Do Black Faucets Show Water Spots

Black faucets have become a popular choice for bathroom fixtures because it gives a subtle flair and a timeless charm. However, many people are still wondering do black faucets show water spots or marks. This is one of the most frequently asked questions when people are considering purchasing black faucets. Let’s have a look at what you should know about the black faucets.

Showing The Least Water Spots

Almost any additional accessory will look great with a matte black finish. Water spots, dirt, grease, wet marks, and fingerprints don’t show up on most black faucets. In fact, black faucets show the least water spots among other types of fixture finishing.

Black Faucet Finishing

Manufacturers use one or more processes to achieve the black finish and the water spot-resistant properties on those black faucets. In fact, the finishing is what makes black faucets different from that brass, chrome, or stainless faucets. Black faucets currently available in the market use one or both of two major processes: Electroplating and PVD. These finishes protect the construction material from the water spots.


In order to achieve the black coating on your faucets and brassware, the manufacturer might use an electroplating method. In this particular process, Water-based paint is altered at the atomic level by a current of electricity, creating a super-thin black coating film. Despite the fact that this provides a long-lasting gloss, you still need to clean your black faucets more carefully. 


PVD stands for Physical Vapour Deposition. The manufacturer uses a vacuum to apply a layer of colored thin film throughout the metal faucet’s surface. This vacuuming method is becoming increasingly popular since it is supposed to produce a more robust matt black surface more effectively compared to the electroplating counterparts. 

Black Faucets Aren’t Scratch-Proof

While black faucets won’t likely show water spots, it doesn’t mean that they’re completely resistant to tear and wear. You shouldn’t test your black faucets for scratches by running sharp items down the side and over the top of them. 

With matt black taps, hand jewelry like rings can easily scratch the surface of black faucets. That’s something we’re all guilty of overlooking from time to time because we don’t take them off first before using the faucets, right? Try to avoid scratching the tap’s surface when using your black taps if you’re still wearing your ring.  

They’d Still Need Maintenance

Even though black faucets don’t show water spots on the spot, it doesn’t mean that minerals contained in the water, debris, dirt, or chemicals won’t affect the finishing. When not properly maintained, black faucets can lose their beauty over time. The same thing would happen if you use hazardous chemicals or abrasive solutions.

In most cases, a 1:1 solution of water and soap is effective enough to get the job done without causing any harm. Gently wipe away water stains with a soft microfiber cloth dipped in this liquid solution. Removing the solution residue from the fixture requires rinsing it thoroughly with water after you’re finished.

With proper maintenance, you can prevent your black faucets from fading away throughout time. Homeowners who neglect their black fixtures would typically find them dull looks even though they’re not stained with water spots.


Black faucets typically don’t show water spots due to the finishing that’s different from brass or chrome faucets. However, black faucets can still be damaged by contaminants from the water splashes. Therefore, regularly cleaning black faucets in your sink is highly recommended. You should be careful if you’re using black faucets with rings because they’re not scratch-proof. 

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