Kitchen Remodeling

My Kitchen Remodel Ideas, It May Help you 🙂

Thinking of giving a makeover to your kitchen?

Then it was a very good decision to research a bit before finalizing your new style. Because you are not gonna have a remodel every year. So, when you do, it better be good.

Now, we are gonna make you an interior designer in this small article. But you will have a pretty good idea on the basics of kitchen remodeling, what you should do, and what you should not.

Take this article as a step by step planning guide for the refashioning of your kitchen.

And your first step is-

Identifying Needs and Wants

It starts with the problems you are facing at your current kitchen. It may be space, storage or outdated appliances. List the priorities you want in your new kitchen. After you are done with the primacies list the additional features you want.

First let’s talk about the sink-

With the sink you have to take some decisions. Here is a list of them-

  • Number of bowls
  • Shape of the divider if that is a multiple bowl sink
  • Numbers of holes in the bowl
  • Material of the sink
  • Shape of the sink
  • Special features that you would like in your sink

These are the things you need to keep an eye on when remodeling your sink.

Now let’s see what you will need to consider with the faucet-

  • Handle type
  • Automation of the faucet
  • Valve mechanism
  • Durability
  • Mounting position
  • Number of holes needed
  • Size and shape of the faucet
  • Installation process
  • Special functions

Kitchen Faucet Blog

Keep these things in check when remodeling your kitchen. Because they might make the biggest difference in your kitchen.

Designing and Planning

It is the most complex and major part which leads you to remodel your kitchen after identifying your needs and wants. Keeping the needs in mind one has to start the designing and planning phase.

This part includes planning the shape of the kitchen, plumbing, and wiring, designing the sink and faucet models, flooring, installing cabinets and countertops, installing plumbing and wiring fixtures, installing appliances.

Shape of the kitchen could be-

  • Single wall
  • L shape
  • Double L shape
  • U shape
  • Corridor

Deciding the shape is the first big task. To take these complicated decisions you might use apps, consult with an interior designer, or may even appoint a contractor. And some of you will try it yourself.

Whatever the way you are going to take to shape a contemporary kitchen. You should keep the following things in mind

  • Have an Iceland
  • Focal point
  • Good amount of space for a big fridge
  • A small office space
  • Eliminate wasted steps with a wide counter space

Plumbing includes rerouting some facilities. You might also need to change the location of the sink. As trendy kitchens are taking heavy electrical load, updating the electrical system is also a crucial part which is even more complex comparing to plumbing.

Laying the floor will depend on the available floor gap, personal preference, budget and time. For kitchen flooring, different materials are available including vinyl sheet, ceramic tile, engineered wood, laminate flooring or solid hard wood.

Typically there are two types of models for installing cabinets, one is crown modeling and another one is bottom. Other than these, the scribe is an idea where it covers the space between wall and cabinets. Before installing the cabinets you have to ensure good quality paint in your walls and ceiling.

To install cabinets don’t forget to keep clear the corner spaces for functioning the doors of cabinets and appliances. Countertops would be settled by quartz, granite, tile or other manmade materials.

sink quartz

At the time of fitting cabinets and countertops, you should consider the space for following things

kitchen cabinate

  • Knifes storage
  • Recycling
  • Reaching distance of the drawers
  • Separate kids shelves

Design in a way that cuts your cleaning time. Also keep a lot of lighting in the kitchen especially in the cutting and cooking area.


It’s a very important part to consider. The discussion above depends on your budget that how much you want to spend to remodel your kitchen.

When you are identifying step one, identifying needs and wants, that has to be within your budget. It’s true that remodeling your kitchen would add value to your home but it is not necessary to cross the limit of your pocket.

Kitchen Budget

Kitchen Sink and Faucet

We would like to give greater emphasis on this topic. Because they are the star of your kitchen. The look f your kitchen sink or faucet could make or break the looks and effectiveness of your kitchen. So, here is how you should plan for them.

First of all you

Things You Should Avoid

After the dos, here are the don’ts.


Even if you have enough budget to spend, it wouldn’t be wise to spend a lot.

Wasting space

While planning to remodel your kitchen be careful about the space that should not be wasted.

Rushing in design and planning

To visualize your decision, take time and think wisely. You might mess up if you do.

Impulsive design planning

Don’t change your plan at the middle of the work. It is costly and may create inconsistency.

Short-term fads

Remodeling is not inexpensive. Try to avoid your silliness because you’re not going to change anything frequently.

Interference in the work

If you are not, don’t try to act like a specialist. If you interfere too much in the work it may hamper the quality of the work. It will also make the work lengthy and may create frustration among the installers.

High expectations

Don’t expect that after remodeling your kitchen would look like some of the kitchens of your favorite TV episodes. Try to control your high expectations.

Total Kitchen Model Ideas

Final Words

It is clear that remodelling is expensive and for designing your kitchen, there is no rule of thumbs. You can do it by your own choice or by taking advices from professionals or by using software.

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