Is a Drainboard Sink Right for Your Kitchen?

Sinks are an essential part of your kitchen in more than one way. With the increase in demand of vintage kitchen items, drainboard sinks are also making a comeback. This sink, with its in-built drainboard, is unique and classic and has many undeniable benefits.

But should you get one for you. Learn all the fact, advantages, and disadvantages of the drainboard sink to know what would be best for you.

Is a Drainboard Sink Right for Your Kitchen?

Drainboard Sink Facts

  • These sinks have a flat or rimmed surface attached, on their one side or both sides, that are fixed atop the counter. It is angled downward, so the scrapes and water flow directly into the sink.
  • This sink is mostly self-rimmed or drop-in. The reason for this is that the drainboard needs to be placed over the counter, but some undermount sinks with attached drainboards are also available on the market in limited variety.
  • They can be single-bowl or double bowl, depending on the buyer’s preference.
  • They do not have diversity in sizes. They are either small and shallow for homes and apartments or large and expensive for restaurants and hotels. There are no options in between.
  • These sinks come in stainless steel and any other usual sink materials, like corian or acrylic.
  • Some drainboard sinks have front-end aprons, that edge out of the counter, and over the cabinets.


  • Instead of soiling your new expensive counter with your stack of greasy, unwashed dishes, you can conveniently place them on the side of the sink and avoid crowding your countertop while you work.
  • With the help of a rimmed surface, the food scraps and water do not spread over the counter. They are drained into the sink. This prevents any residual of the two from tarnishing the counter by remaining on it.
  • After wash, you can avoid the trouble of drying the gathered water beneath the dishrack by placing it on the drainboard, so the dripping water does not make contact with the counter.
  • You can place your cutting board on the sink while preparing food. The drainboard lets you slip the waste easily into the garbage bin and assumed your basin has an attached garbage disposal; you can just push the refuse into the basin.
  • If you use an electric dishwasher, then you know that it is not the best equipment to wash your delicate items, like glasses or glass or marble plates and cups. Your drainboard sink provides you a safe and convenient place to wash these items.
  • Electric dishwasher is generally responsible for overbearing sums of bills. With a clean and proper spot for dishwashing, you will be surprised how easy hand-washing the dishes can be.
  • There are drainboard sinks available with sound-deadening pads that minimize the noise and vibrations, so you can enjoy a quiet time at the sink.
  • When water drops on the wood of the cabinets, it swells and tears. The sizeable area and the apron of the sink serve as a shield for them.


  • While the drainboard helps protect the countertop against grease and water, but because it overruns the counter, it also occupies a considerable counter space.
  • This a rare item, which makes it very hard to find. Due to this reason, they mostly tend to cost higher than a standard model, and the number of stylish top-mount designs is limited.
  • The rims or grooves are efficient for use, but they are not easy to clean. You have to use a toothbrush or a soft-bristled brush, especially after preparing greasy or meat. You can use average dishwashing soap or fast orange hand cleaner to remove stains without scratching. You can also solve this problem by using a smooth drainboard, but it is not as popular for discarding grazes as the rimmed ones are.
  • Because they’re a specialty item, their resale value is not great.
  • These sinks are not popular like regular sinks. The usual cabinet size is not designed for them. If you decide to use this sink, you will have to remodel your cabinets as well.
  • The aprons are very useful in the preservation of the woods, but its metal can be scratched by belt buckles or any other metal items.

Drainboard Sink is a valuable item with reasonable limitations. It is an adequate addition to your antique kitchen look and will serve its purpose as long as it is responsibly used and care for.

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