How to Disconnect Sprayer Hose from Delta Faucet?

Fixing something is a unique feel of pride.
Disconnecting things is easy but putting them back is another story. Bu that is not so hard when you follow a step by step process of the disconnection. And that’s why you were looking for information on how to disconnect sprayer hose from delta faucet.
And here you have that. Follow the process and you will be on your way.

What are the Steps to Disconnect the Sprayer Hose?

Plumbers also maintain the same way to disconnect the sprayer hose. Don’t make it more dangerous. Just keep calm and do the task step by step.

Tools and Materials

Here are the tools and materials you will have to gather before the disconnection process.

  • Pan (to store water)
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Basin wrench (if needed)

Complete the tools and material arrangement. Then start the work by following step by step. Give enough time to each step to get proper perfection.

Clean the Garbage

Clean the working place properly. Remove the unwanted garbage. Feel comfortable to start the work by this. Disconnection of the sprayer hose from delta faucet may happen in any sensible place. Prepare yourself as well as the working area to sort off any damage. Otherwise, disconnecting the sprayer hose may cause any trouble.

Shut Off the Water Valves Knobs

After completing the first step, find the water valve knobs. Shut off the water valve knobs to close the water supply. Moreover, you can’t do the work. The flow of water may rinse your body. Knobs attached to the water pipes. Carefully stop the water valves’ knobs.

Release the Water Residue

Drain out the water residue from the existing sprayer hose. The water residue makes it disturb during loosening the nuts. Wait till dripping out the last drop of water. Place a pan to store the water drips. This may take some time to dry the water runs.

Take Adjustable Wrench

Start every step after completing the immediate step. Make sure that no water residue presents in the sprayer hose. Then take an adjustable wrench, which is perfect. Find the exact size adjustable wrench from available the different sizes. You can also use basin wrench if you need a long-handled wrench.

Lose the Nuts

Place the adjustable wrench properly to lose the sprayer hose nuts. Scroll the wrench anti-clockwise. Continue this according to the same process. Stop when your fingers are available to scroll the nuts. Detach the all sprayer hose related nuts from the delta faucet. Use another pan below the faucet if there is any water residue present.

Disconnect the Sprayer Hose

Make sure that all the previous steps get complete. Now you present at the last stair of the task. Collect all the loosen nuts from the sprayer hose. Afterward, you can find that the sprayer hose makes detach from the faucet.


After the quarantine you might have realized the importance of spending your time home and doing the chores. So why spend money on plumbers when you can have the satisfaction of fixing something.
So, go ahead and do it.

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James Martin
James Martin
3 years ago

thank you for the great content. I am reading your content regularly.