best voice activated kitchen faucets: your next kitchen champion

Do you feel uneasy when you need to touch your kitchen faucets with sticky hands? Do you wonder how you can know about the availability of the best voice activated kitchen faucets for your next shopping? Here we present you a complete guide about touchless kitchen faucets to improve your experience.  

We use kitchen faucets multiple times every day, and keeping the taps germ-clean is very important. It is a covid era, and safety from germs and microorganisms is the prime concern of people nowadays. You can find touchless faucets in public places these days. So, why not bring this excellent innovation home?

This blog will introduce you to the five best stainless-steel voice control kitchen faucets available at amazon.

Reviews of 5 best kitchen faucets that fit your needs

Different people face different problems in life, so the same products do not suit everyone. Before buying a product, you must know what you find and search accordingly. If you read this blog, you probably already know that you are looking for some exciting kitchen faucets like Alexa & google assistant kitchen faucets. 

After thorough research, we have discussed the top 5 kitchen faucets operated with a voice in this section. 

Moen 7864EVSRS: The pull-down sprayer faucet

Moen 7864EVSRS is a smart touchless pull-down sprayer kitchen faucet with voice control. These faucets are manufactured with plastic and metal, mainly with a stainless finish. You can use this kitchen faucet to dispense water precisely according to the temperature and quantity you need. 

The most prominent features are discussed below.

  • Touchless control: Just like the faucets used in public places, you can operate Moen 7864EVSRS by the movements of your hands. You can control it manually or by hands-free, mobile application, and voice control. 
  • Voice activation: You can set the command and operate it by voice afterwards. For voice activation of the faucet, you will need a smartphone, wireless internet, or smart speakers.
  • Easy installation and aesthetics: It is easy to install, and the spout length is 15.56 inches. The height of the faucet gives it a sleek look such that it can match the aesthetic tastes of your kitchen. 
  • Maximum temperature and volume: You can set the maximum water temperature to 120 Fahrenheit. The quantity of water dispensed varies from 15 gallons to 1 Tbsp in a single go.  
  • Stainless finish: The stainless finish gives it a spot-resistant quality.


Delta Faucet: The VoiceIQ kitchen faucet


Delta Faucet is made with zinc and given a brushed Nickle stainless finish, and it is effortless to install and use. The modern kitchen faucets can be paired with a smart home device such as Alexa or Google to operate the faucet. 

Following are the main features of Delta Faucets. 

  • Touchless voice activation: You can customize your commands and operate the faucet with your voice. Turing the faucet and off and pouring a specific quantity of water can also be done by voice commands only. 
  • Patented DIAMOND seal Tech: The faucet is coupled with the innovative technology of the Patented Diamond seal to reduce the leak points. This technology increases the life span of the kitchen faucet to two times. 
  • Single-hole easy fit installation: It is effortless to install because you are provided with all necessary things in a box with the faucet.
  • Alternate operating methods: Other than voice control, you can turn the faucet on and off by touching your wrist or forearm on the kitchen spout. You can run the faucet manually as well. 
  • MagnaTite Docking: the faucet spray can be snap-shut the tab with the help of built-in integrated magnets.
  • Touch2O Technology: The faucet can differentiate between a grab and a touch to avoid false activation.

Moen 7594EVORB: The oil rubbed bronze voice control faucet

Moen 7594EVORB is a modern pull-down sprayer faucet for the kitchen that can pour 1.5 gallons of water in a minute. It is manufactured using metal and plastic mainly and has a bronze finishing. The faucet spout height is 15.5 inches, and the reach is approximately 8 inches. This modern faucet gives you a touchless water dispensing experience.    

The key features of Moen 7594EVORB are listed below.

  • Four methods control: You can manage your kitchen faucet by voice interface, mobile application, hands-free method, and manually.  
  • Voice activation: You can use your smartphone, wireless internet device, or smart speakers for speech activation.  
  • Personalization: Moen 7594EVORB is great for personalized commands for exact temperature and quantity measurements of water. Moen app helps you to set your orders and make the work easy. By using the app, you can set precise measurements of temperature and quantity of water.  
  • Wave sensor: The wave sensor of the faucet detects hands movement to regulate the flow of water.  
  • Precision: The faucet can dispense a precise quantity of water ranging from a maximum limit of 15 gallons to 1 Tbsp. You can heat the water to a maximum temperature of 120 Fahrenheit.

Kohler 22068-WB-CP: The polished chrome voice control kitchen faucet

Kohler 22068-WB-CP is a voice-activated kitchen faucet that is made up of brass. It has a polished finishing that makes it aesthetically pleasing, durable and reliable.

Following are the key features of the faucet;

  • Voice control: The voice control features make it easy to operate the faucet without touching it. You can turn on the faucet by hands-free method and pour measured quantities of water. Voice control helps you fill preset measurements without putting in the extra effort.  
  • Deck mounted installation: The deck mounted installation gives the faucet a slimmer look and maximum water line size. Hence the faucet has a more pleasing appearance and covers less volume of space. 
  • LED light response: The different colors of LED light indicate different water temperatures; it is a precise method to check the water temperature coming from the faucet. 
  • Motion sensor: The motion sensors can turn on/off the faucet by the wave of any object. You can move your hand or a pan to turn on the faucet effortlessly.
  • KOHLER Konnect App Notifications; in case of excess water flow, the user gets a notification on his mobile through KOHLER Konnect App. 
  • Battery-less faucet: Kohler 22068-WB-CP operates with AC voltage, so batteries are not needed like other modern faucets.

