Hi Everyone,

I am Darlene. Welcome to my website: Kitchen Faucet Blog

I started this website to help folks find the PERFECT & SUITABLE faucet and sink to your hobbyist kitchen.

Small Quick Story

Basically, I am a Householder and a House Wife. Cooking is one of the best hobbies for me. I like to make all of my food by myself for my family. My apartment has more then 30+ Kitchen sinks and faucets. It’s was collected by my caretaker but several times some of my Leaseholders made notice that leak kitchen faucet or didn’t clean the drain or about pass water. Some Times I Also Realized that it is annoying for a Kitchener.

So finally me and my Husband visited our local big box hardware store. We were Plunged with the number of choices. What type of faucet?  What brand? What color? It seemed like the choices were endless. I didn’t know where I should turn to collect the best sinks or faucets.

However, I started to search online and got a huge number of good websites, where they talking about kitchen sink and faucets but none that I thought was the ULTIMATE resource. And, finally, I started to research and was born Kitchen Faucet Blog.

I have dedicated hundreds of hours researching and reviewing faucets to help make your selection process easier. I know, choosing a Kitchen Sink Faucet is very difficult for newbies and that is why I have created this blog to help the newbies and Faucet enthusiasts. If I must say so myself, I think I’ve done a pretty good job.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my website and the faucet and sink that you select for your kitchen and why.  Please reach out to me here.

best wishes to you and your family

Darlene E. Gomez