verdict

So, here we discussed about the three giant faucet companies. Now time to take the decision, Moen vs Delta vs Kohler Faucets- Which Is the Best?

Honestly saying, all of these companies are equally best for their exceptional faucets and also they maintained quality for a long time. So, it’s too hard to say ‘best’ to a single one.

In the end we can say, choosing one among each of these three brands is merely depend on your own preference and need of your home. So, read our review and make a perfect choice.

Best of luck!

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