5 Best Freeze Proof Outdoor Faucet that Saves Thousand Dollars

Winter is hardly two months left. According to the National Climate Data Center of the USA, the average temperature of this country, excluding Hawaii and Alaska, in winter dips to 33.2 °F, which is just above the freezing point.

This extremely low climate can cause damage to outdoor plumbing appliances. However, outdoor faucets are prone to freezing and bursting later on.

A frost-free faucet makes sense in solving this issue. Ah! It’s quite tricky to find the best freeze proof outdoor faucet. Take a breath of sigh, and scroll down! Here you find 5 top picks.

Top Recommended Frost Proof Water Faucet

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Here is a list of 5 unbeatable faucets in today’s market. While choosing the best piece, we considered resistance to freezing, durability, convenience, design, and many other factors.

So, let’s start!

1. Woodford Horizontal Freezeless Faucet

Key Features

  • Thread Size: ½ inch PEX inlet
  • Build Material: Stainless Steel
  • Max Pressure: 125 PSI

Imagine it is 20 degrees Fahrenheit and you’re washing your car or furniture with warm water. (As hot water can eliminate dirt easily) Isn’t it a lovely moment? The Woodford horizontal faucet is there to make it true!

Sometimes, you may be busy winterizing your home and accidentally forget to turn off the hose outside. Hey, if the weather gets frosty now, you’ll face a burst pipe. But, don’t worry! This intelligent spigot can tackle this type of hardship as it comprises patented pressure relief valves. It can reduce pressure and prevent bursting.

It is a wall-mounted faucet. And is extended 13 and ¾ inches from the flange to the end of the fitting. So, even if you have a thick wall, it can fit easily. It removes your concern about contaminated water backflow as it includes anti-siphon protection. The integrated vacuum cleaner is a plus point as well.

Two inlets and separate handles to control hot and cold water, it is a unique set-up. For this unit, Woodford is growing its reputation as the best frost free outdoor faucet brands.

2. Midline Valve Multi-Turn Sillcock Hose Bibb

Key Features

  • Thread Size
    • Inlet: ½ Inches MIP
    • Outlet: ¾ Inches MHT
  • Build Material: Brass
  • Colour: Brass
  • Pressure: 125 PSI

The chances are that you are looking for a faucet to be used as a direct outdoor faucet or as a hose connector for washing cars, watering plants, etc. Then, you’ll never be disappointed because this faucet exists!

This product is specifically designed to combat freezing temperatures. And complies with all guidance of ASME A112.18.1-2011, making it a trustworthy appliance.

Superior material construction can withstand extreme weather even when snow falls outside. The body is lead-free. It is leak-free too!

Again, you can enjoy easy on-off access with its aluminum tee (T) handle. And, the butterfly design of the handle enhances the beauty of the whole product. Consequently, this unit is everything you need to deal with winter or frosty weather. And, rate it as the best frost free sillcock.

3. American Valve M76QT Hose Bibb

Key Features

  • Thread Size:
    • Inlet: ¾ Inches FIP
    • Outlet: ¾ Inches Hose end
  • Build Material: Brass
  • Colour: Brass
  • Pressure: 200 CWP

Expect a great flow of water from outdoor faucets? Typically, outdoor tasks require a huge amount of water. Hence, American Valve M76QT performs outstanding. Its full port design ensures maximum flow while you’re working outside the lawn.

The solid brass coating outside the main body makes it corrosion-resistant and durable. No matter how harsh the weather is! Again, its premium quality construction prevents dripping efficiently. That means no single drop of water remains out of the valve. Thus, a super solution to resist freezing issues in low temperatures.

The quarter-turn ball valve handle operates smoothly. Composed of stainless steel, it doesn’t warp even after year-long use. One notable feature is, you can use this faucet for human water consumption as it is lead-free.

4. American Valve M71HD Hose Bibb

Key Features

  • Thread Size:
    • Inlet: ¾ Inches MIP
    • Outlet: ¾ Inches Hose end
  • Build Material: Brass
  • Colour: Brass
  • Pressure: 125 CWP

Crafted from solid brass, this hose bibb is a heavy-duty product as it lasts for decades without any damage. This is a durable piece, although it weighs only 8 ounces. Plus, the brass finish makes it rust-resistant.

Now, turning into its handle, it’s made of brass too. Well, it is also coated for extra support. This multi-turn tee handle allows you to regulate water flow as needed.

