Best Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucets

Are touchless faucets more hygienic for commercial bathrooms? A survey conducted by Kohler Co among 2,000 US adults (June 2020) finds 76% of participants think touchless faucets to be more hygienic. Another stat depicts that “touchless” and “hands-free” are the two most searched terms on Grohe’s website. It shows how demanding the touchless faucets are, especially for commercial bathrooms.

Getting the best commercial touchless bathroom faucet is a must for adding value to any space. It’s not only hygienic but also supplies water on-demand to reduce waste and save on business costs. These features make the touchless faucet ideal for commercial bathrooms that are designed for many users. 

Since it’s about getting the best one, let’s check out some of the top recommendations right here.


Advantages of Touchless Bathroom Faucet

The touchless bathroom faucet comes with immense advantages, especially for commercial or public use. Some of the most significant ones include:

  • Provides hands-free operation for a cleaner and more hygienic experience
  • Limits the spread of bacteria and germs
  • Less clean up time
  • Saves water and energy to reduce the overall business cost
  • Handy for people with disabilities
  • ADA compliant
  • Modernizes the bathroom and adds value to any property

Touch VS Touchless Faucet

ActivationBy physical touchBy infrared motion sensing technology
Water conservationMore water wastedMore water conserved
HygieneLess hygienic as it requires physical touchCompletely hygienic due to hands free operation
Convenience                   Less convenient due to manual activationMore convenient due to automatic operation
CleanlinessProne to dirt, grimeNot prone to dirt

Reviews of 8 Best Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucets

There are tons of hands-free bathroom faucets to consider for commercial spaces. Well, don’t worry; we’ve narrowed down the list here with the best available options.


1. AmazonCommercial Electronic Sensor Faucet

Key Features

  • Electronic motion sensor bathroom faucet
  • Includes aerator
  • Polished chrome finish
  • 3/8″ compression
  • 1.5 GPM capacity

If you’re looking for a touchless, non-splash bathroom faucet for your commercial space, the AmazonCommercial Electronic Sensor Faucet can be a real find for you.

This electronic sensor faucet is a perfect upgrade for any bathroom. It comes with built-in motion sensor technology that dispenses water only when your hand passes over its sensor. The touchless operation also curbs the spread of germs.

The AmazonCommerical faucet features metal construction with a shiny chrome finish. So you get durability as well as a streamlined look to effortlessly match the existing décor. It offers easy cleaning and reduces water waste. The dispensing capacity is good, and the non-splash aerator adds value to the faucet.

2. HALO Commercial Touchless Sensor Bathroom Faucet

Key Features

  • The automatic infrared sensor control
  • High-grade brass body with chromium plating
  • Includes temperature mixing valve
  • 2 GPM maximum flow rate
  • Deck mount installation

HALO Touchless Bathroom Faucet makes an ideal choice for commercial bathrooms. It comes with industrial-grade brass construction and chromium plating. So it’s highly resistant to corrosion, rust, and heat to provide durable performance. It looks glossy and allows easy clean-up.

The smart sensor function detects the motion of your hands from a 4″ to 8″ distance (adjustable) to immediately start the water flow, and it stops once you move the hands away.

The temperature mixing valve is a great addition, and the built-in check valves help you avoid hot and cold water reflux. The soft, cellular bubbler doesn’t allow water to splash and also filters impurities from water. It comes with all the accessories required for an easy installation.

3. Delta Touchless Commercial Bathroom Faucet

Key Features

  • Touchless sensor-based operation
  • Metal construction with chrome finish
  • Maximum flow rate 0.5 GPM
  • Single hole deck mount installation
  • Low battery indicator

A low GPM, water-efficient touchless faucet can be an ideal choice for a commercial bathroom. You can check out the Delta Touchless Bathroom Faucet for a perfect upgrade.

This auto-sensing faucet allows hands-free operation for perfect hygiene practice. The faucet features a metal construction along with a chrome finish that offers elegance, durability, and ease of clean-up.

The single-hole deck mount plug profile makes it easy to install. The battery-powered faucet comes with a low battery indicator. Its water dispensing capacity is decent, but unfortunately, there’s no temperature mixer included!

4. Greenspring Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet

Key Features

  • Touchless infrared sensor faucet
  • Brass body with ABS faucet head
  • Temperature mixer
  • Deck mount installation

Adding a matte black touchless faucet could be a great upgrade to your bathroom. And for that, it’s worth considering the Greenspring Touchless Bathroom Faucet for its classic style and touchless convenience.

This smart infrared sensor faucet works on motion sensors and prevents cross-infection after washing.

It includes 100% brass construction with mirror plating. So it resists fading, rusting, corrosion, and heat. The water faucet head includes a honeycomb water out design for soft, non-splash water dispensing. It also saves water and is easy to clean up.

You get the touchless bathroom faucet with temperature control features. It includes a temperature mixer along with a cold/hot water hose. It includes all the required accessories, including the mounting hardware, control box, etc. (except for the drain).

5. Modundry Commercial Touchless Faucets

Modundry Commercial Touchless Faucet can be a great addition to any commercial bathroom. 

It comes with a perfectly working infrared sensing mechanism that offers touchless convenience. The preset sensing distance is 5.9″, so as you approach the faucet, the water starts flowing and stops when you withdraw.

This faucet is made of solid brass with chrome plating and includes lead-free construction. So you can expect a durable, hygienic, and commercial-grade performance.

The Temperature Control Thermostatic Mixer Valve is included for hot and cold water. It also comes with all the necessary accessories for an easy installation. Make sure the sensor is adjusted properly during installation.

