Moen 87028SRS Edwyn Kitchen Faucet Reviews

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“I want to upgrade to a high-tech faucet, but I still love how my faucet looks.” This is a common dilemma among new homeowners who are contemplating whether they want a new faucet or not. Well, if you’re trying to go for a modern kitchen, your old faucet might just not work.

If you have a strong preference over classic looks, you’re in luck. Moen has manufactured a traditional looking faucet and equipped it with modern technologies you would love. The Moen Edwyn is one of the simplest yet high-tech faucets in the market. Read on to see why this faucet deserves to be in your kitchen.

Moen 87028SRS Edwyn Kitchen Faucet Reviews


Reflex System

If you’ve ever dealt with something that has wires, you know how they can get difficult to maneuver. After all, Edwyn is a pull-down faucet so you might be concerned about stubborn wires that may get in the way while you’re trying to wash dishes or fill up pans.
However, with Moen’s innovation, they have added the Reflex System for smoother operation and easier movement. It makes sure the spray head won’t dongle too after you retract it!

Jet Types

One of the things that you would love when you get a high-tech faucet is the ability to switch between jet types. With a traditional faucet (Touchless Faucets), you are stuck with just one type of spray, right. You might be thinking of how exactly would that benefit you.
Well, if you’re used to having just one spray, you would notice that filling up large pots and pans would take some time. Sometimes you even had to lower down the pressure because it was too much for the fruits and vegetables you were trying to wash.
With having two jet types, imagine the convenience of just switching between spray and stream while you do your kitchen routine. A stream jet type would fill up your large pots and pans faster; while the spray jet type would take care of all your washing needs. It gives fuller coverage and has gentler water flow so you don’t have to damage the tomato you’re washing. Plus, you can still adjust water temperature and pressure using the handle!

Power Clean

Have you ever tried to wash down a stain or hard particle from your pan? We all know they can be tough. With the 87028SRS Edwyn, apart from the spray and stream jet types, you also get Moen’s Power Clean Technology which is designed to provide 50 percent more spray power than other pull-down models. Now you can remove stains or fill up pots and pans faster. That’s one effective way of staying efficient in the kitchen!

Spot Resist

When it comes to kitchens and sinks, you need to keep them clean at all times. There is no point in cleaning food and utensils using a filthy faucet, right? Plus, when you are trying to keep your kitchen clean, you would notice the slightest marks that are keeping your area from looking pristine.

The key to keeping a shiny faucet is to not let it be filled with the unsightly fingerprints and water spots. With 87028SRS Edwyn, Moen has equipped it with their Spot Resist stainless finish so it would naturally resist fingerprints and water spots.

Pros & Cons of Moen Edwyn Kitchen Faucet


  • 24” Height
  • DuraLock System
  • Spot Resist
  • Power Clean Technology
  • Reflex System Technology
  • 2 Jet Types


  • Weaker water flow
  • No Motion Sense

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