5 Reliable Bathroom Faucet For Hard Water

Most of us are oblivious to how the water we use in our home reaches us, but one thing we can afford to turn a blind eye to is the faucet. There are some of the most commonly used objects in our home that becomes second nature. 

All you need is a turn or flip to dispense clean water, adjust the temperature, and stop the continuous flowing. Even just a few years back, faucets used to have a basic design of two spouts, one for cold water and one for hot. Now, they have evolved to incorporate water-saving capabilities alongside people’s personal styles and preferences that attach to your bathrooms or kitchens.

So, to help you keep up with the ever-changing faucet designs we’ve come up with the 5 best bathroom faucets for hard water that will surely match your style.

My Top 5 Bathroom Faucet For Hard Water

1. KOHLER – Best 2 Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet for Hard Water

The Kohler Devonshire Widespread Bathroom Faucet is designed to match your style. It’s a two-handle bathroom faucet with a pop-up drain that’s come in corrosion, scratch, and tarnish resistant Vibrant PVD color finishes.

All the widespread faucets by Kohler come with handles and valves pre-assembled. This faucet is made of solid brass that offers durability and dependability. The Kohler ceramic disc valves are highly reliable with trouble-free and perform two times the industry longevity standard. 

This faucet is very easy to install thanks to the top-mount system and flexible stainless steel parts. Installation is easy with Kohler’s innovative valve technologies. All you’ve to do is place the faucet handles in the desired position on the countertop, and the valve cartridges thread directly in the bottom with a locking nut. You can simply install it using a screwdriver, wrench, sealant tape, and plumber’s putty.

Moreover, the faucet comes backed up by a lifetime limited warranty. Kohler makes sure that their faucets to be leak and drip-free during normal residential use. 


  • Easy installation
  • Durable construction
  • Stylish design 
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Only works with three holes sinks

#2. Pfister LF042JDKK – Best Centerset Bathroom Faucets for Hard Water

If you want a decent style bathroom faucet that is more functional than its look, then the Pfister is the perfect choice for you. This four-inch center set bathroom faucet is compact and versatile that you can use anything from a modern to a classic design bathroom setting.

The brushed nickel finish works well with a wide range of washroom colors. The faucet has a delicate stream emerging from its single-valve, waterfall-style spout. Also, its 1.5 GPM water stream meets or surpasses all prerequisites for it to be named EPA-consistent water sparing faucet. 

One of the best features of this faucet is what Pfister refers to as “Pforever Seal”. It’s a highly advanced disc valve that ensures leak and drip-free over the lifetime of the product. Thanks to this feature the single valve works smoothly and effortlessly. It’s even easy to install with its single-hole configuration.

Moreover, Pfister has such a great amount of trust in Pfister items that it remains behind it with a full lifetime guarantee.


  • Advanced ceramic disc valve
  • Full lifetime warranty
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • 1.2 GPM flow rate


  • Not a great choice with pedestal style sink basins

3. Moen 6410BN – Best Two-Handle Brushed Nickel Centerset Bathroom Faucet for Hard Water

The Moen 6410BN Eva two handle bathroom faucets come with some impressive features that will put your mind at ease when purchasing it. It’s ADA compliant, which means you can use it anywhere without problems.

This faucet is WaterSense Certified to converse water without sacrificing performance. Regarding the quality of the materials, you don’t have to worry because all the parts used in the manufacturing of this faucet are certified strong, durable, and long-lasting. The water flows smoothly and effortlessly thanks to its solid 6.19 inches spout height.

It’s available in three finishes: polished chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze. Though all these finishes look amazing, however, the polished chrome finish stands out the most and will fit any décor scheme.

It also features a 3-hole, 4-inch center set design that allows for easy installation. It comes with everything, so you won’t need to hire any professional plumber to set up the faucet in your bathroom. One drawback of this faucet is that it’s not hands-free. So, it’s unhygienic as you’ve to touch the handles more. 


  • Easy to install
  • High-quality materials
  • Lever handles great for controls
  • Meets WaterSense standards


  • Not hands-free

4. Delta Lahara – Best Gold Widespread Bathroom Faucet for Hard Water

Delta Faucet is known for its highly rated bathroom faucets and their Lahara widespread bathroom faucet is no exception. It’s the best hard water bathroom faucet for people who are looking for something affordable and reliable.

One of the best features of this faucet that sets it apart from other manufacturers is the patented diamond seal technology. This technology is designed in such a way that it will reduce leaks and will last at least twice as long as the industry standard. This technology also includes a diamond-embedded ceramic disc valve that doesn’t require any lubrication. 

Like many other faucets, it’s also been approved for the WaterSense label. So, it helps you save on water usage. It has a good water flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute. Moreover, it comes with everything right out of the box for easy installation. 

Another great thing about this faucet is that it’s available in 4 different colors. So, no matter which one you choose, you’ll be able to complete your bathroom further by purchasing the rest of the matching equipment.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Lasts twice as long as the industry standard
  • Widespread mount installation


  • 3-hole installation only

5. BWE Waterfall – Best Commercial Bathroom Faucets for Hard Water

The last model on our review of the best bathroom faucet for hard water is the BWE Waterfall. This sink faucet will make your bathroom look elegant to your family and any visitor that comes to your home. 

