Delta Faucet Kate Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

This is a unique piece. You don’t often see this type of faucet with a contemporary design because any defects from the manufacturers will be shown boldly.

But it is Delta who you are dealing with.

And any reviewer like me knows how accurate Delta manufacturers are. Along with style, you are also getting all of the standard Delta features. And the price is also as expected from this quality and style.

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Review of the Delta Faucet Kate Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Here you have the complete anatomy of the faucet and its performance with surgical precision.

But before going to the individuals, let’s look at Delta Kate’s top features-

Top Features

  • DIAMOND seal technology
  • Two functions: spray and steam
  • 20″ pulldown hose
  • Duramount mounting system
  • ADA compliant

Looks and finish

It is a modern faucet giving your kitchen a contemporary look. The design is clean and simple. You have two finishes, stainless steel, and chrome. Both of them are resistant to all kinds of damage, and you also have a warranty for the finishes. It has a reach of 9.25″ and a height of 14.3″. Click here to see the full diagram.


When it comes to durability, brass is by far the dominant material in the market. It is the reason old faucets used to last decades and this faucet is made with the same material.

You also have a guaranty from Delta that the faucet will stay leak-free for twice the industry standard thanks to the diamond seal ceramic disc technology. It also doesn’t require any lubrication, and it reduces damage.

Flow rate

Followers of my blog know that I love a higher pressure of 2.2 GPM. But 1.8 GPM (60 OSI) is not bad, and it is what you have with this faucet. However, the stream was smooth, and the aerator did its work perfectly.

The sprayer head

You have two functions in the sprayer-

  • Spray
  • Stream

Both of these functions felt very strong, but there was no backsplash. The switch for toggling between the functions was also ergonomic and easy to use. You also have a 20″ hose and a magnetic docking system to make it more comfortable.


It has three whole installation system. You already know from the picture that there isn’t going to be any deck plate. You can use it with two holes, but you might have to skip the dispenser. The three holes will be occupied by the faucet, the prayer, and a soap dispenser. And you will have PEX supply lines with the faucet.

The installation was easy because it is mostly intuitive. I didn’t find the instruction manual too helpful.

Convenient factors

No matter how feature-heavy your faucet is, it all comes down to the convenience of day to day use. And the entire faucet is designed to be easy to work with.

First of all, like all Delta faucets of this rage, it has a soft rubber spray hole where calcium build-up is minimum. And it is easy to clean as well. You also have a smooth retraction. The weight is perfectly balanced, and the magnetic docking system snaps the head in place.

The hot and cold water control, along with the speed control was spot on. Island sinks will be rewarded with the 360° swivel capability.


The faucet follows Deltas regular warranty policy, which is illustrated in the table below-

Regular usersCommercial users
On parts and finish (other than

electronic parts and batteries)

Limited lifetime warranty5 years
On electronic parts (other than batteries)5 years1 year

The Cons

The installation manual could have been shorter and easier to understand. I also felt that the hot and cold marking should be a little clearer. Otherwise, the faucet was good for the price. But I would like to see more finish options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions from consumers interested in this faucet-

Q: Can I order it without the dispenser?

A: I know lot of you might have a spare dispenser from the previous faucet, but you can’t order it without the dispenser.

Q: What should be my hole size?

A: Your sink hole size should be 1 3/8″ (35 mm).

Q: Can I stop the water without retraction?

A: To fully stop the water, you need to retract and center the faucet.

Final Words

Here you have the full Delta kate kitchen faucet review. If you like it, don’t hesitate to buy it. It worth every penny. But do make sure that they are compatible with your sink.