What do Plumbers Charge to Install a Faucet

Sometimes our belongings need to be replaced or installed. It includes the faucet as well. Some people call it Tap as well.  It is known differently in the different regions of the world.

Basically, It is the device that controls the flow of the liquid from the pipe. It is natural that it can get damaged or old and we need to install it. You can do it yourself or you can call a plumber for it. Here the question arises that what do plumbers charge to install a faucet and overall cost to install a faucet. Throughout the article, we will have a deep conversation over this.

Before knowing the actual price, you need to know that the price is not fixed. It depends on so many factors that include the location of your faucet, location of your home, whether the plumber is certified or not and many more things that we will also discuss here so stay tuned!

The average cost to install a Faucet

The average cost to install a faucet is 250$. Moreover, depending on the various factors it can be low as 100 $ and as high as 550$

When it comes to the rates of plumbers, they charge 50$ to 100$ per hour.

As it is told that, the cost of faucet installation is not fixed because of some factors. These will also affect the rates of plumbing so let’s discuss these factors first!

Factors that Causes the Price to Vary

Here we are going to mention all the factors that cause the overall budget of faucet installation and plumbing charges to vary.


The price for installation depends on where you want to install a faucet. For example, kitchen faucet installation needs more money as compared to bathroom faucet installation. It can be 260$ to 480$ for plumbing in total. On the other hand, the bathroom faucet installation is less expensive.


The second thing is the upgrades that you might need. For example, upgrades like lighting and filtration will cost you more. For this upgrade, you will have to pay more to your plumber.

Counter and Sink 

If you have brought the faucet that does not fit on your sink and countertops, then you may need to cut the extra body and alter its shape to fit that there. You may also require replacement of your sink. That’s why you may face a difference in your budget for this. This excessive work may also cause variation in the plumbing budget.

Type of Faucet

The type of faucet to install indeed makes a difference. The high-quality faucet with more stable and qualitative material will surely cost you more. On the other hand, you can also go for cheap Faucet.

Condition of the Existing Faucet

If your current faucet is old and rusted then it is clear that you might need overwork to fix it. Facing this, you will require more money to make a change. For fixing, the plumber will ask you for more money

Mountings/ Connectors

We don’t usually count its cost in our budget but it should be added here. During installation, you might come to know that the connector and mounters are broken. In this condition, you need new ones to fix it. The plumber will charge you more for this.

Plumbing Condition

If your previous plumbing condition is not in the right state, you might need to repair it.

Final Words

If you ever face a situation where you need to install your faucet(Moen motionsense reviews) then you should know that what do the plumbing charge to install a faucet. However, there is one more thing to consider. It is that you should know where some factors vary the budget; some factors vary the plumbing cost as well. We have mentioned both factors here that you can

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