Best Single Handle Bathroom Faucet

Check out the 10 best bathroom faucets that we have selected for you. These faucets will be your best meat considering the features, price, durability, performance, and quality. Read out our review on them and find out which one will match you the best. 

10 Best Single Handle Bathroom Faucet Review

1. KES-SUS 304 – L3156ABLF-P Bathroom Faucet


  • Pex Tubing for Safe Drinking Water
  • Nylon Braided Rustproof
  • Single Hole Installation Method
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Material
  • 4 Finishes

The KES-SUS 303 bathroom faucet is right for you if you want to be effective in a simple way. It has all the quality features that you need all in all. The single handle traits are ready to provide a simple adjustment for water temperature.

However, the mounting hardware is available with this Faucet for cold and hot water 3/8″ compression hoses. It has a double rotating design for not making any splashing noise but will provide the aerated stream. Be happy with this modern bathroom faucet!

2. Parlos 13433 Single Handle Bathroom


  • cUPC Faucet Supply Lines
  • 3-Hole Faucet
  • Pip-Up Drain

To ensure leak-free high performance, you need a faucet that can make you a 100% guarantee. In this case, the Parlos 13433 single-handle faucet will be perfect. This Faucet will provide you with a non-splashing water stream that is pretty soft to touch. You will enjoy washing your face, hands, or even hair in this fantastic Faucet.

Besides, installing the Parlos 13433 will be easier for you. The Parlos 1343 will be your perfect value for the price, and also it is ideal for the rented house because you can replace it anytime you need. So, no stress to spend money!

3. Single Faucet P136LF


  • Peerless Water Sense
  • Life Time Limited Warranty
  • 3-Holes Effortless Installation Method
  • Separately purchasable Supply Lines

This specially designed bathroom faucet fits 3-hole settings with a centerset configuration of 4 inches. It has got the pop-up drain assembly to finish to get a complete look at your bathroom.

However, this Faucet didn’t just come with a stylish look, but it will allow you to save water that stands up to 20% compared to the industrial standard. Most importantly, this bathroom faucet is cost-effective but highly productive.

So, you don’t have to be confused about its performance. If you need to replace any of its parts, you can purchase them separately. So, here again, it has become budget-friendly that every user desires.

4. Moen 84774 Beric Bathroom Faucet


  • Dingle-Holes Assembly
  • Versatile Design
  • Flexible Installation
  • Premium Brass Material
  • Extremely Reflective Chrome Finish
  • EPA Water Sense

For over 80 years, Moen has supplied its bathroom gadgets that you can depend on for years. So, undoubtedly, the Moen 84774 is a long-lasting faucet that will not require you any replacement so quickly. The mirror-like look of the Moen Beric faucet will adjust any bathroom decor.

However, you will love this Faucet for your daily purpose like washing hands, brushing teeth, etc. Also, adjusting water is pretty effortless in terms of its lever handle. 

It has a single-hole installation that comes with an optional cover plate. So, installing your bathroom faucet will be trouble-free. And, the EPA Water sense will help you preserve a significant amount of water.

5. BECOLA Chrome Sink Faucet


  • Single-Handle Lavatory
  • Multi-Layer Protective Electroplated Finish
  • Anti-Fading Treating Surface
  • Solid Brass CU
  • Adjustable Rectangular Handle

The level of water that flows in your faucet in slow-motion will not make a pretty comfortable water splash. The BECOLA Chrome Sink Faucet will give you that amazing trait and allow you to save 20% water. Due to its multi-layer brass nickel finish, you can use this faucet for a long time.

However, the ceramic valve of this faucet has 500000 times on/off lifecycle. Therefore, you will use your faucet leakage-free. And, the single handle is ready to offer easy control over the water temperature.

6. VOTON Chrome Faucet with Deck


  • 1 and 3 Holes Installation
  • High-Quality Ceramic Cartridge
  • Stylish Waterfall Spout
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • cUPC Flexible Hoses

It is a fantastic feeling to have a comfortable wearing experience in terms of your bathroom faucet. If you want to get this feel, buy the ultra-wide waterfall VOTON Faucet. The combination of long lever handles is ready to offer an effortless water temperature flow.

Unlike all ordinary faucets, the VOTON has the most flexible installation process. Here, you will get the option to choose whether your bathroom interior has a 1 or 3 holes system. As a result, installing your bathroom faucet will be pretty effortless.

Significantly, the VOTON will provide a 5-years extended manufacturer’s warranty. It’s So Cool!

7. RKF Bathroom Sink Faucet 


  • Single Handle Design
  • Long-Lasting Matte Black Finish
  • Easy to Fix
  • Aerator for Non-Splashing Water
  • 2 CUPC Supply Lines

Using the Faucet regularly will make it dirty with lots of corrosion and tarnishing. But if your Faucet gets a quality finish, it will resist tarnishing. In this case, you can depend on the RKF Bathroom Sink Faucet. It has come with the Matte Black finish required to remove corrosion and make the Faucet highly durable.