Moen 9126EVBL Kurv: The matte black voice activated kitchen faucet

Moen 9126EVBL is a thoughtfully designed pull-down sprayer kitchen faucet with a black matte look. This modern kitchen faucet is made of metal and has a matte finishing. Moen 9126EVBL has one metal lever to control the water flow manually. The maximum flow rate is 1.5 gallons per minute, and the spout height is 16.38 inches. 

The main features are discussed below. 

  • Four methods of control: Moen 9126EVBL can be operated by four methods, I.e., manual methods, hands-free method, voice interface, and app. So, there is no need to touch the lever anymore. 
  • Voice interface: The faucet can be connected to a smartphone, wireless internet, or smart speakers to use Alexa and Google for voice commands. 
  • Wave sensor: Wave sensor helps in hands-free regulation of water flow. The sensor can detect hand movement and turn on/off the tab accordingly.
  • Customization: you can customize the preset of the faucet for precise measurements of quantity and temperature of the water. 
  • The access to Moen App: The faucet gives you access to the Moen App. The app controls the faucet and provides customized settings and usage data. You can use a single app to control all Moen network products.  

Buying guide: Factors you should consider before buying smart kitchen faucets

  1. Voice interface:

While buying a voice-activated kitchen faucet, the first concern of every buyer is the availability of the voice interface and the ease of using it. The good-quality kitchen faucets provide you with a broader range of options for the voice control of the faucet. It would be best if you look for a product that Alexa and Google could control with the help of smartphones, wireless internet, and smart speakers. The broader range of options provides you with flexibility.

  • Cost and pricing:

The price range of a voice-activated, modern kitchen faucet lies between $400 to $700. The price difference depends upon the key features and other specifications. Buying a good quality yet costly kitchen faucet can save you rebuying and chaos because it is a one-time investment.

  • Operating options:

While buying a modern kitchen faucet, your first concern will be the availability of various operating options for the faucet. Voice activation is one favorite feature of people nowadays, and other options may include manual control, hand-free/motion sensor control, and wireless internet control. 

The faucets mentioned in this blog have all four modes of activation. 

  • The precision of the faucet:

An ordinary kitchen faucet needs you to stand, stare at the water, and monitor the quantity yourself. The modern kitchen faucets can measure the quantity of water very precisely. Your best choice for a kitchen faucet will be the one that can precisely measure the quantity of water and regular the temperature according to your commands.

  • Automation:

In modern kitchen faucets, you can set the algorithm for commands regarding temperature and measurements and operate the faucet by your voice commands using smartphones. To pour a cup of water, you will need to use your voice and command Alexa/google to make the faucet: pour 1 cup of hot water. Hence, it is effortless to use and customize according to your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Most people think voice-activated faucets are difficult to use, and thus they get confused a lot. This section will answer all the FAQs about speech-operated kitchen faucets.

  1. How much does a voice-activated kitchen faucet cost?

A high-quality voice-activated kitchen faucet ranges between $400- $700. The fluctuations in the price depend upon the model, the key features, and the specifications of the faucet. Faucets that have more features and are from some known brands are costlier than ordinary ones. The low-quality faucets present in the market are cheaper but do not last long. 

  • How does a voice-activated faucet work?

To operate a voice-activated faucet first, you have to link it with your smart home appliances like google or Alexa. You can command google/Alexa to turn the faucet on and off. You can even make specific commands according to preset customization, such as to pour a cup of water at a specific temperature, etc. The faucet will dispense the water at the user’s spoken commands. 

  • How to clean a voice control kitchen faucet?

The reason for designing a voice-controlled kitchen faucet was to avoid using messy hands to operate the faucet and keep it clean. So, the modern faucets do not need frequent cleaning after every use as the ordinary faucets. But, to avoid micro-organisms, all you need to do is sprinkle some water and wipe it using a cloth. 

  • Can I customize a voice-controlled kitchen faucet?

Yes, you can customize the setting of voice-controlled kitchen faucets according to your needs. The customization includes setting a temperature range of water and quantity of water. You can set the temperature up to 120 Fahrenheit in most kitchen faucets, and the quantity range lies between 1 Tbsp to 15 gallons in a single go.

Wrap up:

If you want to replace the old kitchen faucet or you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, buying a touchless voice control kitchen faucet will be your best investment. Just imagine that you do not need to use your sticky hands to open the tab and merely use your voice to operate it. Your home kitchen faucet has a motion sensor and voice control. How cool is that? We tried to bridge the gap between you and your next favorite kitchen faucet in this blog. 

We hope this guide about the five best voice activated kitchen faucets helped you find the most suitable modern faucet for your kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? Order your kitchen faucet and experience digital living.