Best black stainless kitchen faucet of 2023 – Our top 5 list

Do you want to add some aesthetic effect to your kitchen? Are you tired of seeing the same chrome and silver faucets everywhere? No worries anymore because we will introduce you to the best black stainless kitchen faucet in this blog. That’s a promise! 

Black is the go-to color of most people and gives things a very aesthetically pleasing look. Most people want to get black gadgets as black is the only color that can contrast any shade without looking odd. While renovating a kitchen, people choose black-colored appliances and devices to meet the ambiance.

We think you are here because you are searching for a kitchen faucet with all the unique specs and not dull traditional silver in color. 

Reviews of 5 Black kitchen faucets with stainless steel

Whenever someone buys any modern gadget, he wants it to be attractive. People neglected the aesthetics of the kitchenware for a long time, but now they want to make their kitchen look stylish and modern. Silver and chrome faucets are not in fashion anymore, and black kitchen faucets with stainless-steel are in common demand nowadays. 

Following are the best five black kitchen faucets that will impress you.

1. Kraus KPF-1673SFSMB: Dual Function pull-down black stainless Faucet

Kraus KPF-1673SFSMB is a matte black, stainless-steel kitchen faucet. It has a lever-type handle located on the right side. The Matte black color and brushed finish give it a classy look. The spout height and range of the faucet is 9 inches. The height of the faucet is ideal for 18-inch standard kitchen cabinets.

The key features include:

  • Color and finishing: The faucet has a spot-free stainless black color which gives it a fresh look.
  • Pull-down technology: The faucet’s hose is retractable with an 18-inch reach due to the unique pull-down technology. You can turn the hose by a swivel adapter for complete coverage of the kitchen sink. 
  • Dual functionality: The faucet’s spray head can supply water as an aerated stream and spray form. Thus, the faucet is helpful for the regular filling of pots and heavy-duty cleaning. You can easily clean even the most stubborn food residues.
  • Accessible Deck Mount installation: QuickConnect can help you install the faucet effortlessly.
  • Handle designs: The faucet has a single handle. You can operate the faucet’s handle by rotating it through 90 degrees. The handle can control both the temperature and water flow.

According to 1014 reviews on Amazon, the faucet has 4.6/5-star ratings. The price of the faucet is also affordable for everyone, and it has a limited lifetime warranty as well. 

2. GIMILI kitchen faucet: the touchless black kitchen faucet

The GIMILI kitchen faucet is a smart kitchen faucet that uses unique touchless techniques for operation. It has a single handle for simultaneous control of hot and cold water. The faucet is made of stainless steel and has a matte black finish. The warranty of the faucet is applicable for two years.

Following are the key features of the faucet.

  • Pull-down technology: The faucet gives complete coverage to the sink by pull-down technology. You can pull down the hose faucet to fill heavy buckets and move it around the sink to clean it properly. 
  • Dual water dispersion mode: The faucet’s nozzle can supply water as an aerated stream and spray. The aerated steam cleans, and spray mode rinses the dishes. This dual water dispensing mode helps in powerful cleaning. You can shift between the two modes by pressing the tab gently.
  • Motion sensor: GIMILI faucets come with the unique technology of motion sensors. You can operate the faucet without touching it. The faucet senses the motion of hands and operates according to waves of movement. All you need to do to activate the faucet is slip your hand under the faucet. If hands are not removed, the faucet automatically turns off after 3 minutes.


3. OWOFAN Kitchen Faucet: Matte black and stainless-steel kitchen faucet

The OWOFAN kitchen faucet is an industrial and professional faucet with black matte finishing. The maximum flow rate of the faucet is 1.8 gallons/minute. Due to the easy-fit property, it can be used as a regular kitchen faucet. It has a single handle that is located on the right side. The faucet’s hose is free of LEAD, so the water does not contaminate and remains healthy.

Following are the main features of the faucet. 

  • Temperature sensors: The LED lights installed in the faucet sense the temperature and change color. There is no need for batteries to operate the LED lights.  
  • Pull-down function: You can pull down the faucet to quickly fill heavy buckets and get a 360-degree sink coverage experience.  
  • Dual-mode water dispersion: The faucet is helpful for heavy-duty cleaning because it generates an aerated stream and spray of water. This dual-mode of water dispersion and 360 swivel property gives coverage to the total volume of the sink.  
  • Easy fit and space-saving: The OWOFAN kitchen faucets can easily fit in the cabinets and save space. Despite being an industrial faucet, it can be an excellent match for the kitchen due to this property. 

4. Totopia kitchen faucet: The commercial matte black faucet


Totopia kitchen faucet is famous for commercial use. It is made up of stainless steel and has matte finishing. The faucet’s spout is 3.9 inches long and reaches 9.5 inches. The height and pull-down design of the faucet is suitable for more oversized sinks. Hot water supply occurs by intentionally pulling the tap back, thus enabling safe use.

The key features of the Totopia kitchen faucet are discussed below.

