Getting The Best Faucet for Your Pedestal Sink


You got the trend before everyone else. Yes, pedestal sinks are trending again.

If you have your pedestal sink, now it’s time for a pedestal faucet. But which is the best faucet for pedestal sink?

This article is all about answering that and more. You will also have a full buying guide and some very important information on the topic. It will also be helpful if you read this before buying a pedestal sink with faucet included.

Pedestal Sink Faucet Review

We have here five faucets of various types. You will decide the best type of faucet for pedestal sink that suits your kitchen.

1. Delta Faucet Haywood Faucet

Top features

  • Diamond seal technology
  • WaterSense Labeled
  • GPM flow rate
  • Height: 6.25”, Reach: 5.5”
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Out of all the faucets I have tried, I think this one is the most elegant for a pedestal sink. It is the best for a single hole faucet pedestal sink. The only thing I would say it can improve is the angle of flow. I wanted it to have a curved flow toward the front of the sink.

It is tall but not as much as a vessel sink faucet. You can get the drain assembly in matching finishes with your sink. The supply lines are made of Innoflex PEX, which is a part of the diamond seal technology. This system makes the faucet longer-lasting and prevents all kinds of mineral build-up.

Another important fact was the WaterSense label. So, it is not only beautiful but also eco-friendly. It is also ADA compliant.

I did the installation, and it was very easy. You can have it with both three and one holes. And everything was up to delta kitchen faucet quality.


  • Very stylish
  • Durable water system
  • ADA compliant
  • No dripping or leaks
  • Easy to install


  • The water stream fell directly downward

2. BWE Lavatory Waterfall Faucet

Top features

  • Waterfall Spout
  • Single lever temperature transitional option
  • Low price
  • Height: 7.1”, Reach: 3.9”

It is a pedestal sink single hole faucet. However, it is compatible with three holes with a deckplate. There has a vintage look to it.

The metal construction feels very tough on hand. Moreover, it has a ceramic disk cartridge. The hot and cold water have smooth separation. The markings are also elegant and clear.

It has six finish options. I got the bronze one, but you should choose what goes most with your kitchen interior and somewhat of the exterior.

All the mounting gear, supply lines, and drain assembly with overflow will come with the faucet. You just need to get them all installed. And you can do that yourself. You just have to get the measurement right.

Speaking of measurements, although the faucet height is 7 inches tall, the spout height is just 2.1 inches. It might go well with small pedestal sinks.


  • Best pedestal faucet for the money
  • Several finish options to choose from in the drain assembly
  • Durable construction with a solid finish
  • ADA compliant


  • The gasket is very bad

3. Kingston Brass Metropolitan Widespread Lavatory Faucet

Top features

  • Three-hole faucet with two cross handles
  • Flow rate: 1.8 GPM
  • Height: 2.88” Reach: 5.5”
  • One-year limited warranty

This Wide-spread faucet has a unique low arc look. If you are a fan of traditional faucets, then this is your choice.

It is made of brass. And like most Kingstone faucets, you will have a ceramic disc cartridge. The pipelines are measured to about half an inch of the IPS standard. All of these features make it not just durable but also rust and corrosion-resistant.

The installation was easy. The center is adjustable up to eight inches. So, there is a lot of freedom in the installation measurements. However, match your sink carefully when purchasing because the warranty is not that much. But you can always count on the customer service of Kingstone.

There is also an array of high-quality faucet finishes to choose from. There will be a matching pop-up drain with the faucet.


  • A glamourous classical European look
  • Straightforward installation
  • Imported from Taiwan
  • Great customer service
  • Durable construction


  • My first faucet was a little scratched, but Kingstone replaced it quickly. But I assume that scratches might come under heavy impact.

4. TRUSTMI 2 Handle pedestal sink faucet

Top features

  • Gooseneck double handle faucet
  • Flow rate: 1.2 GPM
  • Height: 5.9” Reach: 4.13”

Comparing to the quality of this faucet, the price is insane. It has a brass construction with a premium finish. You also have the premium ceramic disc plate cartridge. And if you were looking for a gooseneck pedestal faucet, then this is the top pick.

Handles are very smooth. The temperature and flow controls were accurate. The spout also has a 360-degree swivel capability.

Because of the quick-connect fitting hose and 23.6” cUPC water supply lines, the faucet installation becomes very easy. And those come free with the faucet along with the upgraded assembly with overflow pop up drain and hardware for installation.

One thing that might bother you is that it is not one of the top brands in the market for kitchen sinks. However, they are not less than one. I have checked their customer service and response quality. Everything was good. They even offer refunds for their mistakes. So, a big five stars for after-sale services.


  • Stylish modern design
  • Easy installation features
  • Durable construction
  • Convenient to use
  • Good customer service


  • The hot and cold labeling should be reversed

5. Rozin Double Crystal Knobs Basin

Top features

  • Exotic modern design
  • Strong brass construction
  • Height: 8.2” Reach: 3.1”

It reminds me of the Billy Madison bath scene, “Stop looking at me SWAN!”

But you know it is not for everyone.  You either love it or leave it.

