Everything You Need To Know About The Best 60/40 Undermount Sink

Let’s be honest; the kitchen sink is undoubtedly one of the focal components that can elevate the overall outlook of your cooking space. That’s why installing the best 60/40 undermount sink is the way to make the kitchen appear more glamorous.

Nevertheless, choosing a 60/40 under mount sink is not an easy task. You need to keep a bunch of factors while buying one.

But, No Worries! We are here to provide you with some guidelines and suggestions so that you can pick a suitable sink of your preference. So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Types of Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Picking up a suitable under-mount kitchen sink for your kitchen renovation might be a confusing task. Nevertheless, you can choose from various types of under-mount sinks based on your preference.

There are three types of bowls for under-mount sinks. These are single bowl, double bowl, and triple bowl. Moreover, there are categorizations on built material as well.

You can go for a stainless steel-built sink. Or, you can go for a Copper-built under-mount sink as well. These types of sinks give a more appealing outlook to your marble, granite, and other countertops.

Review of the Best 60/40 Undermount Sink

Here are some of the most popular and quality 60/40 under-mount sinks. We have also mentioned why they are on this list, along with a full list of their features and their benefits.

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Best overall: APPASO 32-inch 60/40 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 32″ W×19″ D×10″ H(60/40)
  • Installation Type: Undermount

A unique feature of this sink is its higher-performing strength than other under-mount sinks. Because the sink consists of 25% more steel than the regular one.
Additionally, it is 37% thicker than other similar sinks. So, this sink will not deform, bend or dent after heavy use. So, if you are looking for a strong sink for long time use, go for this one.
Besides, this sink has Anti-noise canceling technology. Its thick rubber padding and heavy-duty coating cover 80% of the sink that absorbs noise and vibration. It is an eco-friendly and recyclable product. Because of its extra-large workspace, you can keep larger pots, roasting pans in it.

Most budget friendly: Kraus KBU24, 32 inches Undermount 60/40 Double Bowl


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Weight: 18.5 pounds
  • Installation Type: Undermount
  • Size: 32″

A unique feature of this sink would be its soundproof design. This means while washing, the T304 stainless steel and TRU16 construction don’t create much noise.

Especially, the absorbing pad absorbs 80% of the noise. Apart from that, the T304 steel is a tough metal. It’s super durable and won’t allow any dent easily.

Besides its special soundproof feature, it has a great draining system. The sloped bottom design is very good to prevent water blocks in the sink. The cleaning problem will be solved as it has a wide curved corner. You will be able to reach every corner of the sink and clean easily.

The sink doesn’t use any toxic material for the undercoat. So it’s good for your health. In addition, the sink itself is very durable and strong. Their stainless steel T304 is 1.5mm thick. So it ensures the strength of the sink.

Additionally, the Kraus 60/40 undermount sink will help you to clean easily by brushing and whipping. Moreover, no dust and dirt will stock under the sink rim.

Best Farmhouse: ZUHNE Stainless Steel Double Basin, 60/40 (33-Inch Curved Apron Front)


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Weight: ‎45 pounds
  • Installation Type: ‎Undermount, Flush, or Built-Up
  • Size: 32-7/8 by 20-3/4 by 10 Inch (For 36 Inch Cabinet)

The design is the most attractive thing about this stainless-steel sink. It looks great in the kitchen. Unlike other sinks, it has a double square 10-inch bowl. It is good for holding water for work, cleaning, and draining.

The sink comes with a stainless-steel farmhouse sink, which will be scratch-resistant. The ultra-wide strainer can hold a bigger pan or cooker for the wash. Exceptionally the thermal insulation protects the sink from any unusual materials.

In addition, you will experience a noise-free sink with a fine vibration sound. On the top, manufacturers have used 40% more steel than usual. This sink is entirely built without any toxic materials. Most importantly, it doesn’t, lead-free.

Best Apron Front: KOHLER Vault Double Bowl, K-3945-NA


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Style: No-rimming
  • Installation Method: Farmhouse Apron Front
  • Size: 35-½” × 21-¼”

A unique feature of this sink is that you can set up your preferred faucet you would like. Because it has pre-installed no faucet and faucet holes. You have to drill the faucet into the countertop.