  • Pull-Down technology: The ordinary spring faucet has a limited cleaning range. The spout of the Totopia kitchen faucet can extend more and rotate 360 degrees to clean each sink corner thoroughly. 
  • Dual-function sprayer: The faucet’s hose can supply water in spray and stream modes. The dual function of the faucet can help you in heavy-duty cleaning. 
  • Handle: The faucet has one handle only that can be rotated to the left, right and central positions. The rotation of the handle controls the temperature from hot to cold. 
  • Effortless Installation: The faucet can be installed by the deck-mount single-hole installation method.
  • Anti-rust faucet: The faucet has a premium Matte black finish, and solid brass gives it anti-rust properties. The look and feel of the faucet truly decorate your kitchen. 


5. GOMYHOM kitchen faucet: The black stainless steel commercial spring faucet

The GOMYHOM kitchen faucet is a commercial pull-down sprayer faucet used in kitchens. It is made of stainless steel and has a matte appearance, and the sink is made up of premium quality brass that increases its durability.

Other features of the GOMYHOM kitchen faucet are discussed below.  

  • One handle: It has a single handle to control water flow and temperature. The temperature can be changed by simply rotating the handle.  
  • Accessible reach pull-down technology: The pull-down technology gives it more reach, and you can easily stretch the spout to 17.7 inches. So, you can fill the heavy buckets without lifting them by simply extending the spout length. 
  • Swivel spout: cleaning the corners is not an issue with the GOMYHOM kitchen faucet. The faucet’s spout can be rotated by 360 degrees to cover the sink fully and thoroughly clean each corner. 
  • Dual-function sprayer: The faucet’s sprayer is built such that it can supply water in the form of aerated steam and spray blast. It is very effective for the thorough cleaning of stubborn food residues.
  • Silicon nozzle: Silicon nozzles can spread water effectively, but the more important thing is that they are easy to clean than regular nozzles. 

Buying guide: Factors you should consider before buying black kitchen faucets

You cannot buy the best-suited kitchen faucet for yourself until you do not know the factors that can have a long-term effect on your life. In this section, we have discussed a few important things that should determine if a product is suitable for you or not. 

  1. Aesthetic Appeal:

Like every other corner of your home, your kitchen also deserves to look appealing. The kitchen faucet having a sleek look is more popular among the masses. It is always troublesome to renovate the kitchen because the colors often do not match. Black kitchen faucets have the quality of matching any prior color combination without looking odd. 

  • Cost and pricing:

The money you put in faucets should be your best kitchen investment because it is a basic need for your kitchen. The black kitchen faucets range from $100 to $500. The cost of a faucet depends upon its features and origin. A faucet made by a well-known company with smart features like voice interface, hands-free control, etc., will be costlier than a standard faucet.

  • Smart specs:

Do not compromise over the smart specs of a gadget. In the coming years, everything will be digital and smart, so if you are still thinking of buying a conventional faucet, then you might regret it in the future. Today, you can find faucets with touchless hands-free, voice activation, and smartphone control features that can make your work easy and prevent the spread of micro-organisms.

  • Warranty

Because of high costs, people want a surety. If you feel the same, then the kitchen faucet with a warranty may be a good match for you. A warranty card can provide you with repair and replacement facilities in case of any damage within the warranty time.

  • Pull-down and single handle faucet

Most traditional faucets had two handles, one for hot water and the other for cold, and those were difficult to install. The newer faucets come with single handles that can control the temperature only by moving the handle in different directions. 

The pull-down faucets help fill buckets heavier to lift otherwise. You can turn the pull-down faucets to get a 360 degrees coverage of the sink. 

Frequently asked questions

People have many concerns and questions when they shift to new gadgets. In this section, we have discussed all Frequently asked questions of the audience. 

  1. How much does a stainless black kitchen faucet cost?

A stainless black kitchen faucet is available in many types. You get yourself a basic black kitchen faucet for under $100, but you might have to pay $500 or more for the modern faucets. The total cost of a kitchen faucet depends upon its features and design.

  • How does a black stainless kitchen faucet work?

Irrespective of the color, the working of any kitchen faucet depends upon the model. Newer models have digital and voice operating options, and older models mainly rely on the conventional way of turning the handle. To get proper knowledge about a kitchen faucet, you should check the guide that comes along with it. 

  • Single or double handle faucet- which is better?

Single handle faucets are easy to install, and you can easily change the temperature by turning the handle to different positions. Most new kitchen faucets have a single handle, while the conventional faucet comes with two handles. The primary purpose of the two handles was to control the temperature of the water. 

  • What are the best features to look for in a kitchen faucet?

When you plan to buy a kitchen faucet, you should look for automation, precision, and color. Automatic on/off feature can save your energy and time and revolutionize your kitchen experience. You will never regret buying innovative kitchen faucets because they will save you from many hustles.

Wrap up:

Faucets are an essential part of a kitchen. Black and stainless kitchen faucets elevate the beauty of your kitchen and give you freedom from stains. It is the 21st century: style and specs should go hand in hand. Imagine you have a smart black kitchen faucet that can be operated by voice and looks aesthetic. Won’t it be fantastic? 

The black kitchen faucets are in high demand these days. We suggest you quickly order your favorite among the best black stainless kitchen faucet because they are getting out of the sale.