There is nothing wrong with this faucet. Apart from the glamorous look, everything else is like a standard three hole kitchen faucet. But the below-average price point is far from standard. That is amazing.

First of all, it is made of brass. Inside, you have the ceramic valve. And they are available in four great finishes. So, Rozin didn’t skimp on the basics, which is a very smart move.

Things that are not here can be bought separately. Nevertheless, all the connections and supply lines will come with the faucet.


  • A fancy and fun look
  • Durable construction
  • Absolutely safe and lead-free
  • Great price
  • Premium finish


  • Improper installation might lead to leaks
  • It will not suit every interior

Can a Pedestal Sink Be The Main Kitchen Sink?

This is a question that many seek the answer to. In my opinion, regular pedestal sinks might not be that good as your main kitchen sink. Pedestal sinks lack the following features-

  • Deep sink and large sink space
  • Greater weight capacity
  • Incorporation with the counter
  • Tough construction

I don’t have any problem with the self-standing idea. So, if you find a pedestal sink with the traits of main sinks you can have it as the primary player in the kitchen.

How to Pick a Faucet for Pedestal Sink

There are many faucets out there claiming to be the best pedestal sink faucet replacement. However, you only have room for a few. So take everything into consideration.


There are various types of faucets based on minor differences. But these differences can have a heavy impact on your daily use. So, the most common traits that differentiate the faucets are-

  • Number of handles
  • Mounting position
  • Shape of handle
  • Arc height

For pedestal sinks, I like a single handle low arch faucet. Lever handles are the best for this faucet setup.

Double handles dominate this market. And I didn’t see any quality wall-mounted pedestal faucet. All the handles appeal to me, but I don’t like cross handles.


Faucets are available in certain fashions. Modern, vintage, fancy, etc. styles are the most popular. I like the sleek lines and clean design of the modern kitchen faucet. Also, pick the finish that matches your sink, counter, and kitchen interior.


When talking about durability, we are focusing on the endurance level of three things-

  • Construction
  • Finish
  • Inner mechanics

Brass is the best material for heavy-duty faucets. Stainless steel and metal alloys are also good. Even some plastic inclusion can be preferable like ABS plastic sprayer.

Make sure that your finish is scratch and fingerprint-proof. Generally, a premium quality finish will be a bit expensive. The inner mechanics include components like cartridge, aerator, flow restrictor, handle mechanics, etc. Ceramic disk cartridges are the best. Some companies like Delta also include diamond layers to reduce mineral build-up.

WaterSense label

This label is only given to the faucets that perform well with water efficiency. Generally, WaterSense faucets will save up to 20% of the water a standard faucet would spend. That can mean 500 gallons every year. So, by taking a water-efficient faucet, you are saving your bills and helping the environment at the same time.


Generally, installing or replacing faucets is not that hard. Nevertheless, if you don’t know how to change a faucet on a pedestal sink, call a plumber, especially if you are dealing with expensive or vintage pedestal sinks.

All modern sinks have a DIY installation guide with them. Follow it thoroughly. See if youtube has some videos. Most of the installation will be getting the lines in place and tightening the bolts.

Safety and compliance

Companies seek certifications from different companies. They tell you if the faucet is lead-free and has all the necessary safety precautions. Organizations like ADA will also certify a faucet to be helpful for people with disabilities.

After-sale services

In the faucet market, the post-sale service has become a great factor. Because installation and spare parts can be a big hustle without the help of the manufacturers. Companies like Moen and Delta have excellent services. So, be sure to find out about the customer relationship status of your brand.


A limited lifetime warranty is a popular means these days. However, you can also have a general warranty for the product for up to a year. Your warranty will have a lot of clause diving regular and commercial users. So, if you are anything other than a regular homeowner, make sure to read your warranty.

Top Pick

[amazon box= “B018Y0DH98″ grid=”1”]There are a lot of things at play here. But I think the Delta Haywood kitchen faucet is the best. First of all, I love the modern, sleek look. Secondly, Delta is one of the best brands I have ever reviewed. I trust them. Finally, I had to give it the top spot for the diamond sealing cartridge and heavy-duty construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that pedestal sink owners might have-

Q: What is special in InnoFlex lines?

A: These lines are made with cross-linked polyethylene that is resistant to heat and frost damage. They are also referred to as PEX lines. It is a part of the diamond seal technology many brands use in their cartridges.

Q: Can I use them in a pedestal vessel sink?

A: Generally, vessel sinks need high arc or tall spout faucets. Standard vessel sinks are not like that. So, consider the height before purchasing, but I recommend not to do that.

Q: Can pedestal sink faucets be used with regular kitchen faucets?

A: They can be used, but I won’t recommend doing that because kitchen faucets are generally high arch with several pull facilities like the pull-out hose and multiple functionalities.

Q: Can these faucets be used as a bathroom faucet?

A: Absolutely!

Q: How to measure the supply lines?

A: Generally, supply lines are 20 inches long. However, they can be larger or smaller, depending on the brand.


Living space is becoming expensive by the day. And we already see an uptrend in the interiors that take less space. And pedestal sinks are very good at maintaining beauty with efficiently.

But you need a faucet to go with that. And you will find the best faucet for pedestal sink here.