How Kitchen Plumbing Works Things That You Should Know

How Kitchen Plumbing Works Things That You Should Know

Kitchen plumbing is basic as the laws of gravity itself. The water follows the pressure and goes where it can be leveled understanding these basic things can help you to a great extent in fixing the plumbing around the house, thus saving you a lot of time and money.

Basics of Plumbing

As a homeowner, or even if you are renting there are some basics of plumbing that you should know which can be quite handy. Simple tasks such as reading the water meter, turning off the water pressure, and understanding when the water heaters are failing.

Such small things can be dainty when it comes to keeping the household running.

The plumbing system of the house consists of two subsystems one of which brings the freshwater inside the house and the other which takes the wash water out.

How Freshwater Comes in and Goes Out

The water that comes inside the house is under immense pressure, thus moving through different valves and different rooms. This water moves through a water meter, Which in turn registers the amount of water that passes through it, Through reading this water meter at the end of the month they send you the water bill.

There are two types of drainage systems that take the wash water out Septic and Sewer system.  It doesn’t really matter that much which one your home is using as the drainage system doesn’t work the same way the freshwater system works, It works around the laws of gravity the water moves through different angles and gravity pulls the sewage into where it needs to go.

How to shut off the water

Knowing how to shut off the water is really important because in-case a water pipe bursts in your house can quickly flood the whole house. The water can be turned off with a valve location of which you can ask the plumber next time he fixes something in your plumbing. So the knowledge of turning off the water comes in handy then.

Usually, the valve is located near the main water meter but some times it is located in different places hence, you need to ask the plumber so you can be sure next time a calamity like that occurs.


The vents of the drainage system need to be looked after because if proper air is not coming to the water of the drainage it will not follow properly hence is an integral part of the plumbing.

One of the main things about plumbing that you should know is how your sink works and which sink is better for your needs.


Sinks can be usually be fixed by some remedies that can even be created a home although most of the drop-in sinks cause a lot of problems in plumbing. So you should usually go for the best undermount kitchen sink which doesn’t usually cause any problems and are quite easy to clean as well, All while being elegant and luxurious.

Final words

There is a lot to this subject. However, the above are the basics that you should always keep in mind.

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3 years ago

WOW!! that’s really cool information.
Now, I know How Kitchen Plumbing Works.. really thanks to u.. I read more articles but I did not understand properly.
we should take care about the pipe line. Because the pipe can be broker. I did not check my kitchen sink’s pipe lines and then I noticed the pipe was starting damage..
So, we have to be careful about the pipe and jointed.
thanks.. 🙂