The BWE Waterfall is constructed by complementing the design and durable enough to serve you for a long time. It has 3-holes that will make installation compatible with any room that you want to mount. It’ll provide great performance without sacrificing the water pressure.

Since it has only one handle so you don’t need to flip between 2 sides. This makes it very easy to use. The flow rate of 2 GPM is another benefit of having this faucet. The overall height of this faucet is 7.28 inches with a lightweight design of only 2.8 pounds.

This faucet is available in five finishes and you can select the one that is perfect for you. These finishes include oil rubbed finish, double finish, nickel finish, elegant copper, and chrome finish. Moreover, it uses a center-set type of installation which is very simple. 


  • Single-handle design
  • Includes ceramic valve
  • Easy to install
  • A flow rate of 2 GPM


  • Lift rod and pop-up drain not included

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Bathroom Faucet For Hard Water


In terms of finish, bathroom faucets for hard water are divided into four categories; stainless steel, nickel, gold plate, and PVD.

Stainless steel: Though stainless steel bathroom faucets are pretty much expensive to afford, they contribute to the overall appearance of your bathroom. One of the greatest advantages of owning them is that you’ll hardly find any water spots on them. 

Nickel: Nickel bathroom faucets are very durable. They’re easy to maintain. They’re also really attractive. You can find them available in either satin or brushed. They’re even budget-friendly.

Gold plate: Gold plate bathroom faucets are expensive; in fact, they’re even more expensive than stainless steel bathroom faucets. They can assure you of high quality, as well as zero tarnishes.

PVD: PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition. Bathroom faucets of this finish are well-built and capable of resisting discoloration and abrasion.

Spout Arc Height

In order to determine how tall you want your faucet to be, you should consider the spout arc height. It’s a very important factor to consider, especially if you have limited space in your bathroom. Besides, you need to be aware of this if you’ve decided to install a faucet under the cabinet. 


Usually, a faucet is equipped with one or two handles. With a single faucet, you’ll be able to make your bathroom look nice and clean. However, faucets with two handles will let you get the water temperature right easily; which makes them safe for children. 


When you’re in the market searching for bathroom faucets for hard water, you’ll discover that they feature either non-aerated spouts or aerated spouts. 

Non-aerated doesn’t require the help of a screen and a restrictor to provide a water flow. That’s why the water flow they offer runs smoothly.

On the other hand, aerated spouts do need the help of a screen and a restrictor. With their help, they can boost the water pressure. As a result, the water flow that comes from them looks like a waterfall; which can be added as a cool feature to your bathroom.


When you’re choosing a faucet, you should remember that the size of the faucet is proportionate to the size of the sink. Meaning, the bigger your sink is, the larger the faucet you should buy. 

However, you shouldn’t purchase one too large; as it can make your bathroom look awkward. You shouldn’t also purchase one that’s too small. They’ll cause you to splash the wall surrounding the sink. 


You should make sure that the faucet you’re buying is easy to install. The biggest advantages of buying this kind of faucet are that you can install it on your own without the aid of a professional. 


Q) What are the effects of hard water on a bathroom faucet?

Ans: Hard water usually carries a lot of minerals. So, whenever it comes into contact with a bathroom faucet, you’ll find rust-like spots on its surface.

Moreover, once it evaporates, it’ll leave the minerals behind. Eventually, these minerals will start to build up and become very hard to remove. As a result, when it’s time to clean your bathroom faucet, you’ll have a lot of difficulties doing that. In fact, these buildups can also clog your faucet.

Q) How do you clean a bathroom faucet for hard water?

Ans: Before you scrub the faucet, you should use vinegar to loosen up the buildup and hard water film. Then you need to place a vinegar-soaked rag over the faucet for 30 minutes. After that, use a non-scratch, dry sponge to scrub the areas with buildup. You must repeat this action until all areas are clean.

Q) What is the best finish for a bath sink faucet?

Ans: Brushed nickel with spot resist is currently the best finish for a bath sink faucet. Faucets equipped with this finish are capable of being immune to fingerprints and water spots. You won’t also feel the necessity of wiping them down or drying them after each and every use.

Q) What is the best bathroom faucet for hard water?

Ans: The best bathroom faucet for hard water is the Moen Eva Centerset Faucet. Its brush nickel finish gives an elegant look to any bathroom; thanks to its swan-like design. It features a 3-hold mount and a 4-inch center set design. Therefore, you can expect to install it without facing any difficulties.

Moreover, it’s equipped with petal-like lever handles. They can offer temperature and flow control. On the other hand, the nickel finish protects it from corrosion and flaking throughout its lifetime. Furthermore, it meets the criteria of WaterSense water efficiency, which lets you preserve up to 32% of water during use.

Final Thoughts

We have picked a variety of products with different designs and finishes to help you bring practicality and style to your home. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or even conducting some simple updates, we hope you’ll find our reviews of the best bathroom faucet for hard water helpful.

If you’re looking for a stylish faucet with then we would recommend you to go for the KOHLER Devonshire Collection and if you want the overall best then the Eva is for you.