5 Best Deck Mount Tub Faucets Reviews and Buying Guide 2023!

When you want luxury in your bathtub, there’s no other choice than to go for the best deck mount tub faucet. Tub faucets are a bit different in the family and the functions of the tub faucets are different as well. When you’re searching for the best ones in the market, you may get confused easily.

Here we are to help you out. You usually don’t know, what to look for when you’re going for a tub faucet, what material, what type of handle, finish, and other features. We have your homework done here.

In this article, we’re going to share the 5 best bathtub faucets available on the market with their features, pros, and cons. To make your purchase more specific, we’ll try to share a buying guide too! The top rankings are based on their build quality, material, and performance. The best tub faucets are:

01. Pfister Bronson 2-Handle 3-Hole Roman Tub Faucet

The Pfister Bronson 2-Handle 3-Hole Roman Tub Faucet is the best deck mount tub faucet available on the market right now. The brand Pfister is pretty popular in this sector and they’ve been making faucets for different purposes for a long now. This one of the brands Pfister is great and it comes up with everything you’ll looking for in a tub faucet.

The most tempting thing is it comes up with a dark gloomy body style. The finish is spot resistant and it has a Tuscan bronze finish for a great appearance. It has a great water flow rate of 18 GPM at max. The water flow rate of tub faucets is a bit high than regular life faucets or kitchen faucets. The package of this faucet comes up with mounting hardware and tools you need. The handles are great and smooth for control.

It comes up with an all-metal construction that ensures premium durability and it also comes up with a 3 hole installation. The high arc spout design is pretty great for the tub faucet and it comes up with the latest ceramic technology. This technology ensures there’s no leak at all. However, this faucet is ADA friendly and it’s super easy to operate.

02. Kingston Brass Victorian 7-Inch Deck Mount Tub and Shower Faucet

The second one comes from the brand Kingston Brass. This brand is popular for tub faucets especially. They offer you versatility and multiple choices. You can choose the same faucet and different handles, different faucet and same handles as well. This one of them is a classic cult design tub faucet that comes up with a high-quality design and construction.

The material of this faucet is high-quality bronze and the handle material of this faucet is high-quality brass. It comes up with a solid brass construction that makes the faucet last longer than other faucets. The retro classic design makes it a cool bathtub faucet to play with while taking a shower. Like the previous one, this faucet comes up with a ceramic disc design as well. The Oil rubbed bronze finish makes it look great and it also resists fingerprints.

The ceramic disc ensures there’s no leak at all. However, the water flow rate of this faucet is lower that’s a big drawback. It’s a deck mount faucet that fits any standard installation method. It comes up with a separate hand shower to give you the convenience of a refreshing bath with the faucet. If you want the best tub faucet and you love classic patterns, you can go for this one undoubtedly.

03. Delta Faucet Classic 2-Handle Widespread Roman Tub Faucet

Here comes the best tub waterfall faucet from the mighty brand Delta. Delta is popular for its high-end service, building method, material, and durability. If you choose durability over style, delta is the brand to go for undoubtedly. This one of them is a classic one and made especially for bathtubs. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly all-around tub faucet, you can choose this.

It comes up with a brass material construction with a stainless spot-resistant finish that lasts longer than other faucets on the market. The finish is pretty great and it gives you the ease of cleaning the faucet. You can simply wipe and clean the faucet body. The two-handle function of this faucet is great as operating the faucet is pretty straightforward.

The installation method of this faucet is simple and you can do it all by yourself. It’s designed to fit standard 3 hole installation. the interesting feature of this faucet is it comes up with a tempting limited lifetime warranty feature to back you up. The two-handle design is ADA friendly as well. People with disabilities can also deal with the faucet without any hesitation.

04. Sumerain Roman Tub Faucets Oil Rubbed Bronze

This one is a bit different from others on this list. This one comes up with a different and unique body design, water delivery style. It comes from the faucet maker brand Sumerain and it has some extra features that made it one of the best bathtub faucets. It comes up with solid all-brass construction and a spot-resistant oil-rubbed bronze finish.

The main attraction of this faucet is it comes up with a dramatic waterfall effect. The spout of this faucet is rectangular and pretty wide. It’s essential to note that, having the wide spout made it a faucet for a wide tub. Before purchasing, it’s important that you make sure it fits your tub. The metal handles are durable and corrosion-resistant.

It comes up with a durable ceramic disc valve to provide continuous water flow. The water flow rate is pretty huge for this faucet. It can deliver up to 14 gallons of water per minute at 60 psi water pressure. This flow rate is pretty huge for a standard-sized tub. It can fill the tub in minutes to make sure you’re getting the most out of this faucet.