In terms of its CUPC valve, it will provide a drip-free and smooth water flow. Since the RKF has a single handle trait, you can effortlessly manage the cold and hot water temperature.                                                                                      

8. Hansgrohe Talis S 32040001


  • Quick Cleaning Technology
  • Ceramic Cartridge
  • Boltic Lever Lock
  • Superior Design
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Anti-Scale silicone Aerator

There are some specific models of bathroom faucets available for particular bathroom decore. So, if your bathroom décor doesn’t fit that model, you cannot buy them. But, the Hansgrohe Talis S 32040001 faucet has come with such features that will suit all types of bathroom design.

This German-designed bathroom faucet will provide you the utmost flexibility on your installation through its 3 holes configuration. It means you can install this Faucet for both single and 3 hole configurations. And the ceramic cartridge will ensure leak-free operation and faucet durability.

9. Delta Faucet Nicoli 15849LF


  • Water Sense Level
  • Exclusive Supply Lines
  • Drain Assembly
  • Convent Cover Plate
  • Single/ 3 Hole Installation

This versatile bathroom faucet will allow you to install it most flexibly, like single or 3 holes, whatever you necessitate. But, if you choose the 3 hole installation, you will get the optional cover plate to be more convenient.

This easy-to-install Faucet is well capable of saving up to 20% of the water that will save your money afterward. And, while confused with the performance, the Delta will ensure high performance in terms of its quality features.

10. Oakland Brushed Gold Bathroom Faucet


  • Pop-Up Drain
  • Premium Brass Construction
  • PEX Supply Lines
  • Limited Life-Time Warranty
  • Precise Water Temperature Adjustment

A bathroom faucet with a sleek design with leading-edge technology will tremendously enhance your interior gravity. But finding such a design is pretty costly, right? Well, the Oakland Brushed Gold Faucet will meet your high-looking interior design with a minimum cost.

This Faucet has a solid brass design to resist corrosion and rust. Therefore, your Faucet will be highly durable. And due to the PEX supply lines trait, using your Faucet for a long time is quite impressive.

Best Bathroom Faucet: Buying Guide

The bathroom faucet keeps an essential role in enhancing the bathroom decore beauty. So, you must look at the style first, but, still, there are some important factors that you must follow, for instance-

Types of Faucet

Before you decide to go to market, you must select the types of faucets you require. There are three main types you will get that come in.

Widespread Faucet

Widespread Faucet is more convenient and flexible with a variety of features. It comes with all the parts separately mounted. But, this type of Faucet will cost you twice compared to other types.

Two-Handle Faucet

The two-handle Faucet comes with a combination of valves and spouts in terms of a single vase.

Single-Handle Faucet

You will find the single-handle Faucet more convenient with its easily adjustable trait.


The Faucet is the bathroom gadget that we have to use repeatedly every day. So, if you want to use your Faucet for years, quality speaks must. You can measure the quality of your Faucet by reading the manufacturer’s guide. Check what features are available, what type of convenience it will provide, etc. Ensure the Faucet has upgraded features like finish, valve, handle, etc.

Faucet Finish

The finish is another essential fact to consider to ensure the Faucet’s durability. So, you have to keep an explicit knowledge about the faucet finish and which one to choose. Generally, the faucet finish comes with polished brass, brass, chrome, brash chrome, gold plating, etc. Faucet with chrome and brass is better, we found.


The Faucet provides service for years undoubtedly. But the low-quality Faucet will require you to replace different parts right after using a few days. So, check out the duration of the Faucet.


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that the buyers often get confused by. So, to give you a clear idea before buying your one, we will try to remove your confusion:

What is the best brand for a single-handle bathroom faucet?

There are a few recognized faucet brands that you can be considered the best. But among all of them, we found the Moen and the Parlos the best brand for the single-handle faucets.

How long do I need to replace my bathroom faucet?

Replacing a bathroom faucet will take less than 1 hour if you can choose a quality faucet. Some faucets on the market mention the replacing time in the guide.

What is the standard distance for spout spacing?

Well, we prefer the 8″ is standard spout spacing.

How can I unfreeze the faucet handle if stuck?

Tap the handle and spray some lubricant into the handle space. Now, wait a while and pull it off.

To Wrap Up

To fulfill your everyday needs, you deserve a high-quality bathroom faucet. But, of course, that Faucet has the features to meet the integral design of your bathroom. In this matter, you can choose your required one from the list of our best single-handle bathroom faucets.

Here all the high-quality and gorgeous faucets are available that will not get out of your budget. And these faucets will ensure you perform with their multi-purpose features.

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