How to Remove the Handle of Moen Touchless Kitchen Faucet

The touchless kitchen faucet is the latest innovation in the field of sink taps. Many households are becoming inclined to install them due to their attractive appearance and effortless operation.

You can assure the maximum hygiene as you don’t have to have any physical contact.
These faucets can last a lifetime if maintained properly. Nevertheless, you might have to remove the faucet handle to deal with leakages or simply clean build-ups inside the faucet; or change some old parts with new ones to make it more durable.

Every household faucet can have problems, no matter how good they are. So, don’t be too disheartened if your faucet has leaks or other troubles. You can easily take care of such problems by taking apart the faucet handle and identifying the problems.

The process of removing the handle might come in handy if you need to replace a cartridge, clean residues, fix leaks or replace the handles.
So let’s take a look at how it’s done-

The Handle Removal Process of Regular Moen Faucets

Removing a faucet handle can be pretty easy if you get the hang of it. Here we have elaborately discussed the handle removal process.
Let’s take a look

Finding the Screw

Recent faucet models are apparently screwless, which means they don’t have any visible screws in their exterior. This design is mostly for decorative purposes. In reality, faucets can’t come without screws. You just have to find where they are hidden.

The screws can remain hidden under a button or cap on the handle. Look through the faucet to locate such a button or cap with edged corners. Then take a flat-head screwdriver and remove the cap or button by prying cautiously under it. This will expose the screw underneath.
Simply remove the screws using a wrench or screwdriver that fits. You can then remove the handle using your hands or a pair of pliers.
moen kitchen faucet

Removing the Cartridge

To remove the cartridge of a faucet for cleaning or changing it, decide if you need to turn off your water supply first. After that, hold the faucet handle with one hand and remove its screw with the other. Check the size of your screw to find a fitting wrench.

Carefully set aside all the screws as they will be needed to assemble the faucet later. You can pull the handle out with hands or use pliers. But be cautious if you are using pliers to remove it. Use an old cloth or a soft base underneath the pliers to avoid scratching. The cartridge can be easily replaced or cleaned now.

The Handle Removal Process Double-Handle Moen Faucets

Turn off the water supply to the sink. Next, hold the neck of the handle to keep it in place and twist its base in an anti-clockwise direction. The handle will come off easily and uncover a centerpiece with a screw in it. The screw holding the centerpiece can be removed using a screwdriver specific to it.
The cartridge lies underneath the centerpiece.

You can pull the cartridge out using needle-nosed pliers. If you want to replace the cartridge, you might have to find custom-made parts that fit the model of your faucet. For that, you have to contact the manufacturers of your faucet to get the correct replacement.

Sometimes to fix leaks in the faucet, you might not need to replace the cartridge. Merely cleaning the mineral deposits around it or replacing the O-rings on it might fix the problem.
How to Remove the Handle of Moen Touchless Kitchen Faucet

The Handle Removal Process Lever Style Moen Faucet

If you searched thoroughly and failed to find any cap or button on your faucet handle, don’t consider yourself unlucky! Your faucet might just have a different design. In low arc or lever-style faucets, the screws are usually kept hidden behind the “warm or cold water” indication button.

After you find the button, give yourself a pat on the back. But the work is not done yet. Take a flat head screwdriver and start applying pressure to the sides of the button. The button will come off or pop out. However, be gentle while doing this as the buttons can be fragile and break if the pressure’s too much.

In some faucets, there might be a key instead of a screw holding it in place. You will need a specified wrench to remove the key. The faucet handle can be pulled out after removing the key. If your faucet lacks cartridge, you don’t need to take anything apart anymore and your job is done.

Congrats! If your faucet has a cartridge in it, you have a bit more work left. After removing the handle, you will see a golden-colored piece. You will need to unscrew the golden-colored piece to remove it.

Use your hands or a wrench, if necessary. The piece will come loose and expose the cartridge.
Then replace the old cartridge with a new one of the same model. It’s better not to try and replace all the intricate parts of the cartridge by yourself, as that can turn out to be a complex process. So, buy the whole cartridge package altogether if you need to replace it.


If you just can’t seem to work your way around the faucet, call for professional help. Your faucet might get permanently damaged if handled carelessly. Therefore, let an experienced person deal with it if necessary. Don’t try to make major fixes to your faucet if you are not so sure of your success.

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How to fix leaking Moen faucet handle


The first and foremost task for removing the faucet handle is to find the hidden screws that are holding it. Screws can be located at different places of the handle, depending on its design.

In some faucets, screws are placed at the top of the handle, while in some others, they are placed at the side.
In a different faucet design, keys may be placed inside instead of screws. In other cases, it might not even have any caps or buttons. Check your model thoroughly to figure out its design.

If you follow the instructions given above correctly, there hopefully won’t be any problem while fixing your faucet.
Happy fixing!

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