6. HHOOMMEE Commercial Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet

Key Features

  • Infrared motion sensor bathroom sink faucet
  • Brass construction with chrome plating
  • Single-hole installation
  • Water mixing valve for temperature adjustment

Now experience the touchless convenience for your commercial bathroom, lavatory, or restrooms with the HHOOMMEE Touchless Bathroom Faucet. You can also consider this automatic faucet for home use.

This hands-free auto sink faucet comes with a preset sensing distance of 5.9″. So it dispenses water automatically once it detects motion within this distance and stops when it doesn’t.

The faucet aerator includes a soft water design that prevents splashing and saves water. It also ensures a great stream quality, low noise level, and maximum lime resistance. You don’t need to disassemble the aerator while cleaning.

It comes with solid brass construction and a chrome finish. This faucet also includes a water mixer with a check valve for hot and cold water. There’s a deck plate along with other required accessories included for easy single-hole installation.

7. PRIMSOPH Black Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Key Features

  • Touchless infrared sensor faucet
  • Brass construction with polished chrome finish
  • Temperature mixer included
  • Deck mount installation

How about checking out a cool black touchless bathroom faucet? Try the PRIMSOPH Black Touchless Bathroom Faucet for a convenient and efficient performance.

It comes with infrared sensing for automatic on/off. This is an ideal hands-free lavatory faucet that prevents cross-infection in your high-traffic place. It also saves water and curbs overall business costs.

The faucet features solid brass construction with a black matte finish. It includes a cold and hot hose and temperature mixer for temperature adjustment. You also get the accessories required for easy deck mount installation. It’s a perfect option for public restrooms, commercial lavatory, or household use.

8. Simi Electronic Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Now back to a chrome-finished faucet again, which is the Sanimi Touchless Bathroom Faucet. It’s made of premium quality brass with solid chromium plating. It stays smooth to touch and resists rust and corrosion for durable performance. 

It’s an infrared-based motion bathroom faucet that starts flowing water immediately after detecting the motion. The faucet keeps it clean and prevents cross-infection.

It includes a temperature mixer and also a hot and cold hose that allows temperature adjustment. The kit includes all the accessories for a practical and simple installation.

How to Install Touchless Bathroom Faucets

Installing a touchless bathroom faucet will require the following steps:

  • At first, remove the old faucet. Loosen the nuts of the water inlet pipe underneath the sink. Use a flap or socket screwdriver. Once it comes off, remove the faucet.
  • Now, fix the control box holder of the new faucet to a suitable place by drilling appropriately. Next, connect the faucet’s hot and cold water hose with the control box outlet. Then fix the main water hose to the control box inlet and valve.
  • You can now unpack your touchless faucet and install it with a plate on the basin hole. As the control box is fixed to the holder, you can now connect the sensor wire.
  • Finally, remove the top cover to install four AA batteries in the control box or plug in the transformer for AC connection if needed.

Buying Guide for the Best Commercial Touchless Bathroom Faucets

What are the features that make up the best touchless faucets for commercial bathrooms? Let’s find out.

Material and Finish

The faucet material is important as it influences the durability, quality, and maintenance factor. Stainless steel and brass are two of the common materials considered for their sturdiness. You can combine it with different finish styles. However, chromium finish is the most preferred style for touchless bathroom faucets.

Sensor Accuracy and Adjustment

Since touchless bathroom faucets use motion sensor infrared technology, make sure the sensor accuracy is fine. The factory-set distance is generally about 5.9″, meaning the faucet should automatically activate once it detects motion in this range. While most touchless faucets come with fixed sensitivity, there are still a few options that allow adjustments. 

Power Source

The touchless commercial faucets require a power supply. While most are battery-powered, some options require AC power from the nearest electrical outlet. The battery-powered faucets are more convenient; however, you need to replace the batteries after quite a while.

Flow Rate

The maximum flow rate or gallons per minute (GPM) is another important factor. Most of the commercial hands-free faucets today have a flow rate below 2 GPM to save more water. The touchless waterfall faucet comes with a low flow rate and cascading effect. In general, the optimal range for touchless water faucets is 0.5 GPM – 2 GPM. 

Water Temperature Mixer

Temperature mixer or controlling components are the key features to check out. Make sure the faucet includes a hot and cold hose, control box, temperature mixer valve, and a check valve. 

Soft Water Faucet Head

You should also consider getting a faucet that dispenses soft, non-splash water. A soft water faucet head is convenient for the users while also saving water from waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How Do Touchless Faucets Work?

Touchless faucets work based on motion sensing. When the sensor detects motion, the valve in the faucet engages in the flow of water via a rubber-like disc. And if there’s no signal detected, the valve gets closed.

2.    What are common touchless bathroom faucet problems?

Some of the most common problems with touchless faucets include water leaking or dripping, activation problem, unstoppable water flow, and battery running out quickly.

3.    How to remove Aerator from touchless bathroom faucet?

To remove the aerator, unscrew the aerator from the faucet spout using your hand or screwdriver. Since most aerators are threaded on by hand, you should unscrew them the same way.

4.    How to maintain a touchless bathroom faucet?

To maintain the touchless faucet, clean the sensors and faucet components regularly. Also, replace the battery on time. You can take the help of a plumber to deep clean it once in a while.

5.    How long battery last in a touchless bathroom faucet?

It depends on the make and model of the faucet you’re choosing. Generally, the batteries in the faucet should last around 7000 times which is two years for home use, and around 8-10 months for commercial use.

Final Thoughts

If you have a bathroom to be used by many, you must find the best commercial touchless bathroom faucet for your space. 

In this article, we’ve brought you some of the best ones to choose from. Any of these can save you money while helping you maintain the right hygiene. As we wrap things up, we expect you’re now well informed to make the right selection for your touchless commercial bathroom faucet. 


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