Moreover, a split and corrosion-resistant ball valve is placed inside. You can rely on it to serve for years.

Not only is it great in durability and convenience, but also it doesn’t freeze in the winter months. Thereafter, this cheap frost resistant faucet can save pipes from the burst. Isn’t it worth saving a thousand dollars or even more?

5. American Valve M71QT Hose Bibb

Key Features

  • Thread Size:
    • Inlet: 3/4″ Male NPT
    • Outlet: 3/4″ GHT
  • Build Material: Brass
  • Colour: Brass
  • Pressure: 200 CWP

Our frost proof faucet list ends up with the best quarter-turn hose bibb. This tiny fixture comes with a quarter-turn ball valve handle making it simple in look and easy to operate.

The hose bib features a ¾ inch Male Iron Pipe (MIP) thread inlet that fits any water supply line. Thus, it’s easy to install. Also, the full port design allows unrestricted and faster water flow than conventional faucets. Great flow is useful while washing cars or furniture.

Interestingly, this faucet has a PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) O-ring seal. So, you can enjoy yourself like a sleeping baby as you’re no longer concerned about dripping or leaking issues.

Plus, the handle is stainless steel. The rubber coating above adds a comfortable grip. We can evaluate this frost resistant faucet from American Valve as a great choice for homeowners to combat cold weather.

Don’t Overlook These Things Before Shopping Best Outdoor Spigots

A dashing faucet with a stunning finish might be alluring. But, for usage in the exterior part of the house, it must stand with freezing temperatures. So, pay attention to the following factors.

Buying Guide


Build Material

Frozen proof faucets must be compatible with the worst weather. It should be strong enough to save from cracking, sturdy to resist rust and corrosion. Brass, stainless steel, die-cast aluminum click customers mind when it comes to stronger materials. In fact, it is the construction material that determines sturdiness and longevity

Anti Siphon Protection

This is a useful device in today’s outdoor faucets. It is advantageous in two ways.

Prevent backflow: Exterior faucets are often connected to a long hose that dips into contaminated water or chemicals in the garden. Water may get back into the water tank if suddenly pressure falls in the water supply line. However, there is a potential risk that it will destroy your potable water.

Hence, an anti-siphon device ensures the one-way flow of water and keeps the water tank safe.

Competent against freezing temperature: This type of faucet is designed in a way that keeps cold, frosty water away from supply pipes. A long stem is placed before the faucet head. Interestingly, the valve itself is hidden at the back end of the long stem. So there is no chance of remaining water in the faucet and freezing as a result.

The best sillcock comes with an anti-siphon which is a great tool to winterize your precious home.

Pressure Relief Valve

This is really a plus point if you have it in your faucet. If accidentally water is left in the hose and pressure rises due to frost, this patented pressure relief device prevents the tube from bursting. Sounds incredible, right?

Handle Design:

So far, protection against freezing is done. But, it’s a garbage piece if it’s not convenient to use.

The handle design is basic to the ease of use. Be it tee handle, multi-turn, quarter-turn- choose one that matches your desires best. Make sure the handle has a smooth surface that doesn’t give you blisters.

Frequently Asked Qustions

A few more lingering questions and answers about the best outdoor faucets are coming next!

What will be the result if my outdoor faucet freezes?

A frozen faucet can be your worst nightmare. Ice inside will expand and deliver high pressure. Consequently, the pipe next to the faucet or faucet itself will burst, shooting water everywhere.

Which temperature may freeze the outdoor sillcock?

20 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, your outside faucet starts freezing when google alerts you that the temperature is dropping below 20 degrees.

How does frost free hose bibb work?

When you turn off the water in this type of faucet, water gets blocked behind the valve. Valve is placed in the warmer part of the house, which doesn’t freeze. The remaining water drains out. Thereafter, no water is left to be ice, expand and exert pressure.

Should I insulate the frozen-proof faucet?

Not necessary at all. Yet, to eliminate risks, you may go for a faucet cover.

Wrapping Up

Extremely low temperatures can freeze conventional outdoor faucets. Eventually, the pipe leading to the faucet may burst, and water may flood into your basement. What’s next? Your bank balance sheds off sometimes even a thousand dollars!

Doesn’t it sound terrible? That’s why we picked the five best freeze proof outdoor faucets for you. Choose one and give it a go. Not only your pocket saves a lot of bucks but also you get a nonstop water supply outside year-round.