05. Peerless Claymore 2-Handle Widespread Roman Tub Faucet

The last one on our list comes from the mighty brand Delta faucet. Well, confused? The brand name is Peerless. But you’ll be glad to know that this faucet is manufactured by Delta faucet including their style and technologies. This roman tub faucet waterfall comes up with a solid brass construction to make the body durable for a long time. The construction is corrosion resistant and the oil-rubbed bronze finish is spot resistant.

It comes up with a WaterSense that saves your water and prevents wasting. It saves more than 20% water when compared to other faucets. This feature makes it one of the best tub deck faucets. It also comes up with two easy-to-operate handles. These handles are ADA-friendly and pretty smooth. This one also has a ceramic disc valve to ensure leak-free performance.

The tub waterfall faucet comes up with a warranty feature to back you up. You don’t need to worry about possible repairs. It also comes up with the standard universal installation method, making it easier for you. It supports the three-hole installation. You can do this all by yourself. Taking care of the faucet is pretty simple. Just wipe and clean it.

Best Deck Mount Tub Faucet Buying Guide 2021!

Buying the best one among thousands is not an easy task to deal with. When you’re out there on the market and you’re willing to get the best one, you may get confused easily. There are a lot of new features, you don’t know which one will be the best. To determine the best one, you need to check a few common things.

After going through our bathtub faucet reviews section, let’s take a look at the buying guide to know what exactly you need to check when you’re going to buy a tub faucet. We’ll try to go through the features a tub faucet must include.

High-quality material

The elegance you want from your tub faucet needs to last for a long time. Tubs are premium tools and you don’t change your bathtub now and then. So, you have to make sure that you’re doing a premium purchase.

Go for a faucet that’s made of high-quality solid material. Brass as a building material is most popular these days. It’s durable and it’s corrosion-resistant as well. So, you can go for brass undoubtedly. But you have to make sure it’s solid.

Ceramic disc valve

The ceramic disc valve is pretty necessary for a tub faucet. A tub faucet delivers a huge amount of water per day. When it’s passing more water, the valve may tear apart over time. This will lead to water leaks and dripping issues.

These days, ceramic disc valve is great for tub faucets. It ensures leak-free operation. Make sure that your faucet is coming up with a ceramic disc valve.

Spot resistant finish

The finish depends on your requirements, the way you want your washroom to be. But you have to make sure that your faucet comes up with a spot-resistant finish. Besides, make sure you can simply wipe and clean the faucet when needed. Waterdrop spots and fingerprints on your faucet are embarrassing for some people. It would be better if the finish keeps everything away.

ADA Lever handles

You have to make sure that your tub handles are ADA friendly and they are easy to operate. ADA-friendly handles are important as disabled persons will also be using the tub. You don’t want your lever handles to be too hard for operating.

Water flow rate

Tub faucets require a higher water flow rate. Lower water flow isn’t enough for a bathtub. You have to make sure your tubs are filled as soon as possible to get your life at a speed. Now, if your faucet has a lower water delivery rate, it’ll take more time to fill the tub.

We always recommend going for at least 10 Gpm while buying a tub faucet. Some faucets are focused on delivery rate while they offer low-quality material. Stay away from those faucets.

3 hole installation

When you’re buying a deck mount tub faucet, you need to make sure that it comes up with a 3 hole installation method. 3 hole installation is universal and standard. For better security, tub faucets require 3 hole installation.

You need to make sure your faucet comes up with all this installation hardware and everything you need to set the faucet up.


Having a warranty is a plus point for faucets. Faucets that come up with a good warranty feature, usually last longer than other faucets. Besides, they got your back in case something goes wrong. So, make sure you’re getting a warranty with your faucet. 

How to install a Roman tub faucet


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Who makes the best bathtub faucets?

According to our ranking, the best tub faucet maker is Pfister. The one in our list got the highest water flow rate and tub filling time is a little. You can go for this one as it comes up with solid construction at the same time.

But if you look for alternatives, we’d suggest going for a Delta tub faucet. Delta faucets are well known for their build quality and features. You can rely on them undoubtedly.

What is a Roman tub faucet?

Roman tub faucets are a little different than other faucets made for a tub. Usually, faucets come up with handles attached to the tub or the wall. But the specialty of roman tub faucets is, they come up with handles attached directly to the deck of the faucet. This is a little old but sophisticated way of controlling your faucet water supply. These faucets are popular.

Why are bathtub faucets so expensive?

Bathtub faucets are made to last longer. Most of them come up with high-quality solid material to provide you a long-lasting and durable performance. Besides, the higher delivery rate and good quality ceramic valves cost more than regular faucets for a tub faucet.


In our time, we can’t think of a posh bathroom that doesn’t come up with an aesthetic tub and a well-finished good looking faucet. This is why finding out the best one is pretty hard. Well, these are the best 5 deck mount tub faucets available on the market right now.

These faucets are tested and good enough to blow your mind. The features are unique and the waterfall is awesome as well. You can go for any of these undoubtedly if you’re searching for a high-quality budget-friendly tub faucet.