How to Replace Cartridge in Price Pfister 2 Handle Kitchen Faucet

When you use a bathroom faucet from the brand called Price Pfister, there are chances that those faucets are with double handles and they both contain separate cartridges. Faucets are necessary for everyday life.

From your bathroom to kitchen, you can find faucets everywhere. They are the kind of tools you need in everyday life. Now, when you use your faucet for a long time and you use it repeatedly, it’ll get loosened overuse and time.

In some cases, you need to replace the cartridges inside the handles. But what’s the process of removing and replacing faucet cartridges?

In this article, we’re going to share how to replace the cartridge in price Pfister 2 handle kitchen faucet. We’ll share the guide step by step to make sure you understand everything clearly.

So, let’s get started!

Tools required for the operation

  • Flathead screwdrivers
  • Phillips screwdrivers
  • Pipe wrench
  • Tongue pliers
  • Groove pliers
  • Allen wrench
  • Replacement cartridges
  • Nontoxic plumber grease

How to remove and replace cartridges in a 2 handle faucet?

Removing the cartridge and replacing it is pretty easy for a double handle kitchen faucet. You just need to follow a few steps to complete the whole process. Let’s discuss those step by step.

Step 1:

Turn off the water supply lines first. There are two different water supply lines under your sink made for both cold water and hot water. You need to turn them off. Go under your sink and turn those valves counterclockwise.

When you feel like the water supply lines are totally turned off, turn the faucet handle on to make sure there’s no water left inside the pipes and hoses. Drain that water properly before moving to real steps.

If your sink doesn’t support water supply line valves, you need to turn off the main water supply line of your home. It’ll shut off all kinds of water supplies in your house.

Step 2:

Remove the faucet handle up next. When you turned off the water supply lines, you need to cover up the drain of your sink in order to block any kind of parts from washing away. After that, you need to remove the faucet handle.

To do this, you need to examine it first. See how it’s installed. Most of the handles are installed with a setscrew. You can find it on the side or on the rear of your faucet handle. If you can’t find it there, you can find it under the decorative cap.

Wherever it is, you need to find it out and loosen the screw. The screw will be loosened with Allen screwdrivers. Besides, you can use a different kind of wrench to do the job for you as well. When you loosened the setscrew, you can pull the handle straight up.

Step 3:

After removing the faucet handle, you need to remove the retaining nut. This thing is basically called a cartridge retaining nut. You can remove it with the help of a tongue pliers. Just unscrew the nut and move it counterclockwise. It’ll be loosened eventually.

For some specific faucets, you can find a brass screw at the top of the cartridge. If your faucet has one, it’s there to reinforce your cartridge shaft. You may need to remove this one too! But beware! If you remove this one, you need to keep it carefully because you’ll be using it with the newer cartridge as well.

Step 4:

Now, you need to remove the cartridge. When you’re removing your old cartridge, you must remember the orientation of the cartridge, you must set up your new cartridge according to this orientation. Most cartridges are set with two tabs. Some of them have one as well. These tabs fit the cartridge with the faucet body.

Pull the cartridge up from the faucet body to detach it properly. You can do it with your hand smoothly. When you can’t do it your hand or it’s stuck there, you need to add some pressure. You can use pliers to do that job for you. But before using pliers, make sure that they are not sharp that much. You need to grab the shaft of the cartridge to pull it up.

Step 5:

Get the new cartridge that you want to set up. You have to make sure that it fits with your faucet. To make sure, you can bring your old cartridge to buy a new one. Most of these cartridges come up with an O ring.

When you’re buying a new cartridge, make sure you’re buying a plumber’s grease as well. Then, coat your new cartridge with the nontoxic plumber’s grease to make it safe.

Step 6:

Now, it’s time to set up your new cartridge to your price Pfister double handle faucet. Before installing the new cartridge, make sure you’ve installed the brass screw that you removed earlier. It’s pretty necessary to install that one at the same time.

When you coated the plumber’s grease to your new cartridge, you can install that one. Remember the orientation? You must set up your new cartridge according to that orientation. Align the tabs perfectly and set up your cartridge.

Step 7:

After setting up the new cartridge, set up your handle once again in order. You know the process of removing. Just reverse it gradually.

This is how you remove and replace the cartridge on your double handle faucet. This process is for one handle. If you want to install it with the other handle, go through this process once again with the other one. It’s pretty simple.


So, this is how to replace the cartridge in price Pfister 2 handle kitchen faucet. The steps are easy and doable. All these steps are DIY friendly and if you’re an active person, you have all these tools in your home.

In this article, we’ve tried to cover how to remove and replace a faucet cartridge carefully. Just go through the steps and your problems will be solved. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to leave a comment here or contact us directly. Visit our website for more articles.

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