Some of the suitable faucets for this sink are K-560-VS and K-596-VS. While choosing a ceramic faucet stem, make sure you also have a ceramic cartridge kitchen faucet. This sink also helps to remove kitchen faucet clogged sediment if you have ceramic valve faucets or a peerless faucet.

Besides, you can have maximum basin space because of the tight corners. It gives your kitchen a farmhouse feel with a modern look. 18 gauge premium stainless steel makes the sink strong for heavy use. Moreover, the sink also has a feature of silent shield sound-absorbing technology for quiet performance.

Best Low-Divide Sink: Ruvati 33-inch Low-Divide Undermount 60/40 Double Bowl Sink, RVH7419


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Installation: Undermount
  • Size: 33-inch 60/40

The most excellent feature of this sink is its extra space than others. Because it has a unique low divide design. The divider of this sink is 4″ lower between two bowls. So, you can get a spacious area for washing dishes.

Besides this, 16 gauge premium stainless steel has been used as-built material. It has a slightly curved corner. Because it consists of a 10mm radius inside corners. Additionally, it has thick rubber padding and soundproof undercoating for noise minimization. Along with this, you can avail bottom rinse grids, cutout templates, installation guides, etc.

Buying Guide for the Best 60/40 Undermount Sink

There are a few factors that you should keep in mind while buying a preferable under-mount sink for your kitchen. For instance,

Kitchen Sink Sizes

There are a bunch of categories regarding the size of the preferred sink. You can get sinks in different shapes, starting from 9″ up to 40″ in general. However, the purpose of using the sink is the key.

The most commonly used under-mount kitchen sinks are between 30″ or 35″ in size. You can select the under-mount kitchen sink in 50/50, 60/40, and 70/30 ratio with your preferred choice. It can also be written as 40/60 kitchen sink.

Kitchen Sink Materials

The under-mount sinks come with a variety of materials. For instance, cast iron, fireclay, stainless steel, copper, natural stone, granite composite, etc. Among these, stainless steel sinks are the most popular based on consumer feedback. The other types of sinks are also used for aesthetic purposes because of the outlook. My personal favorite is a stainless steel farmhouse sink.

Compatibility With Accessories

Check out the number of holes in the sink first so that you can select the accessories accordingly. For instance, sink-mounted dispensers, sprayers, etc., the selection is based on the holes. If you want a kitchen faucet with separate sprayer you need more holes than one. You will also see it a lot in dripping kitchen faucet two handle.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal installation on the under-mount sink is quite important. Pick an updated sink where you can install a modern disposal system. The disposal installation depends on the height and depth of the undermount sink you are using.

Drainage System

Most of the undermount sinks drainage systems are situated in the center area. However, some of the sinks have a drain at the corner or at the backside in order to create more usable space in the sink. So, select the one of your preference.

Hot-Water Dispenser

Select an undermount sink made of built-in quality material so that it can hold up to at least 190 degrees Fahrenheit of hot water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, you may struggle with a few confusions in your head while buying a sink. Nevertheless, answers to some of the commonly asked questions might give you relief.

What is the benefit of a 60/40 kitchen sink?

Answer: A 60/40 sink or an offset sink is compatible with using two spacious compartments at the same time for various activities.

What to pick between a double bowl sink and a single bowl sink?

Answer: Single bowl sinks are quite competent for washing large pots because of their spacious area. In contrast, double bowl sinks provide you with the facility of using two bowls for different purposes.

What kitchen sinks are trending?

Answer: Well, people are going for spacious single-basin sinks to have more space for large pans and pots. Double-basin sinks are a bit outdated because of the availability of dishwashers.

Kitchen sink 60/40 vs 50/50, which is better?

In my opinion a 60/40 stainless steel undermount sink will always better than a 50/50 sink because the equal sizes don’t create any advantages for different applications. But a larger sink can help you in many ways especially if it is made of ceramic disc valves.

Final Thought

Here you have it – a detailed guideline to choose the best 60/40 undermount sink. We tried to cover various aspects that you should know beforehand. We are certain that now you are well aware of the factors while buying the best 60/40 under-mount sink for your kitchen decor.

After all, even though the sink may not be the only attractive part of the kitchen, still it’s your personality that shines through the materials you choose.